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CAT 2015 Quantitative Ability Syllabus

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Online classroom coaching for CAT 2015 Quantitative Ability Syllabus

CAT 2014 is past and now its time to start your prep for CAT 2015 , many of you would have appeared for CAT 2014 but for some or other reasons , you would not be satisfied with your result of CAT 2014 and thus you might have decided to prepare for CAT 2015 this. As usual every CAT exam is different but syllabus remains same and as we know cat has four sections as below but here we will be discussion in details about syllabus of Quantitative aptitude test.

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1. Quantitative Aptitude for CAT 2015 online exams.

CAT 2015

CAT 2015 syllabus

2. Data Interpretation for CAT 2015 online exams.

3. Logical Reasoning for CAT 2015 online exams.

4. Verbal Ability for CAT 2015 online exams.

Detail syllabus for quantitative aptitude test of CAT 2015 that is combined aptitude test.

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Number Systems: out of 100 questions in CAT exam (general probability) , large number of questions are easy from number system and it attracts about 3-5 questions during exam and on an average 1/3 marks is deducted for every wrong answer but result declaration base is accuracy.
LCM and HCF: Lowest common multiple and Highest common factor , some times seems to be very easy but always have tricky questions for CAT aspirants and , I do not suspect any thing much different this year. LCM & HCF always contain 1 or 2 tricky question for CAT aspirants.

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Percentages: Again you can expect 3-5 questions from percentage section in quantitative ability during your CAT 2015 exam and thus take it serious as it will have most of question with tricky tag
Profit, Loss and Discount: After CAT motto is business and education at IIM’s is all about Profit and Loss , so never expect an easy question from this section in CAT although in C MAT exam questions from this sections are easy. During CAT 2015 you can expect 3-7 questions from this section.
Interest (Simple and Compound): You can expect 1-3 questions from interest section of CAT 2015
Speed, Time and Distance: No matter which exam you appear , you have to face time and distance during early days questions ahd a pole being crossed by a train with speed x km/hour and length Y mt but time has changed and now complexities from Time, speed & distance have increased and you should expect 2-4 questions.
Time and Work: Not less than 1 to 2 easy questions during any CAT exams.

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Averages: Average on an average will have 3 questions during you CAT 2015 online exam and you can expect all of them to be easy.
Ratio and Proportion: Section on which you can never rely upon , no matter how much you prepare for your online exam of CAT 2015 but some tricks of Ratio & proportion will always scratch your head during exam and number of questions will vary from 3 to 7.
Linear Equations: Day of easy questions are over or I should say all topics of quantitative ability from here will have few tricky questions during CAT 2015 exam and should have been taken with enough seriousness in CAT 2015 syllabus.
Quadratic Equations: CAT 2015 syllabus has tricky questions in its kitty of quantitative ability paper and can expect 2-5 questions and all tough or tricky.
Complex Numbers: As name suggests complex numbers have general weighted expected for 3-5 questions during CAT 2015 and I would not like to comment on tricks and toughness of questions as sometimes even people who set questions get it wrong and that creates confusion during exam among students.
Logarithm: Most difficult of the lot and can be tailed with many questions and you can find Log in 1-5 questions, some times making your CAT 2015 online exam experience easy and sometime cursing.
Progressions (Sequences & Series): I will not suggest students to start fresh this topic , if you have not been from science or commerce stream and you decide to start late for CAT 2015 but , if you decide to start you preparation in January and expect 1-3 tough questions.
Binomial Theorem: Only expect tough 1-3 questions
Surds and Indices: 1-3 tough questions should be expected during CAT 2015 online exam.

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Inequalities: 1-3 questions
Permutation and Combination: Whats to say about Permutation and combination when never ever any prediction has been correct , if you want me to be honest in my syllabus analysis. I can not give even range of question but only say always expect uncertainties in P&C
Probability: Probability also leaves people guessing in CAT exams and thus I can only say that expect 3-7 tough questions from probability during your CAT 2015.
Functions: 1-3 tough questions with research or reference questions are expected from this section.
Set Theory:
Mixtures and Allegations
Co-ordinate Geometry

We have updated this syllabus for CAT 2015 in Dec 2014 after careful analysis of CAT 2014 and , if during process we have missed then please let us know by leaving a comment at bottom of page or calling us 01204221413 or whats app at 9958444212 or write us at

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