Questions asked in RBI Grade B officer Phase 1 2018

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Given below are few questions asked in RBI Grade B officer Phase 1 held on 16th August.

Q. 1 What are the probable effects of increase in Repo rate?

Q. 2  When was Sikhism established? 15th century

Q. 3 Manav Thakkar associated with which sport? Table Tennis

Q. 4 First Indian bank to join SWIFT? ICICI Bank

Q. 5 India purchasing Howtizers from? USA

Q. 6 UN MSME day celebrated on? June 27

Q. 7 Headquarters of AIIB? Beijing, China

Q. 8 Name of ISRO’s launch vehicle? Vikas

Q. 9 Which country has the record of launching maximum satellites in one go? India

Q .10 Interpol Headquarters? France

Q. 12 ICAN is associated with? Abolishment of Nuclear weapons

Q. 13 Host country of World Environment Day? India
Q. 14 Name of the 10-member committee by IRDAI? Suresh Mathur

Q. 15 Kyle Mbappe is associated with which sport? Football

Q. 16  Arab League is in which country? Egypt

Q. 17  Which organ can regenerate itself? Liver

Q. 18 What is present SLR? 19.5%

Q. 19 Which bank to launch water security for Haryana and Rajasthan? Yes Bank

Q. 20 Women to climb Mount Everest twice in five days? Anshu

Q. 21 NPCI is an initiative by? RBI and IBA

Q. 22 Kishori Amonkar is associated with which field? Vocalist

Q. 23 Last country to join BRICS? South Africa

Q. 24 Sai Parneeth associated with which sport? Badminton

Q.  25 What is the full form of RISE initiative for education? Revitalising Infrastructure and Systems in Education

Q. 26 Hima Das associated with which state? Assam

Q. 27 Who are Rohingyas? Myanmar Descendants 

Q. 28 Vidyadhar Bhattacharya is the Architect of which city? Jaipur

Q. 29  The overall cost of the dwelling unit of PSL for metropolitan areas must not exceed? 45 lakhs

Q. 30 Who was the famous Sarod Player? Amjad Ali Khan

Q. 31 What is the speed of category 5 hurricanes? winds are 157 mph or higher.

Q. 32 Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has constituted an expert committee to look into the entire gamut of issues relating to classification of bad loans, effectiveness of audits and rising incidents of frauds. Who will head the committee? Y H Malegam Committee

Q. 33 India’s rank in FDI AT Kearney’s Index?  Rank 11

Q. 34 As per reports in August, total loss of Indian PSBs due to frauds in last 3 financial year? 70000

Q. 35 Which country imposed duty on India’s steel and aluminum? USA

Q. 36 Shamli district is in which state? Uttar Pradesh

Q. 37  Shenzen stock exchange is of which country? China

Q. 38 Banking literacy week of RBI was celebrated from? June

Q. 39 Full form of CVV? Card Verification Value

Q. 40 Who launched Student Police Cadet? Rajnath Singh

Q. 41 RBI imposed a restriction of opening new accounts on which payments bank on account of fraud?

Q. 42 Which bank merged with Bharat Finance? IndusInd

Q. 43 IDBI Bank 51% share to be held by? LIC

Q.  44 Cleanest city award for 2018? Indore

Q. 43 “Tiger of Bangalore” is for which company? Wipro

Q. 46 “Our trees still grow in Dehra” book is written by?  Ruskin Bond

Q. Which bank gave loan for National Biopharma Mission? World Bank

Q. 48 Ayushman Mission is for? Health

Q. 49 In recent (August) IMF estimate, India’s headline inflation would be? 5.2%

Q. 50 Which is the best country to visit according to the lonely planet? Chile


More questions to be updated soon…..!!!!!!!

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