Rank 10 Best IAS Coaching In Ahmedabad

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How is Ahmedabad for UPSC Coaching?


Rank 10 IAS Coaching in Ahmedabad – Best IAS Coaching in Ahmedabad

On Rank 10th in the list of the best IAS coaching institutes in Ahmedabad, we have Shashwat Academy, one of the lesser focused upon but equally effective coaching institutes for UPSC Civil Services Examination in Ahmedabad. Shashwat Academy offers other technical and non-technical courses as well apart from UPSC and has done equally good in those avenues as well. Shashwat is advisable a touch more for those aspirants who have barriers related to language, as the institute offers coaching in Gujarati as well. Those who have had some experience of learning at Shashwat Academy give fairly positive reviews and deem it one of the best coaching institutes for IAS in Ahmedabad.

Details of Rank 10 IAS Coaching in Ahmedabad – Top IAS Coaching in Ahmedabad

Address: 14-Pratima Society, opp of Geography Department of Gujarat University above Dhara Xerox,University Road, Ahmedabad – 380009
Mobile: 099139 33515


A good enough infrastructure is a must for any coaching institute to excel. It guarantees a healthy atmosphere for the students studying in that institute which leads to an unhindered, obstacle preparation process for the students. Shashwat IAS Academy realizes the need for a decent enough infrastructure fully well. Even though the setup at Shashwat IAS Academy might not be as lavish and extravagant as at other coaching institutes in Ahmedabad, it still has decent enough facilities to provide for its students. The classrooms are highly modernized with suitable audio/visual teaching tools installed so as to speed up the teaching-learning process and make it more fruitful and efficient.

The faculty at Shashwat IAS Academy is considered to be one of the best in the city. The institute is revered for its highly student-friendly approach towards teaching. Most of its students find the pedagogy really suited to the needs of the UPSC Civil Services Examination and have a lot of positive reviews to give. Gujarati Literature and History of Shashwat IAS Academy are considered the top 2 subjects taught at the institute and Sumesh Sir is rated highly for his teaching methods which tends to make the subject matter fairly easy to grasp.

Understanding and supportive management
For those studying at Shashwat IAS Academy, the management of the coaching institute is really supportive and understanding. The authorities recognize fully well the language barriers might exist and as a result has provisions for classes in Gujarati. This attracts a lot of crowd from smaller locations around Ahmedabad towards Shashwat IAS Academy. The management considers the interest of its students to be of paramount importance and leaves no stone unturned in answering all the doubts and queries of the aspirants as satisfactorily and timely as possible. This makes it one of the most sought after and topmost IAS coaching institutes in Ahmedabad.

Batch Size
The batch size at Shashwat IAS Academy is quite small as well. This guarantees personal attention of the faculties to all of the students and aspirants. At times this extra personal mentorship can do wonders, and motivate the students to work harder in order to achieve their goals and aims. The faculties make it a point to inform each and every student of their batch about their shortcomings and the things they lack. This gives enough time and opportunity to grow and do things as required in order to ace UPSC Civil Services Examinations emphatically.

Study Materials
The study materials provided by the institute to its students is of a top standard as well. The research and development team at Shashwat IAS Academy makes it a point to fulfill the expectations and requirements of its students to the very core. The result of their dedication towards their students’ cause can be estimated by the highly polished and refined nature of the content in the study material. Everything is tailored according to the demands of the UPSC curriculum and syllabus. Changes in UPSC syllabus and trends are monitored closely as well and changes, as required, are diligently introduced so as to keep the study materials relevant. Current affairs with proper analysis are provided along with the materials. This means the students get to know stuff happening around them in a more comprehensive manner rather than in a morose bookish manner, pretty hard to assimilate.

About of Rank 10 IAS Coaching in Ahmedabad – Best IAS Coaching Center in Ahmedabad


Absence of substance as far other optional subjects are concerned
Apart from Gujarati Literature, History much can’t be said conclusively about the pedagogy at Shashwat IAS Academy. They have a couple of really good faculties here and there in the form of Sumesh Sir and others but we can’t really generalize the scheme of things as a whole.

Lack of substantial past results
Shashwat IAS Academy lacks any substantial past year result which is considered to be a benchmark for judging the coaching institutes. It has a lot of potential to improve itself in this niche, and needs to put in coordinated efforts to improve in this regard.

Absence of a conclusive all-India Test series
It is important that a coaching institute provides its students with sufficiently accurate tools to assess their performance and preparation levels. One can easily come across a highly organized and well-planned all-India test series associated with every top notch IAS coaching institute in Ahmedabad. Shashwat IAS Academy needs to mull over this aspect as well and ensure that it comes up with something as soon as possible.

Lack of a good online portal
Shashwat IAS Academy lacks a really good and interactive website laden with relevant details and information. This can come across as a major negative as a really ill-designed website might easily disillusion students thinking of taking admissions at the coaching institute.

Despite the fact that Shashwat IAS Academy might not be that major brand among the IAS coaching industry in Ahmedabad, one can’t take it really lightly. It has attracted positive reviews and feed-backs from its alumni and has made a hefty name for itself by virtue of its impressive pedagogy. Thus, it can be easily labelled as one the best IAS coaching institutes in Ahmedabad.


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