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Rare career options

1 Flavour chemist/ Food flavorist

Many of you wouldn’t have heard about such a job. But if you belong to a chemistry background and you have a good knowledge of essential oils , Plant extracts and Aroma chemicals than you may think it as your career. As a flavourist your job is to add flavours to the food to make it taste good and mixing of various ingredients to make a great and unique taste.

Starting salary : 15000
( increases as per experience)

2 Museology/Museum studies

It is clear enough from the name that this course offers you study of museum , their history and their role in society.This field is also widely related to archaeological And culture. if you want to pursue this course then you should have a great interest in history and archaeological and culture.

3 Gerontology
This study emphasizes on Physical mental and social changes in people as per their aging process. Gerontology is the study of social physical and mental aspects of growing old. If you are interested in career of gerontology then you can start volunteership and working with NGOs . Many companies, nursing department,Old age homes, Health Care agencies demand for specialist in this field. this can be a very Good career to be made in.

4 Bachelor of rural studies
If you are fond of travelling, exploring new places clicking pictures and much more then this job is perfectly for you.This job brings you to the large variety if you just love villages. This job pays attention on rural and Community development activities .Forestry, animal husbandry ,farm management, Child development ,agriculture ,Environment management etc comes under this job. Once you are done with your studies then you can apply for various Government and private job To work with rural areas . You may also get a chance to work with NGO.

5  Tea tasting
Almost everyone in India loves to drink tea but you would be highly knowing that it can be a paid job as well. but its not just drinking tea. it requires a lot of knowledge and skills about the cultivation And manufacturing of tea. There is a special art involved in appreciating a good tea. many universities in India are offering professional courses in tea tasting.

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6 Mountaineering
If you are bold enough and to not get scared in the name of taking risks in life, then this job is perfectly for you. For all those who admire Rock climbing ,trekking than institutes like NIM , HMI etc Bring you the course of Mountaineering. This consists of 2 level of training basic and advanced .After you have completed your both level of training then you may go For becoming a instructor or a mountaineer or some allied sports.

7  Spa management
Spa the best place There anyone would you like to go After a tiring week or a day. spa makes you feel like heaven and provides you must relax then any other place. If you want to learn the art of giving peace to another person and making them relaxed then many Institute drink you the courses of spa management and teach you ,all that you should know about Spa management.

8 Gemology
If you are fascinated enough by gems and want to do something in the field of gemology then this can be a good career option as well. This course brings you to the large variety of knowledge of Gems and Jewellery trading After this course will be confident in handling gems and identifying various types of gems . There are many Institute which bring with the course of gemology.

9 Animation design
The changing time use of animation has also increased to a large extent. Be it films or advertisement animation is widely used everywhere. Cartoon channels are also using it on a large scale. Packages are also very good for a animation designer. it is a very good and creative career option.

10 Gandhian thoughts
Mahatma Gandhi and his thoughts are still alive in everyone’s mind. you would be surprised to know that this is a course as well. Gandhi vichar darshan is a one year diploma courses offered by University in Maharashtra.Gandhian thoughts is not only reading about Ahimsa and Satyagraha movement ,It is much more than that. diploma course of Gandhian thought teaches you philosophy and methodology of Mahatma Gandhi .

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