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Are you ready for PMP Exam ? Here is the list of free PMP Mock Exam Questions w/w Benchmark

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Whether you have been preparing for weeks or months, and now is the time when everything needs to be applied through dedication and investment to procure Project Management Certification. Hence, the PMP exam is a turning point that will make all the difference in your professional career. Feeling nervous is obvious, because the final day of challenge is coming closer. But if you are armed with efficient tools to give the material support you need, then you have nothing to fear!

The exam simulation is the most practical way to test your knowledge for free online. It is ideal for those who have a busy life, because you can access it in your office or home. Luck does not count at times like these, but smart efforts and actions. One of the most common mistake students make is not to prepare for the exam the right way. Here is a list for you to take free PMP questions that will help you clarify doubts and decisions on whether it is the right time to take the exam.

PMP Mock Exam Questions - Koenig Solutions

1. Oliver Lehmann (Online)
75 multiple choice questions
Test Duration: 90 Minutes

2. HeadFirst PMP Mock Exam
200 multiple choice questions

3. Free PM Exam Simulator (get 7 days access to the free version of PM Exam Simulator)
One week of free access to 3 exams with 90 multiple choice questions

4. Simplilearn Free PMP® Mock Exam
200 multiple choice questions
Test Duration: 240 Minutes

5. Oliver Lehmann (Downloadable PDF)
175 multiple choice questions

6. Edwel Mock Exam Program
100 multiple choice questions
Get 75 questions correctly to pass
Test Duration: 120 Minutes

Whatever your preference, it is important to know the material well before you start studying. Bear in mind, that studying is only the first stage of this journey. A good grade is only guaranteed with as much practice, gauge PMP training and mock test samples.

These free online exam benchmarks are like a virtual portal which you may access any time and anywhere. The platform will absolutely make the difference and amplify your confidence. Some of them will require only registration which takes a maximum of few minutes. The quality is as same as the real exam on final day and recommended for students of all levels who are undertaking PMP certification training. The free service will make your preparation more organised and planned.

When you receive your test take your time but be attentive to not exceed the test duration. First answer the questions that you find easy and leave more time to focus on the complicated ones like theoretical questions.

To further increase your chances, you require the help of a wide ranging trainers who are exclusively capable to mentor you into becoming the ultimate management professional. Someone who will be with you from start to end, and help you reach the heights in your career. An successful training institution may be a stepping stone for your progress.

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