Reasons of Failure in the IAS Prelims Examination

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Why many student failed in the UPSC Prelims examination?

UPSC civil services examination is very prestigious examination in India. If you talk about particularly in Delhi, many IAS aspirants give their day and night to crack the IAS examination.

You may be the One Who is also dreaming of Becoming an IAS, IPS officer.   IAS examination is very Unpredictable in nature.

If you are the book worm forget to you think of even cracking the IAS examination. UPSC civil services examination result for the people who are diligently  looking for servant the nation.

Many students when they start preparing for the IAS examination are so great for IAS prelims, IAS Mains examination. IAS aspirants become nervous by thinking about their career if they fail to crack the IAS examination.

Most of the students get into deep thinking mode which becomes the main reason for  not able to crack the IAS prelims examination.

List of the Reason Because of Which Most IAS Aspirants Faul to Qualify the IAS Prelims Exam:-

1. Misunderstanding

IAS prelims examination  Has its own importance. You cannot reach to IAS main examination if you won’t be able to crack IAS prelims examination. People take IAS Prelims examination Merely qualifying in nature. This is the reason for Not able to qualify the IAS prelims examination itself.


2.  Fear of the IAS Prelims Exam Before The Exam Itself.

People start thinking about what will be the result of their IAS prelims examination. Whether I am able to crack the IAS Prelims exam or not? When you start thinking a lot you lose focus. When you’re not focus you lose marks. When you don’t get good marks within the  IAS prelims examination you will not be selected.

4. Taking lightly IAS prelim examination.

Students should be able to crack the IAS prelims examination because they take IAS prelims examination very lightly. I think like this is just the small exam taken by UPSC. Main examination is IAS mains. IAS prelims examination itself scrutinize you a lot at the very first level. To reach to the Mains examination, you need to crack IAS Prelims exam. Failing in the IAS prelim examination expensive closes the door for the IAS mains exam.


Why People Fail in IAS Prelims Exams Why People Fail in IAS Prelims Exams?

5. Fifth reason for not clearing the highest buildings is the lack of proper time management during the the examination.

No matter whether you are giving IAS prelims examination, or any other competitive examination,  time management is very important thing that you cannot learn but it comes with practice.

how many IAS aspirant fail in the UPSC Prelims examination because they cannot hold on the  proper time management required to crack IAS Prelims exam.

Avoid Failing in IAS prelims examination learn proper time management skill.

6. People fail in IAS prelims exam because of not opting for focused  IAS prelims test series.

Students need to give the IAS prelim test series if they really want to crack the IAS prelims examination. It has been seen that many people won’t be able to clear the IAS prelims examination because they do not give the the IAS prelims based test series. It is Important to know how you react towards the UPSC Prelims examination before giving the actual examination.

Not giving the IAS prelims examination will not let you know what are your weak areas,  which then becomes the harder for you in cracking the IAS prelims examination.


7. Not Studying as per the Required IAS Exam Syllabus.

IAS prelims examination has its Own importance. Many people do not study for IAS prelims examination as per the Mentioned Syllabus. You need to study for IAS prelims examination as per the requirement. If you don’t to so, definitely you will Fail in the  IAS Prelims Examination.


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