Recruitment Question Paper for AAI

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Question Paper for AAI

Question paper consists of two sections:
1. Non-Technical
2. Technical
• Non-Technical:

1. General Knowledge
2. General English (fill in the blanks, error correction, one word is given and u have to check that         the use of given word is correct in the options given or not, and some other questions)
3. Reasoning( coded relations questions and other questions)
4. Questions of Intelligence
• Technical:

Subjects in technical section are:
3.Linear/digital device
4.Computer networking
Some Technical questions are:

1.Radar is used for?
2.COHO in MTI Radar uses which freq.?
3.CMRR of amplifier?
4.Binary to hexadecimal conversion?
5. Decimal to hexadecimal conversion?
6.Firewalls are used for?
7.Full form of FPGA?
8.Numerical based on Duty cycle and peak power?
9.IF transmitted power is increased by 16 than range is increased by a) 16, b)8, c)4, d) none of these?
10.AGC is used in which of the stage a) receiver b) oscillator c) both a and b d) none of these?
11.Delayed AGC is used for which purpose?
12.Question based on the value of mirroring?
13.Question based on RAID.
14.Bridge is used for which of the OSI layer?
15. 5-6 questions are based on various OSI layer and TCP/IP.
16.Which type of feedback is used in amplifier a) +ve b) -ve c) both a and b d) none of these?
17.question based on i/p impedance of transmission line of a given wavelength.
18.What is three things for workstations of DNS server?
19.Which of the followinf is free-running?a)monostable multivibrator ,b)astable multivibrator, c)both a and b, d) none of these?
20. 2-3 questions based on voltage and current source.
21. One question of VCO.


1. Which of the following schemes have the best error performance with the same energy per bit?
a. 16QAM b. 16PSK c. QPSK

2. Same Antenna is used for Tx and Rx. Radar range related to Antenna gain as
a. Directly prop. To G
b. Direc. Prop. To sq. root of G
c. Inversely prop to G

3. Thermal Noise in conductor related to B
a. B
b. 1/B
c. B2
d. Square root of B

4. A control system with feed back gain 0.1 and forward gain 10. What is the sensitivity of the system w.r.t the feed back system.

5. The value of ‘k’ for the system to be stable is. ( 6th degree Characteristic Eqn given)

6. Which of the following system is stable.
a. As2 + Bs +C
b. As2 – Bs +C
c. As4 + B s3 +Cs+D
d. -As2 – Bs –C

7. Linux OS based on which architecture

8. Comparison betweeb Macro and Subroutine

a. Macro better that Sub Rtne with respect to storage time and execution time
b. Vice versa
c. Macro better that Sub Rtne with respect to execution time only
d. Vice versa

9. Which of the following is a privileged instruction?

a. MOV A B
b. INT 21
c. ADD A B
d. IN 08

10. Which of the following instruction is not converted to binary by an Assebly Language Program?
b. Interrupt
c. Privilige instruction
d. Sorry don’t remember

11. In which type of machine can multiple tasks be done
a. Virtual Machine
b. Sorry don’t remember

12. Which of the following has the highest distortion?
a. A
b. B
c. AB
d. C

13. Which of the following distortions occur in Class B push pull amplifier?
a. Harmonic
b. Intermodulation
c. Phase
d. Sorry don’t remember

14. Ө(s)/T(s) of a rotational system (J,B,k regular notaions)

15. Schmitt Trigger with 3V & 1V UTP and LTP respectively. A sinusoidal input with 10V peak is fed as the input. The output swings between

16. Op-amp circuit given. Identify the circuit (Ans: Peak detector)

17. 6 bit binary ladder with 101001 as input ( 0= 0V , 1 = 10V). Output voltage is ——

18. Doppler Radar of 1125 MHz. Frequency of received echo is 125 MHz. The conclusion is
a. Target also has a radar
b. Target moving away
c. Target approaching

19. Microprocessor cycles between
a. Fetch and Execution operations.
b. Fetch and Halt

20. Modulation index of an FM system with 2.5V, 500 Hz input and 5KHz deviation is

21. Routh’s Criterion gives
a. Number of roots on the LHS of S plane
b. Number of roots on the RHS of S plane

22. For the system to be stable, the roots of the characteristic Equation must lie
a. Left side of the S plane
b. Right side of s plane

23. Impulse response h(t) of a system is

a. Inverse Laplace transform of Transfer Function

24. The output of a LTI system with Guassian process input is
a. Gaussian
b. Poisson

25. Spectral Density and Auto-Correlation are

a. Laplace Transform pair
b. Fourier Transform Pair.

26. A flex Klystron is a

a. Microwave amp
b. Microwave Oscillator
c. Both amp and Oscillator
d. High cavity tube

27. S Matrix related question.

28. Block diagram given
Oscillator(1MHz) à Divider (/ 10^6) à Schmitt Trigger à Flip Flop à. Output is

a. Pulse Train of width 1 sec
b. Pulse Train of width 2 sec
c. Pulse Train of width 0.5 sec

These are the technical questions on 20-12-2009 for AAI

1. question on Ruth’s criterion.
2. charecteristic equation for stable state.
3. common collector amplifier (current, voltage relations…).
4. FET transconductance, Gm is directly proportional to…
5. at 3dB frfequency line, gain reduces to…
6. maximum distortion occurs in which amplifier?
7. class B pushpull amplifier suffers from…
8. Barkhausen’s criterion for sustained oscillations..
9. low frequency response of RC coupled amplifier ( characteristics)
10. ideal operational trans conductance amplifier ( i/p & o/p impedance relations)
11. radiation resistance of folded dipole is ….ohms.
12. IC timer 555, low on pin4(reset), what happens?
13. decimal to binary conversion…
14. question on full adder circuit( no of i/p o/p digits)
15. ckt involving: oscillator -> divider -> schmitt trigger -> flip flop -> o/p= ? ( -> represents followed by symbol )
16. a ckt: op amp ->diode and capacitor -> o/p; name the ckt?
17. pblm on binary adder ( 6 bit)
18. feedback factor is 0.1, forward gain of system is 10, sensitivity w.r.t f/b element?
19. linux is implemented as?
20. feedback control system characteristics?
21. phased locked loop is used in ?
22. a pblm on random variables…
23. freq response char of ideal comm chnl..
24. best error performance for same avg energy per bit (options 16QAM, 16ASK, 16PSK, QPSK)
25. Tx band width od SSB?
26. nyquist interval..
27. r/n b/n spectral density &auto correlation fpor a periodic function.
28. thermal noise power in a conductor is proportional to…
29. numerical on modulation index…
30. question on radar range..
31. question on doppler radar…
32. microwave signal follows earth curvature, phenomenon called as…
33. flex klystron functions as…
34. microwave junction matched at all points is called…’
35. numerical on schmitt trigger ckt operation on a sine wave.
36. question on assembly language ( up ) .
37. assembly language ( up ).
38. assembly language (up)/(uc).
39. operating system architecture.
40. o.s architecture..
41. protocol to receive mails from server..
42. question on ethernet involving distances( 2500 mts ).
43. pc to hub distance in 10base T ethernet.
44. ip-sec is an internet security mechanism for ?

Written the exam of AAI for JE(Electronic)

1) Hall effect is used to measure?
2) A question on network?
3) ROM is non volatile storage device?
4) RAM is not used for long storage puprose because. When power is lost we loose the memory?
5) Non programmable device is 8212?
6) 7400 is Quad NAND gate?
7) NMOS cutooff voltage?
8) Yagi uda antenna radiation pattern is?
9) Helical antenna is used in satellite becoz in RC phaseshift oscillator a condition to get oscillations in hfe>= 4K+23+29/K. If there are 8 sections in RC phase shift oscillator then each section has a phase shift of 45degrees directivity of half wave dipole is 1.64?
10) Voltage series has input impedance is high and output impedance is low?
11) READY signal is used in MP because of slow devices connected?
12) TRAP is non maskable interrupt?
13) There are several 1K byte memory devices to be connected to memory chips and address lines connected to be are AD0–AD9.
14) When on write signal if a pulse is from low to high then the address/data bus lines contains.
15) RAM serves the function of

Written the exam conducted by aai for the post je electronics


1) The radiation pattern of yagiuda antenna? a)omnidirectional b)broadside c)end side
2)Function of synchro? a)transducer b) modulator c)demodulator d)encoder & decoder
3)Voltage feedback gives?
4)bcd value of 001100100001?
5)questions on micro controller pins?
6)simple questions on logic gates?
7)simple problems on rlc networks?
8)function of RAM?
9)hall effect is used to measure?
10)in RC phaseshift oscillator a condition to get oscillations is hfe>= 4K+23+29/K…
11)directivity of half wave dipole is….1.64..
12)READY signal is used in MP becoz of slow devices connected…..
13)TRAP is non maskable interrupt…..
14)value of threshold voltage?
15)function of magnetron?
16) combinational ckt means a)with memory b)with out memory c)constucted with logic gates d) both b & c
17) 2 q’s on nmos transistor.
18) 1 q on wheatstone bridge, 1 q on kcl, kvl
19)what is rom ? a) temporary storage b)permanent storage c)…..d)…
20) 1 q on rat race junction.
21) 1 q on txn line short ckted condition.
22)1 q on sqrt(81max).
23) take a 4 digit binary noi.e A.and then what is A+Abar= a)1101 b)1011 c)1111 d)0000
24) 1 q on op amp prob , 1 q on slew rate
25) 1 q on which filter is used for extracting sine signalof 1mhz
26) if there are 8 rc filter sections what is the individual phase shift? a)180 b)45 c)22.5

4)what are boxing rules called?
5)2 q’s on spellings.
6)2 q’s on correction of sentences.

one simple paragraph with 5 q’s below.
5 q’s based on p*q means p is greater than q
p&q means pis less than q.
2 q’s based on missing numbers, shifting the alphabets .

nothing about negative marking is mentioned in the paper.

Some technical qustions for AAI:

1. Hall effect is used to determine? Ans type of the conductor.
2. Questions based on cb, cc, Ce configurations?
3. Questions based on voltage amps?
4. Max efficiency obtained from class A amplifier? Ans 50%
5. To transmit a signal of 1000 Hz among these which type of filter is used? Ans all pass
6. Major questions came from antennas, waveguides, microwave oscillators, mw strips, mw devices, and etc?
7. Phase shift required for oscillations? Ans 0 or 90
8. About wave propagation in different layers?
9. Radiation pattern of antennas?
10. Questions on op and ip resistances of feed back amps?
11. Questions on jfet?
12.1 Question on scr?
13.1 Question on slot antenna?
14. Question on range of a radar?
15. Based on filters?

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