Class 12th Physics Sample paper 2013

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Physics sample paper

Physics Questions for Class 12


  2. QUESTION 1-8 CARRY ONE MARK EACH.(Physics sample Paper)
  3. QUESTION 9-18 CARRY TWO MARK EACH..(Physics sample Paper)
  4. QUESTION 19-27 CARRY THREE MARK EACH..(Physics sample Paper)
  5. QUESTION 28-30 CARRY FIVE MARK EACH..(Physics sample Paper)


1. A potential difference is applied between a conducting  sphere and a conducting plate (“plus” on the sphere and “minus” on the plate). The dimension of the plate are much larger than the distance between sphere and plate. A point positive charge is moved from point 1 to point 2 parallel to the plate. Using the above information choose the correct statement

(a) work done in the process is zero

(b) net positive work will be done in moving charge from 1 to 2 by external agent

(c) net negative work will be done in moving charge from 1 to 2 by external agent

(d) information is insufficient to give any assertion regarding work.

2. What is the shortest wavelength present in the Paschen series of spectral lines?

3. Why the metal brush in a Van de Graaff generator consists of pointed spikes?

4. What is the shortest wavelength present in the Paschen series of spectral lines?

5. What are the functions of potentiometer?

6. Give example of element which don’t obey Ohm’s law ?

7. A superconductor is a perfect diamagnetic. Justify the statement.

8. Name the universal logic gates.


9. A 200 ohms resistor is connected to a 110 V, 50 Hz ac supply. (a) Determine the rms value of current in the circuit. (b) What is the net power consumed over a full cycle?

10. A colour coded resistor has bands of violet, red and black colours respectively. What is the value of resistance?

11. What is Resonance? Show on the graph variations of current with frequency?

12. The amplitude of the magnetic field part of a harmonic electromagnetic wave in vacuum is B = 510 nT. What is the amplitude of the electric field part of the wave?

13. Deduce the expression of kinetic energy of the ions in cyclotron?


15. Calculate the energy equivalent of 1 g of substance.

16. Two wires of equal length, one of silver and the other of gold have the same resistance. Which of the two wires is lighter?

17 Write the Snell Law.

18.Read the following questions and choose

(A) If both the statements are true and statement-2 is the correct explanation of statement-1.

(B) If both the statements are true but statement-2 is not the correct explanation of statement-1.

(C) If statement-1 is True and statement-2 is False.

(D) If statement-1 is False and statement-2 is True.

Statement-1: A solid cylinder is floating in water kept in a container. If container is moving upward with constant acceleration then length of cylinder inside the water at equilibrium is greater. Statement-2: The pressure at a point inside a liquid kept in a container will increase if container start moving upward with constant acceleration.

(a) A   (b) B  (c)  C  (d) D


19. What is the intensity of transmitted light when a polaroid  sheet is rotated between two crossed polaroids.?

20. Obtain the Binding energy of MeV of a helium nucleus. Mass of Helium = 4.00263 u.

21. Show that in a free oscillation of LC circuit, the sum of energies stored in the capacitor and inductor is a constant in time.

22. (a) What is Photoelectric Effect ?      

(b) Explain the effect of potential on photoelectric current.Show on the graph the effect of photoelectric current with collector plate.

23.To draw the I-V characteristic curve of a p-n junction in forward bias and reverse bias?

24. To determine angle of minimum deviation for a given prism by plotting a graph between angle of incidence and angle of deviation.?

25.The electron, in a hydrogen atom, initially in a state of quantum number n1 makes a transition to a state whose excitation energy, with respect to the  ground state, is 10.2 eV. If the wavelength, associated with the photon emitted  in this transition, is 487.5 mm, find the (i) energy in ev, and (ii) value of the quantum number, n1 of the electron in its initial state.

26.  Define the terms (i) mass defect(ii) binding energy for a nucleus and state the relation between the two. For a given nuclear reaction the B.E./nucleon of the product nucleus/nuclei is  more than that for the original nucleus/nuclei. Is this nuclear reaction  exothermic or endothermic in nature? Justify your choice.

27.  Draw an appropriate ray diagram to show the passage of a ‘white ray’, incident  on one of the two refracting faces of a prism. State the relation for the angle of  deviation, for a prism of small refracting angle.  Plot a graph showing the dependence of on and identify the pair of variables, that can be used here, to get a straight line graph.?


28. Explain the working of transistor as a switch.Write the expression and draw the circuit diagram. Show on the graph with its transfer characteristics? OR Draw the logic symbol and draw the truth table of NAND , AND , NOT , NAND.

29.  An athlete peddles a stationary tricycle whose pedals are attached to a coil  having 100 turns each of area 0.1m2. The coil, lying in the X-Y plane, is rotated,  in this plane, at the rate of 50 rpm, about the Y-axis, in a region where a uniform magnetic field, = (0.01) tesla, is present. Find the (i) maximum emf   (ii) average e.m.f generated in the coil over one complete revolution.

30. Define the terms ‘depletion layer’ and ‘barrier potential’ for a P-N junction diode. How does an increase in the doping concentration affect the width of the depletion region? Draw the circuit of a full wave rectifier. Explain its working.? OR Why is the base region of a transistor kept thin and lightly doped? Draw the circuit diagram of the ‘set-up’ used to study the characteristics of a npn transistor in its common emitter configuration.Sketch the typical (i) Input  characteristics  (ii) Output characteristics for this transistor configuration? For more physics sample paper follow the given pdf

pdf for Physics sample paper  

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  10. Shruti Priya says:

    Physics deals with the experimental,theoretical, classical and modern aspects. Physics can be further divided into various disciplines like astrophysics, atomic and molecular physics, biophysics, solid state physics, optical and laser physics, fluid and plasma physics, nuclear physics, and particle physics.This sample paper is totally accordance to the syllabus…. Go through this.Good content of question. GOOD LUCK!!!!!

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    Physics is one of the most challenging and head scratching subject. It is a major concern for most of the science students. This subject is very conceptual and becomes unruly if one does fail to conceptualize its basics. The sample paper given here is very helpful as boards are near and can help students to visualize the various components this this subject.

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    Physics, one of the toughest subjects. One can only master it by studying more and more and solving as many numerical as possible. With the class 12th board exams approaching I guess these sample papers will be a great help for students. All the best and happy studying 🙂

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    Physics is one of the difficult subject i have ever seen because i really scared to listen word physics.
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    Physics can be defined as a branch of science that is concerned with matter and energy.It is know doubt a very interesting subject if you can understand.It is about natural philosophy.As 12th board exam is coming students have to be well prepared in this subject.solve the given paper of physics so u can evaluate yourself and gain confidence.So wish you all the very best.

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    This sample paper of Physics is really very good for 12th appearing students.Its covers whole syllabus of physics as per latest syllabus guidelines.Before appearing for exam please go through for this sample sample it helps a lot & built your confidence after solving this sample paper.

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    getting nightmares before Physics exams.. not able to sleep the night before your physics exams?
    Solve this paper and ward off your night mares and get your self well equipped for your exams.

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    This is high time for 12th boards appearing students. At this time they remain very tensed about their performance. Most of the students have fear of this main subject PHYSICS because it contains both numerical and theoretical sections on equal basis. This sample paper is suitable for all students to evaluate their preparation before exams and cope up with the problems they face in solving them. This will make them to manage time also for their finals. Do solve this paper and all the best for finals.

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    This practice paper is really very helpful for all class XII students in their preparations for boards as it covers all important topics. These questions make the students aware about the question pattern and the topics where they need to concentrate. In short, solving these papers boost up their confidence and prepare them for their board exam.

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    most of the students fear physics in their 12 board exams. This practise paper will help them to gain confidence on themselves and wold help them prepare for 12 board physics paper in a easier way.


    This article is really helpful for those who will be appearing for class XII board exams.Candidates those who want to assess themselves should go through these questions.Some more numerical based questions are expected.

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    Before board examination these papers provide a complete practice to the students. The marks wise division helps the students to create an idea over the type of the final question paper. Indeed we all know that to practice in the proper way leads us to success. And I believe that this paper is one of the key of that success.


    These questions are really helpful for those who will be appearing for class XII board exams.If candidates wants to assess themselves, they should go through these questions.Some more numerical based questions expected.

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    Given practice paper is very help for the Class 12 students to check out their preparation for board.With the help of this you can evaluate that how much practice is required in order to prepare for both practical as well as theoretical papers.

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    Physics itself is a very tough subject, at least to me it always was, but i also liked a lot, especially because it gives the idea about all things around us, from reason behind the rising and setting sun to all the machines we use in daily life. This practice paper is quite a standard. students appearing for the 12th board exams this year will be greatly benefited by this. Great care is taken to balance the numerical and theoretical section in here. So, keep practicing & ALL THE BEST to all!!! 🙂

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