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Find the latest sample paper for English of  Andra Pradesh Board of Intermediate Education such that it will be of a great help to students during exams. Andra Pradesh Board of Intermediate Education provides the best education to students of Andhra Pradesh and regulates the intermediate education in Andhra Pradesh. In this section, we have provided a sample paper for English for  the senior secondary examination. Questions has been taken from all the topics as per the syllabus of Andhra Pradesh Board of Intermediate Education. Still if it contains any error please do let us know. You can give your valuable feedback through the comment section. Any type of suggestions will be highly appreciated.

Sub: English (Senior Secondary)

  • It consists of three sections
  • Full Marks : 100
  • Total Time : 3 Hrs

 Section – I

1. A. Read the following Passage and answer the questions that follow. 

Good memories depends upon a good brain. The brain needs a good supply of Oxygen and Glucose and Calcium, Phosphorus and the Iron. So make sure you sit in a well ventilated place when studying as per this Your diet should include milk, cheese, walnuts, wheat, green leafy vegetables and ragi and dates. Do not forget that the “breakfast is the brain food”. Fatty meals and sugar and acids take away calcium from the system.

a. What does the brain need?
b. What should be included to our diet to have good and strong memory?
c. Good Connections is important to improve the memory.is it true or false ?
d. Diet rich in fiber like fruits and vegetables help to reduce stress , is it true or false ?

Section – II

2. Read the following Passage given below and answer the questions that follow.

Human Civilization has been all around for a short period of about  12,000 years. Barely in that short time, we have given nature, with our villages and  towns and as well as  cities mega cities. The rapid rise of human population has left us battling with other species for limited resources. Burning of things like fossil fuel has now created a blanket of carbon dioxide around the world which is slowly but for sure increasing the average global temperature and the Climate change is one of the most hot  contested environmental debates of recent times. Will the west Antarctic ice sheet be melted ? Will it completely  be the end of the world as we know it? It May be or  maybe not. Either way Antarctica is a crucial element in this debate not just because it’s the only place in the whole  world which has never sustained a human population and therefore, remains relatively “Pristine” in this aspect; but more importantly, because it holds in its ice covers half million old carbon records trapped in its layers of ice.

i. How has human life affected the nature?
ii. What is the cause or reason of global warming?
ii. What makes Antarctica very different from the other regions of the world?
iv. What is the greatest or largest significance of Antarctica’s ice core?

Section – III

3. Do as directed.

A. Fill  the following sentences with passive forms of verbs  are that given.

There was an exhibition last Sunday. I _________________________ (inform) by my friend.
It ____________________ (inaugurate) by the Chief Minister and ______________ (attend) by many people. Several attractive exhibits __________________ (display) there. I was lured by them.

B. Fill in the blanks in the following sentences with appropriate form of the verbs given in brackets.

I _______________________________ (like) watching films as it was Sunday yesterday, I _____________________ (go) to the theater. The film ______________________ (begin). While I _________________________ (Watch) the film, the Power broke down.

C. Combine the following pairs of sentences using the connectives given against each pair.

i. I met a gentle man. He knows your father (who).
ii. I could not attend college yesterday. I was ill (since).
iii. The police arrived, the thief ran away (when).
iv. Listen to English, you will speak well (if)

D. Read the following dialogues between two friends. Complete the passage given below based on the dialogue as reported by Salim

Reshmi: How did you do the examination? _______
Sultana : I haven’t done well.
1. Salim told me that Reshmi asked sultana ________.
2. Sultana replied that she _____________.

E. The underlined words/phrases in the following sentences have errors in them.

Correct them and rewrite the sentences.

i. She never listens me.
ii. They have discussed about politics.
iii. I am not believing you.
iv. Where I can buy stamps?
v. Can you give an information?
vi. He is married with a doctor.

4. Read the following Passage carefully make notes in points. Suggest a suitable title.

Games are very  important for human life. Without games  it is harder for a person to be sound in body and in mind. For one thing if a person wants  to fulfill all the duties that society expects from him, it is very  important for him to keep himself  healthy. He might  be very intelligent, but this does not count  if he cannot make use of his intelligence, because of his  bad health. In some ways the human body is like a machine and  if it is not made use of, it starts to work badly. “The important thing in playing is not winning or losing, but the participation, and I may add doing the best one can.We have to always remember some other things about playing games. However, first it is the physical exercise that is very important for health, not the games themselves and there are other ways of getting this also .

5. Read the clues and Understand the story. Write it in not less than 60 words.

Crow – is thirsty. flying – here – and there. sees – a pot – in garden. sits – on pot. There – less water – pot. crow – thinks – a plan. Picks  up – pebbles – puts – in pot. Water – comes up. Crow – drink – water – and flies  – happily.


Write a letter to the Principal of the college to thank him for midday meals that is given to the  poor students.


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