Sample Paper Data Structure

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Sample Paper Data Structure

CSE- 203-E

Time: 3 hrs.                                                                                                               Max. Marks: 100

Note:- Attempt five questions in all,with at least one question from each unit. Each question carry 20 marks. Sample Paper Data Structure


Q.1- What are the different kinds of data structures.Explain each type in detail with implementation                      examples.Implement any one of the data structure in any language in the following conditions-

a) to keep records of employees mentioning their name, age, salary, employee ID, temporary address, permanent address.

b) to maintain a record table of the log-in details of different users comprising of entries of their user ID, log-in time, log-out time, session duration, data uploaded, data downloaded, data uploaded.

Q.2- What is an array? Explain its implementation and describe its usage.


Q.3- What are priority queues? What are its uses? How can they be implemented? Discuss their advantages and disadvantages over linear queues and dynamic queues.

Q.4- What are the different ways of implementing a linked list? Compare them with the methods that can be adopted to dynamically and continuously implement a doubly linked list.


Q.5- In many ways can a binary tree be traversed? If the in-order representation of a sequence is-

arrange the same sequence through other traversal methods.

Q.6- What is a b-tree? Explain its types by giving suitable examples. How can an AVL tree be traversed? Also mention the different methods of implementing

a) a linear search tree

b) a threaded tree

c) a multi way tree

d) a binary tree

e) a balanced binary tree

UNIT-IV Sample Paper Data Structure

Q.7- Define hashing. What are the basic methods for hashing? How can the different types of hashing methods be applied?

Q.8- Write algorithm for sorting a sequence of number by insertion sort. Sort the following sequence- “767, 898,547, 233, 131, 999” explaining the transformations in the saved sequence with respect to each step mentioned in the algorithm.

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