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Indian Air Force conducts this AFCAT (Air Force Admission Test) for candidates who desires to get into Air Force. Candidates either appear NDA, CDSE or AFCAT or else can get NCC entry to make career in air force. Second round is SSB testing and 3rd round is Medical examination and than the final merit list is prepared based on the performance. The AFCAT will have 100 questions & questions will be from following topics- General Awareness, Verbal Ability in English, Numerical Ability, Reasoning & Military Aptitude test. For every correct answer, a candidate be mark awarded 3 marks and for every incorrect ans one mark will be deducted. Here given AFCAT Sample papers & AFCAT previous papers.

AFCAT Test Papers

AFCAT Sample Papers

AFCAT Sample Papers Time allotted :- 2 Hrs

Instructions :-                                                                           

(i) Total no of questions = 100 .
(ii) Each question carries three marks.
(iii) For every wrong answer one mark will be deducted under negative marking.


Read the passage carefully and answer the questions given below it :

There are some men who seem to be always on the look out for trouble and, to tell the truth, they are seldom disappointed. Listening to such men one would  think that this world is one of the stormiest and most disagreeable places. Yet, after all it is not such a bad place and the difficulty is often in the man who is too thin-skinned. On the other hand, the man who goes out expecting people to be like himself, kind and brotherly, will be surprised at the kindness he meets even in the most unlike quarters. A smile is apt to be met with a responsive smile while the sneer is just as apt to provoke a snarl. Men living in the same neighbourhood may live vastly different lives. But it is not the neighbourhood which is quarrelsome, but the man within us. And we have it in our power to change our neighbourhood into a pleasant one by simply changing our own ways.

 1. The passage is about

a. Our disagreeable and hostile world
b. A kindly and pleasant world
c. Our indifferent and unresponsive world
d. The world and what one makes of it

2. “………….. they are seldom disappointed”. The statement denotes that such men

a. Welcome difficulties as a morale booster
b. Do not have to face any trouble
c. Manage to keep unruffled in the face of discomforts
d. Generally do not fail to come across troubles

3. The author’s own view of world is that it is

a. One of the loveliest and quietest places
b. An unpleasant and turbulent place
c. One own’s excessive sensitivity that makes it a bad place
d. A sordid place for those who suffer in life

4. Which of the following is opposite in meaning to the expression ‘thin-skinned’ as used in the passage?

a. Insensitive
b. Intelligent
c. Obstinate
d. Awkward

5. “On the other hand …….unlikely quarters”. The statement shows that people’s reaction to our attitude is

a. Generally indifferent
b. Surprisingly responsive
c. Often adverse
d. Mainly favourable

Pick out the most effective word from the given set of words to fill in the blanks to complete the sentence in a meaningful manner.

6. The higher you go, the more difficult it ………….to breathe.

a. Is becoming
b. Becomes
c. Became
d. Has become

7. It has now been ………… that 45 people died in the crash.

a. Ensured
b. Assured
c. Counted
d. Confirmed

8. I do not …………. with the views expressed in your newspaper.

a. Coincide
b. Concur
c. Compromise
d. Confirm

9. He had good ____ over greek language, too

a. Expertise
b. Command
c. Knowledge
d. Authority

10. Sachin Tendulkar …………. a century in that match.

a. Played
b. Scored
c. Bowled
d. Hit

In each of the following questions, find out which part of the sentence has an error. If there is no mistake, the answer is (d) “No error”

11. I going there (a)/ will not solve (b)/ this complicated problem. (c)/ No error (d)


12. I was shocked to hear (a)/ that his father (b)/ died of an accident. (c)/ No error (d)


13. Until you come(a)/ to class regularly (b)/you will fail (c)./ No error (d)


14. My answer (a)/ is different (b)/ than yours. (c)/ No error (e)


15. He (a)/ came across (b)/ with a beggar. (c)/ No error (d)

For each question in the given questions there are four possible answers: A, B, C, or D. There is only one correct answer for each question. Read each question carefully and decide which one of the four answers is the best one.

16. SAD people are:

(a) honest
(b) clever
(c) unhappy
(d) joyful

17. RELINQUISH means :

(a) Gain
(b) Retain
(c) Revive
(d) Accept

18. ARTIFICIAL is the opposite of :

(a) Natural
(b) Truthful
(c) Authentic
(d) Solid

19. IRONIC is the same as :

(a) Inflexible
(b) Bitter
(c) Disguisedly sarcastic
(d) Good Natured

20. WRATH is the opposite of :

(a) Delight
(b) Choler
(c) Solace
(d) Peace

There is a certain relation between two given words on one side of : : and one word is given on another side of : : while another word is to be found from the given alternatives, having the same relation with this word as the given pair has. Select the best alternative.

21. Bread : Yeast : : Curd :  ?

(a) Bacteria
(b) Germs
(c) Virus
(d) Fungi

22. Physician : Treatment : : Judge :  ?

(a) Judgement
(b) Lawyer
(c) Court
(d) Punishment

23. Disease : Medicine : : Famine :  ?

(a) Rainfall
(b) River
(c) Drought
(d) Clouds

24. Needle : Clock : : Wheel :  ?

(a) Road
(b) Walk
(c) Vehicle
(d) Driving

25. Cricket : Pitch : : Skating :  ?

(a) Court
(b) Course
(c) Rink
(d) Arena

REASONING :- (AFCAT Sample Papers)

In each question given below is given a passage followed by several conclusions. These conclusions could/could not be drawn from what has been stated in the paragraph. Mark the conclusions as follows:

(a) Definitely true
(b) Probably true
(c) Cannot say
(d) Probably false
(e) Definitely false

(I)  Though the state cultivates only 3.2 lakh tonnes of mangoes, they are of premium quality and with mangoes becoming second most consumed fruit in  the world after grapes, the government has been trying exporting it through sea route which is cheaper. An experiment which was done in this regard last year has proved successful.

1. Quality of mangoes is an important factor in exports.                   
2. The state also exports good quality grapes .                                   
3. There are some problems in exporting mangoes through sea route.                                                                                          
4. Most of the other exports are through sea routes which is cheaper.                                                                                            
5. The state also cultivates a large number of medium quality of mangoes.                                                                                     

(II)  The domestic market for electronic hardware in the country is likely to grow from Rs. 1800 crore to about Rs. 6500 crore per annum in the next few years. The government is likely to further restrict foreign exchange needed for imports. So far, India has been importing about 80 percent of the components required for manufacturing electronic gadgets. The country produced only ‘passive components’ like resistors, capacitors and conductors. Even integrated circuits (ICs) are being produced in a small way at high cost. Semiconductors have remained India’s weak spot.

6. Government is considering to further restrict foreign exchange needed for imports.

7. In India many manufacturers are reluctant to produce semiconductors.  

8. India does not have expertise in producing passive components like resistors, capacitors etc.            

9. An increase of about 250 percent in India’s domestic electronic market is predicted during the next few years.            

10. All the integrated circuits required for India are imported from U.S.A.

In each of the following questions a related pair of words is given. Find the most suitable pair of related words from among the four alternatives.

11. Satellite : Planetary path

(a) Missile : Projectile Path
(b) Arrow : Plunge
(c) Bullet : Pipe
(d) Elevator : Axle

12. Brittle: Break

(a) Glass : Break
(b) Sharp : Scratch
(c) Tree : Wind
(d) Elastic : Bend

13. Anand is related to Vinod and Cinderella. Deepa is Cinderella’s mother. Also Deepa is   Vinod’s sister and Ela is Vinod’s sister. How is Ela related to Cinderella?

(a) Niece
(b) Cousin
(c) Sister
(d) Aunt

A cube has six sides each of different colour. Black side is opposite white side. Blue side is opposite green side. Brown side is adjacent to blue and green side. Red side is adjacent to green side. White side is face down.

14. The face upside when brown side is faced down is :

(a) Black
(b) Green
(c) Red
(d) Blue

15. If green side is faced down , then which side will be upside

(a) Blue
(b) White
(c) Red
(d) Brown

In deriving some conclusions it is important to distinguish between strong and weak argument. On the basis of this mark the answer for the following questions.

(a)  Only I is a strong argument
(b)  Only II is a strong argument
(c)  Both I and II are strong arguments
(d)  Either I or II is a strong argument
(e)  Neither I nor II is a strong argument

16. Should young entrepreneurs be encouraged?

I. Yes. They will help in industrial development of the country.
II. Yes. They will reduce the burden on employment market.                                       

17. Should new big industries be started in Mumbai?

I. Yes. It will create job opportunities.
II. No. It will further add to the pollution of the city.                                                     

18. Should family planning be made compulsory in India?

I. Yes. Looking to the miserable conditions in India, there is no other go.
II. No. In India there are people of various relif=gions and family planning is  against the tenets of some of the religions.                                                                                              

 19. Should school education be made free in India?

I. Yes. This is the only way to improve the level of literacy.
II. No. It would add to the already heavy  burden on the exchequer.                     

20. Should there be reservation of seats and posts on communal basis?

I. Yes. It will check most of the intercommunal biases.
II. No. Ours is a secular state.                                                                             

Given below are some statements. On the basis of these statements some conclusions have been drawn. Mark the conclusions as follows.

A) Only I follows
B) Only II follows
C) Both I and II follow
D) Either I or II follow
E) Neither I nor II follow

21. (A) Some pastries are toffees.
      (B) All toffees are chocolates.


(i) Some chocolates are toffees.
(ii) Some toffees are not pastries.                                          

22. (A) Some dreams are nights.
(B) Some nights are days.


(i) All days are either nights or dreams.
(ii) Some nights are days.                                                  

 23. (A) Sham is a parrot.
(B) All dogs are parrots.

Conclusion :

(i)  Sham is a dog.
(ii) Some parrots are dogs.                                                

 24. (A) All windows are doors.
(B) No door is wall.


(i) No window is wall.
(ii) No wall is door.                                                          

 25. (A) No bat is ball.
(B) No ball is wicket.


(i) No bat is wicket.
(ii) All wickets are bats.                                                


1. Which nationality was Picasso?

a. Italian
b. Spanish
c. Dutch
d. British

2. 100th Indian Science Congress held in which place

a. Chennai
b. Kolkata
c. Jaipur
d. Jodhpur

3. Who directed jaws, Raiders of the lost Ark and ET?

a. Steven Spielberg
b. Christopher Nolan
c. Michael Bay
d. Francis Ford Coppula

4. What is the age of the Sun?

a. 10 billion years
b. 10 million years
c. 5 billion years
d. 5 million years

5. Where the 4th World Telgu conference held which is inaugurated by President Pranab Mukherjee?
a. Jaipur
b. Gandhinagar
c. Chennai
d. Tirupati

6. Who has became the first Emirati who won the Rabindranath tagore peace prize 2012?
a. Irene Khan
b. Shahib Ghanem
c. Ali Zinad
d. Ali Ahman khan

7. What is the alternative name for Japan?

a. Kampuchea
b. Nippon
c. Rhodesia
d. Siam

8. What does an olive branch signify?

a. Peace
b. Truce
c. Progress
d. Family Planning

9. Which is the longest dam in India?

a. Kalpong
b. Dhani khari
c. Bhakra Nangal
d. Hirakud

10. Name the Foundation who awarded the Union Finance minister as the “Best Administrator of the India”.
a. K.K Birla Foundation
c. Infosys
d. K. Karunakaran Foundation

11. Name the Asian elephant who can produce human speech.

a. Koshik
b. Dolly
c. Garima
d. Daya

12. Which country is elected as the board member of the United Nation’s Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) for a three year term?

a. Nepal
b. Pakistan
c. India
d. Brazil

13. Which state in India has the largest forest?

a. Arunachal Pradesh
b. Assam
c. Nagaland
d. Manipur

14. What is the height of Mount Everest?

a. 8000 m
b. 8500 m
c. 8748 m
d. 8848 m

15. Which economist has put forward the concept of ‘Creative Destruction’?

a. Amartya Sen
b. Jean Dreze
c. Joseph Schumpeter
d. Herbert Spencer

16. What is ‘Novozymes Avantec’?

a. a new drug found to combat HIV
b. a vaccine for Japanese Encephalitis
c. a disease that distroyed apple crop of Himachal Pradesh
d. an enzyme discovered to produce more ethanol from corn

17. Who is Malala Yousufzai?
a. First Muslim woman Booker prize winner
b. Norway’s first Islamic cabinet minister
c. First Muslim woman to scale Mt. Everest
d. Pakistani teenage rights activist shot by militants

18. Who is appointed as the ex-officio member of the planning commission of India.
a. Kapil Sibbal
b. A. Raja
c. Kamal Nath
d. Prafulla Patel

19.The process of fragmentation of DNA in genetic engineering is known as

a. Electrosynthesis
b. Electrophoresis
c. Electrolysis
d. Electroanalysis

20. Which New Zealand cricketer has made his debut as a captain?

a. Martin crowe
b. Jeremy Coney
c. Lee Jermon
d. Adam Perore

21. What is the capital of Colombia?

a. Santiago
b. Bogota
c. Moroni
d. Minsk

22. Who is appointed as the new Deputy Governor of the RBI

a. Shyamla Gopi Nath
b. Urjit Patel
c. A.B Patel
d. S.A Sampath

23. What is currency of Cuba?

a. Koruna
b. Peso
c. Dalasi
d. Cedi

24. Who is the present chief executive officer of the All India Tennis Association.
a. Hironmoy Chatterjee
b. Vishwas Narang
c. Asikano Amano
d. Subhas Joshi

25. The terrorist of 26/11 Mumbai attack, Mohammad Ajmal Kasab has hanged in which jail of India
a.  Yarvada Jail
b. Sanganeri Jail
c. Tihar Jail
d. Central Jail

1. The average age of 8 men is increased by 2 years when two of them whose ages are 21 years and 23 years are replaced by two new men. The average age of the two new men is-

a. 22 years
b. 24 years
c. 28 years
d. 30 years

2.  4.036 divided by 0.04 gives :

a. 10.09
c. 1.009
d. None of these

Find the missing term in the following series :

3. 198, 194, 185, 169, ?

a. 112
b. 136
c. 144
d. 92

4. 0, 4, 6, 3, 7, 9, 6, ?, 12

a. 10
b. 8
c. 14
d. 11

5.  A team of clothing workers had an output of 1,000 uniforms per week. This output was increased by 20%, which demanded an increase of 50 uniforms per worker. How many workers are there on the team?

a. 4
b. 15
c. 20
d. 24

6. How many 1/8 s are there in 75/2 ?

a. 300
b. 400
c. 500
d. Cannot be determined

7. Sunil sold an umbrella for Rs. 680 losing 15%. What is the cost price of the umbrella ?

a. 782
b. 800
c. 578
d. None of these

8. If 2A = 3B and 4B = 5C, then A : C  is :

a. 4 : 3
b. 8 : 15
c. 15 : 8
d. 3 : 4

9. When a plot is sold for rs. 18,700 the owner loses 15 %. At what price must the plot be sold to earn a profit of 15% ?

a. Rs. 21,000
b. Rs. 22,500
c. Rs. 25,300
d. Rs. 25,800

10. The simple interest on Rs. 10 for 4 months at the rate of 3 paise per rupee per month is :

a. Rs.  1.20
b. Rs. 1.60
c.  Rs. 2.40
d. Rs. 3.60

11. If 8% of x = 4% of y, then 20% of x is

a. 10% of y
b. 16% of y
c. 80% of y
d. None of these

12. The average of first 80 natural numbers is :

a. 40
b. 41
c. 142
d. 40.5

13. A father tells his son ‘ I was of your present age when you were born’. If the father is 42 years old now, what will be the son’s age after 3 years ?

a. 18
b. 23
c. 24
d. 25

14. When simplified (2.43 x 2.43 + 2.43 x 7.57 x 2 + 7.57 x 7.57) is equal to-

a. 10
b. 100
c. 101.89
d. 200.59

15.  Rs. 1210 were divided among A, B, C so that A : B = 5 : 4 and B : C = 9 : 10. Then, C gets :

a. Rs. 340
b. Rs. 400
c. Rs. 450
d. Rs. 475

16. The difference between a number and its two-fifth is 510. What is 10% of that number ?

a. 12.75
b. 85
c. 204
d. None

17.  A is twice as fast as B and B is thrice as fast as C. The journey covered by C in 36 minutes will be covered by A in :

a. 6 mins
b. 12 mins
c. 18 mins
d. 25 mins

18. If the angle of a pentagon are 2 : 3 : 3 : 5 : 5, then what is the measure of the smallest angle ?

a. 20 degree
b. 40 degree
c. 60 degree
d. 80 degree

19.  At what rate percent per annum will the simple interest on a sum of money be 2/5 of the amount in 10 years ?

a. 4%
b. 17/3%
c. 6%
d. 20/3%

20. The odd among the given four numbers is :

441, 289, 361, 343

a. 441
b. 289
c. 361
d. 343

21. x% of y is y% of

a. x
b. 100x
c. x/100
d. y/100

22. The average of five consecutive numbers is n. If the next two numbers are included, the average will :

a. remain the same
b. increase by 1
c. increase by 1.4
d. increase by 2

23. If 4/5th of a land property is Rs. 16,800, then the value of 3/7th of the land is :

a. 9000
b. 21000
c. 72000
d. 90000

24. The highest score in an inning was 3/11 of the total and the next highest was 3/11 of the remainder. If the scores differed by 9, the total score was :

a. 110
b. 121
c. 132
d. 143

25. The ratio between two numbers is 3 : 4 and their L.C.M. is 180. The first number is :

a. 60
b. 45
c. 20
d. 15

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