Sample Paper for Microcontroller

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Sample Paper for Microcontroller 


Note: Attempt any 5 questions selecting atleast one from each section.


1. (a) What is microcontroller and state any 2 applications with the help of block diagram. (8)

     (b) Compare and contrast Microcontroller and Microprocessor.  (6)

     (c) Explain the features of Microcontroller 8051. (6)

2. (a)  Draw neat and clean  block diagram of Microcontroller 8051 and explain each block briefly  (10)

    (b) Explain the pin description of Microcontroller 8051. (10)




3. (a) State the difference between 4 bit, 8 bit, 16 bit and 32 bit Microcontroller. (6)

     (b).Explain the CLK and RESET circuit. (6)

     (c) Discuss the difference between Port 0, Port 1,Port 2 and Port 3. (8)

4. (a)  Explain the followings: (10)

          (i) PSW.

         (ii) SFR.

    (b) Discuss the timer Modes in 8051. (10)

         (i) Mode 0

         (ii) Mode 1


 5. (a)  Write an assembly language program to generate a square wave. (8)

    (b) Write an assembly language program to find maximum number from array. (7)

    (c) Explain the RAM description in 8051. (5)

 6. (a)  Explain the addressing modes in 8051. (7)

     (b)  Write an assembly language program for the ON-OFF of LED. (6)

     (c) Explain the execution of following instructions: (7)

         CJNE R7 #60H; DJN ZR #22H

         MOVC A, @DPTR


7. (a)  Discuss the interfacing of LCD Display and write a program to display “CONTROLLER”. (10)

    (b) Explain the programming of following interfacing of 4X4 matrix keyboard. (10)


8. (a)  Explain the interfacing of DAC 0808 with a suitable assembly language program and calculate the frequency of follwing wave. (14)

sourabh              guddu

    (b)  Write an assembly language program to measure the pulse width of a pulse. (6)

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  1. suriya prakash says:

    Micro controller is strongly required in many automated systems. This article helps us to have some basic questions and idea of micro controller.

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