Sample Paper for NIFT Entrance

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Sample Paper for NIFT Entrance

List of Sample Paper for NIFT Entrance –

Time allowed: 2 hours

This test comprises the following sub-tests:

(1)Quantitative Ability

(2)Communication Ability

(3)English Comprehension

(4)Analytical Ability

(5)Business Domain Test

(6)Thematic Appreciation Test

(i)Each Question carries 1 mark.

(ii)For each question,four alternatives are given out of which only one is correct


1.When the natural numbers 1,2,3…..500,the digit 3 is used n times in this way.The value of n is:

(a)100                  (b)200                     (c)150                                (d)180

Ans:We know on counting that 1 to 100 has the digit 3 20 times.Similarly for 100 to 200 ,it is another 20,adds up to 40.Then from 200 to 300 ,another 20,makes it to 60 now.For 300 to 400,it is 120 making the total to be 180.Another 20 for 400 to 500 makes the sum to be 200. Hence the answer is 200.

2.How many natural numbers up to 990 are divisible by 5 and 9 both but not by 7?

(a)18                  (b)20                      (c)19                                        (d)50

Ans:Divisible by both 9 and 5 means divisible by 45.

So the total natural numbers divisible by 45=22(45,90,135,…..,990)

Now since the obtained numbers should not be divisible by 7 so the numbers of the form 45*7l must be subtracted from these 22 numbers

Thus the required number is 22-3=19.

3.A boy draws n squares with sides 1,2,3,4,5 inches,the average area covered by these squares:

(a)n(n+1)/2                   (b)n(n+1)(n+2)/4             (c)(n+1)/2(2n+1)/3            (n)n

Ans.Average ares is the summation of individual areas divided by 5 i.e the no. of squares

so the answer is (n+1)/2(2n+1)/3.

4.If x=6 and y=3 then (x+y)^x/y

(a)34                     (b)19                             (c)18                          (d)81

Ans.(x+y)=(6+3)=9 and x/y=6/3=2

So 9^2 is 81.

5.A camel pursue an elephant and takes 5 leaps for every 7 leaps of elephant but 5  leaps of elephant are equal to 3 leaps of camel.What is the ratio of speed of camel to elephant.??

(a)1:2                          (b)22:21                        (c)25:21                (d)25:21

Ans.5/3:7/5 = 5/3*15:7/5*15


6.If 45 students can consume a stock of food in 2 months,find for how many days the same stock of food will last for 27 students.

(a)100                      (b)120                      (c)85                     (d)110

student                                  days

45                                           60

1                                            60*45

27                                          (60*45)/27=100

So the ans is 100.

7.If 6 notebooks cost Rs 45,how much would 8 notebooks cost

(a)40                            (b)24                      (c)60                        (d)100


Notebook                         cost

6                                      45

1                                      45*6

8                                       45*6/8 =60

So the ans is 60.

8.How many 6 digits telephone number can be formed with digits 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 if each number  starts with 35 and no  digits appears more than once.

(a)35                      (b)45              (c)18                    (d)20

Ans:As the first two digit is already occupied with 35 for next 4 digits we can chose from remaining 8 numbers in 8p4 ways ,so the answer is 35.

9.3 bells toll at interval 36 sec,40 sec,48 sec respectively.They start ringing together at a particular time.They next toll together at

(a)24 mins                (b)12 mins             (c)48 mins            (d) 6 mins.

Ans.H.C.F of given intervals is 12 mins .

10.If  a=b^x ,b=c^y and c=a^z   ,then xyz is

(a)1                                (b)2                                (c)0                      (d)10

Ans.Applying log to the given equation will give xyz=1

11.Malika travelled 5/16th of her journey by coach,7/20 by rail,she walked the remaining 10 km,how far did she go altogether.

(a)8 km                  (b)16 km            (c)14 km              (d)29

Ans:5/16 of x+ 7/20 of x+10=x

on solving we get x=29 km.

12.If x+y+z=0,then the value of x^2/yz+y^2/zx+z^2/xy is

(a)0                                 (b)1                            (c)2                          (d)3


13.The largest sum of money which is contained in both 49.56 and 37.94 an exact number of time is:

(a)2.56                            (b)3.54                          (c)1.36                    (d)2.00

Ans.H.C.F of given amount is 3.54

14.If a^x=b^y=c^z and b/a=c/b then 2z/(x+y) is equal to

(a)x/2                                (b)y/2                         (c)z/2                           (d)1

Ans.applying log we have x/2

15.If 2^(x+3).4^(2x-5)=2^(3x+7) then the value of x

(a)4                                  (b)6                             (c)7                           (d)5

Ans.applying log on both sides we have



Directions(Q NO.16-20):In these questions,choose the alternative which the same meaning to the keyword.


(a)Incur                             (b)Tax                             (c)estimate                           (d)humiliate



(a)Deviation                     (b)Abhorrence               (c)Dislike                              (d)absence



(a)venturesome                     (b)dedicated                      (c)mild                         (d)fanatic



(a)voluminous                  (b)indecisive                   (c)convincing                 (d)plump



(a)youthful                   (b)holy                      (c)mild                      (d)colored

Direction(Q no.21-25):In these questions choose the alternative which is opposite in meaning to the keyword.


(a)transgrees                  (b)signify                 (c)allevate                    (d)ratify



(a)unusual                                         (b)unfriendly                    (c)ethical                      (d)sauve



(a)glorious                           (b)forget                                    (c)magnify                        (d)extol



(a)pale                                         (b)sudden                          (c)dry                                   (d)cheerful


(a)Impressive                        (b)minute                            (c)spiritual                       (d)actual


Directions(Q no.26-30):Choose the exact meaning of the idioms/phrases from the given alternatives:

26.Worth one’s salt


(b)good at one’s own job

(c)having severe implications



27.See eye to eye

(a)to agree on something

(b)do two things at the same time.

(c)something very expensive

(d)to hear a rumour


28.A hot potato

(a)happens very rarely

(b)a hot topic

(c)understanding the situation

(d)series of problem


29.Once in a blue moon

(a)happens very rarely

(b)celestial event

(c)beautiful scene

(d)about to rain


30.Caught between two stools

(a)having two options

(b)difficult to chose

(c)missed the option

(d)plenty of options


Direction(Q no.31-35):Fill in the blank space of the sentence so that it becomes meaningful and correct.

31.———- ,the more they remain the same.

(a)the less the dynamism

(b)the more things change

(c)the more pronounced transformation

(d)the more the merrier


32.The highest reward for a man’s toil is not what he gets for it but what—————

(a)he makes out of it

(b)he gets for others

(c)he has overcome through it.

(d)he becomes by it


33.Home is ————–    one has yet to improve

(a) a discovery over which

(b)a certain over which

(c)an invention

(d)an institution upon which


34.For some of our ruling politicians,social justice has apparently come to mean that——————-

(a)they have aright to plunder the public money

(b)they have all right to plunder

(c)they have the right to plunder

(d)it is their right to plunder public money.


35.The trail is the thing,not the end of the trail.Travel fast and you miss

(a)all you were travelling for

(b)all the sights you are supposed to see.

(c)the very excitement of your travel.

(d)all the enjoyment of travel


Direction(Q no.36-40):(i)In a family of six persons-P,Q,R,S,T and U-there are three gents and three ladies.There are two married couples and two persons unmarried.Each of them read different newspaper,viz.The Times of India,Indian Express,Hindustan Times,Business Herald,Navbharat Times and The Tribune.

(ii)T,who reads Indian Express is mother-in-law of P who is wife of R.S is father of U and he does not read The Times of India or The Tribune.Q reads Navbharat Times and she is the sister of U who reads Hindustan Times.R does read The Tribune.

36.How many sons does T have?

(a)One                                (b)Two                           (c)Three                       (d)Four


37.Who among the following reads the times of India?

(a)P                                     (b)Q                              (c)R                            (d)T


38.Which among the following newspaper is read by P?

(a)Business Herald                (b) The Tribune          (c)Indian Express         (d) Navbharat Times


39.How is U related to T?

(a)Son                                    (b)Daughter                (c)Brother              (d)Mother


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40.Which one of the following is one of the married couples?

(a)QU                                    (b)TU                             (c)SQ                     (d)ST


Directions(Q no.41 to 45):(i)In a family of six persons,there are people from three generations.Each person has a separate profession and also they like different color.There are two couples in the family.

(ii)Roshan is a doctor and his wife neither is a doctor nor likes green color.

(iii)Engineer likes red color  and his wife is a teacher.

(iv)Mohini is mother-in-law of Sunita who likes orange color.

(v)Vinod is grandfather of Tanmay and Tanmay who is a principal likes black color.

(vi)Nanu is grandaughter of Mohini and she likes blue color.Nanu’s mother likes white color.

41.Who is an Engineer?

(a)Nanu                                   (b)Vinod               (c)Mohini                         (d)Sunita


42.What is the profession of Sunita?

(a)Engineer                            (b)Doctor              (c)Lawyer                        (d)None of these


43.Which of the following is the correct pair of two couples

(a)Mohini – Vinod and Roshan – Sunita

(b)Vinod – Mohini and Roshan – Nanu

(c)Roshan – Sunita and Tanmay- Nanu

(d)None of these.


44.How many ladies are there in the family?

(a)Two                       (b)Three                (c)Four                (d)None of these


45.Which color is liked by CA?

(a)Green                   (b)White                 (c)Green                 (d)Black


46.’Balance’ is the brand name of the designer

(a)Rohit Bal                  (b)Ritu Kumar             (c)Manish Malhotra         (d)J.J.Valya


47.National Gallery Of Modern Art is situated at

(a)Kolkata                      (b)Chennai               (c)Delhi                 (d)Mumbai


48.Which of the following is not a system of color notation?

(a)Ostwald                    (b)Rocky                  (c)Prang               (d)Munsell


49.Which of the following is not a fashion designer?

(a)Tarun Tahilaini               (b)Rahul Khanna               (c)Shiv Kumar Sharma             (d)Ritu Kumar


50.The patterns in the masculine study should have:

(a)heavier scale                   (b)bolder colours               (c)sturdy textures                     (d)be dainty


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