Sample paper of biology of CMC Vellore 02

Sample paper of biology of CMC Vellore 02

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CMC Vellore

CMC Vellore

Sample paper of biology of CMC Vellore 02:-

1.Coelomate animal in which blastopore develops into anus is called

(a)    Proterostomia

(b)   Deuterotomia

(c)    Blastostomia

(d)   Diastomia

(e)   None of these

Ans: b

2.The maintenance of the internal favourable conditions by a self-regulated mechanism, inspite of the fact that there are changes in the environment is called

(a)    Entropy

(b)   Homeostates

(c)    Enthalpy

(d)   Steady state

Ans: b

3.In the lac-operon model, lactose molecules function as

(a)    Induces, which bind with the operator gene

(b)   Repressers, which bind with the operator gene

(c)    Inducers which bind with the represser protein

(d)   Corepressors which bind with represser protein

(e)   None of these

Ans: c

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4.Free living non-symbolic aerobic non-photosynthetic nitrogen fixing bacteria in soils is

(a)    Azotobacter

(b)   Rhizobium

(c)    Clos[ridium]

(d)   Anabaena

Ans: a

5.Celt plate formation starts from

(a)    Phragmoplast

(b)   Epiplast

(c)    Tonoplast

(d)   Protoplast

(e)   None of these

Ans: a

6.Fluid mosaic model of plasma membrane was given by

(a)    Robertson

(b)   Robert hooke

(c)    Singer and nicholson

(d)   Pantin and mast

(e)   Sutton and boveri

Ans: c

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7.What is mitoplast ?

(a)    Another name of mitochondria

(b)   Membraneless mitochondria

(c)    Mitochondria without outer membrane

(d)   Mitochondria without inner membrane

Ans: c

8.Which of the following is a day neutral plant ?

(a)    Helianthus annuus

(b)   Euphorbia pulcherrima

(c)    Arena sativa

(d)   Beta vugaris

(e)   None of these

Ans: a

9.The number of pollen grains produced by head inflorescence of Asteraceae having 10 flowers, if each anther produces 20 pollen grains are

(a)    300

(b)   500

(c)    800

(d)   1,000

Ans: d

10.Moisturising gel is obtained from

(a)    Aloe vera

(b)   Saraca indica

(c)    Acacia vistina

(d)   Avena saliva

(e)   None of these

Ans: a

11.Bhopal gas tragedy occurred in

(a)    1982

(b)   1984

(c)    1986

(d)   1988

(e)   None of these

Ans: b

12.Ovary is the obliquely placed in/distortion of ovary occurs in

(a)    Ranunclaceae

(b)   Brassicaceae

(c)    Compositae

(d)   Solanaceae

Ans: d

13.Halophyte are

(a)    Fire resistant

(b)   Cold resistant

(c)    Salt resistant

(d)   Sand loving

(e)   None of these

Ans: c

14.Natural genetic engineer is

(a)    Bacillus subtilis

(b)   Pseudomonas sp.

(c)    Escherichia coli

(d)   Agro bacterium tumefaciens

(e)   None of these

Ans: d

15.Cockroach has a stomadaeal value between

(a)    Crop and gizzard

(b)   Gizzard and mesenteron

(c)    Mesenteron and ileum

(d)   Ileum and colon

Ans: b

16.Cerebrospinal fluid is secreted by

(a)    Cerebellum

(b)   Choroid plexus

(c)    Olfactory lobe

(d)   Cerebrum

(e)   None of these

Ans: b

17.In which phase proteins for spinal fibre formation are synthesied?

(a)    G1 phase

(b)   G2 phase

(c)    S phase

(d)   Anaphase

(e)   None of these

Ans: b

18.Which is correct match ?

(a)    Wilt of pigeon tree à phytophthora infestans

(b)   Late blight of potatoà fusarium udum

(c)    Citrus cankerà xanrhomonos axonopodis

(d)   Soft rot of sugarcaneà anguina tritici

Ans: c

19.Which of the following physilogical effects is caused by gibberellic acids in plants

(a)    Shortening of genetically tall plants

(b)   Rooting in stem cutting

(c)    Elongation of genetically dwarf plants

(d)   Yellowing of young leaves

Ans: c

20.Neurons of the people suffering from diabetes insipidus do not secrete

(a)    Enzymes

(b)   Steroid

(c)    Fatty acid

(d)   ADH

(e)   None of these

Ans: d

21.Which is an autoimmune disease ?

(a)    Cancer

(b)   Asthama

(c)    Erythroblastosis foetails

(d)   Rheumatoid arthritis

(e)   Both (b) and (c)

Ans: d

22.Bile can be prevented to pass into duodenum by

(a)    Pyloric valve

(b)   Sphincter of boyden

(c)    Sphincter od oddi

(d)   Cardiac sphincter

Ans: c

23.Sucrose, a common table sugar is composed of

(a)    Glucose and fructose

(b)   Glucose and galactose

(c)    Fructose and galactose

(d)   Glucose

(e)   None of the above

Ans: a

24.Desert grasses often roll their laves due to presence of

(a)    Oily surface

(b)   Bulliform cells

(c)    Spines

(d)   Both (b) and (c)

(e)   None of these

Ans: b

25.The kidney not only remove the waste product from the blood but also play a very important role in maintaining

(a)    An equlibrium of the body

(b)   Temperature of the body

(c)    Constant composition of the blood irrespective of the nature of the food or fluid intake

(d)   Blood pressure constant

Ans: c

26.In dicot stem, vascular bundles are

(a)    Numerous scattered

(b)   Arranged in rings

(c)    Without cambium

(d)   Surrounded by bundle sheath

(e)   None of these

Ans: b

27.What is the first step in the southern blot technique ?

(a)    Denaturation of DNA on gel is hyberadization with specific probe

(b)   Production of a group of genetically identical cells

(c)    Digestion of DNA by restriction enzyme

(d)   Denaturation of DNA from a nucleated cell such as one from the scene of crime

(e)   None of these

Ans: c

28.Chloragogen cell in alimentary earthworm is ………………. In natur ?

(a)    Respiratory

(b)   Circulatory

(c)    Excretory

(d)   Polyfunctional

(e)   Sensory

Ans: d

29.The condition where filaments and anthers are fused throughout the entire length is

(a)    Synandrous

(b)   Gynandrous

(c)    Protandrous

(d)   Syngenesious

(e)   None of these

Ans: a

30.Abnormal rise in white blood cells is

(a)    Leukaemia

(b)   Polycythemia

(c)    Anaemai

(d)   pneumonia

Ans: a

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