Sample Questions on DIODE

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Sample Questions on DIODE

Q1-In which devices diode is used? And also explain the few points about their devices?

Ans- we use diodes in many electronic devices as a switch when in active region.

–          these works in forward direction .

–          they act as an open switch inn revers direction.

Q2-In the p-n junction and photo transistor which diode is used ?

Sample Questions on DIODE

Sample Questions on DIODE

Ans- in pn junction – it is simply a junction not not any special dide is needed to form a diode in fact diode is the combination of both p-type & n-type semiconductor, which form a diode. In photo transistor we use a photo diode for processing.

Q3-what is the main purpose of diode used ? Explain?

Ans- the main motive of a diode is to use as a switch for electronic devices like in transistor .

Q4-can we replace the avalanche diode any other diode? If yes or not ,give the logical


Ans- no we cant replace an avalanche diode by any other diode because it give a constant output in reverse bias condition .

Q5-Explain photo   transistor diode ?

Ans- photo transistor basically works on the principal of photoelectric emission. In photo transistor (either npn or pnp) which acts either in forward or reverse direction by the photons falling on it , and make them activated for transmission of electrons and working for amplification.

Q6-what is the main function of pn diode? Explain.

Ans- the main function of diode is biasing and acting like a switch close switch in forward direction and open switch in revers direction.

Q7-In the pn junction which diode is used?explain.

Ans-  pn junction form automatically a diode.

Q8-In any device if we can get out the diode then what will happen?

Ans- if we take out the diode there can be short ckt as the switching system is damaged, and that can harm device at inverting the polarities of the source.

Q9-Types of diode?explain.

Ans  2 type npn and pnp

Q10-working of diode?

Its simply that P-Type with excess of Positive charges and N-Type , with excess of negative charges , P-Type holes attract N Type electrons in hole.

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    Diode is base of entire elecronics… Suggested provide quick review b4 inverview

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    Sample questions on diode was very informative and the answers provided also made for an interesting and informative read.The diagrammatic representation of pn junction diode was helpful in getting a clear idea about the concept of diode..

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    Diodes is a very important topic of Basic Electronics as far as B.TECH is concern. I would suggest all the Freshers into Engineering and all the other interested candidates to read this article.

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    Diode- the basic topic in the curriculum of electronics engineering.If one understands this topic it will be helpful for the further topics as well, This article holds some of the basic questions on diode.. so just go through this to make this topic clear…..

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    Diode is the topic which is related to electrical and electronics engineering and it is a electronics devices topic. So in this article it is useful to know the various question and answer pattern.

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