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Q.1   It is said that, In order to control inflation, foreign inflow needs to be sterilized. Sterilization here Refers to:

(a)Ensuring that counterfeit currency does not enter circulation

(b)Ensuring that black money is accounted for

(c)Withdrawing equivalent local currency to maintain a desirable rate of exchange

(d)Compliance with import-export regulations

Ans – (c)

Q.2   NABARD means:

(a)National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development

(b)National Agriculture Bank and Rural Development

(c)National Agriculture Board and Rural Development

(d)National Board for Agricultural and Rural Area Development


Q.3 In which of the following Acts, housing facility is a statutory Provision?

(a)The plantations Labour Act, 1951

(b)The Factories Act, 1948                                            

(c)The Mines Act, 1952

(d)None of the above


Q.4 Consider the following statements regarding human Development:

1. Skills may be harnessed in the society through participation of NGO’s.

2. To fill the internal Gaps in the system, reviews and international experiences can prove to be helpful.

Which of these statements is/are correct?

(a)1 only           (b)2 only     (c)Neither 1 nor 2  (d) Both 1and 2

Ans- (d)

Q.5 Which of the following are the main causes of the slow rate of growth of per capita income in  India?

  1. High rate of capital formation.
  2. High level of fiscal deficits.
  3. High rate of growth of populations.

(a)    1,2 and 3       (b)1 and 2 only  (c)1 and 3 only (d)2 and 3 only


Q.6   If the RBI adopts an expansionist open market operations policy, this means it will:

(a) Sell securities in the open market

(b) Buy Securities from non –government holders

(c) Openly announce to the market that it intends to expand credit

(d) Offer Commercial Banks more credit in the open market


Q.7 Which of the following is NOT a recommendation of the National cooperative Farming Advisory Board for putting cooperative faming on a sounder footing ?

(a)    Every society should have a definite programme for total pooling of lands

(b)   Financial assistance should be given only for purchase of new land

(c)    State Government should give priority to revitalization of the existing societies

(d)   Joint farming must be practiced with respect to all land of society


Q.8 Structural Planning refers to:

(a)Centralized planning

(b)Laying down broad goals and strategies

(c)Changing existing institutions or creating new ones

(d)Fixing flexible targets


Q.9 Three States which have Human Development index (HDI) higher than china are

(a)Kerela, Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh

(b)Kerela, Punjab and Maharashtra

(c)Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Punjab

(d)Kerela, Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat


Q.10 Consider the following statements in respect of the comptroller and Auditor General (CAG):

1.  Reports on the accounts of the states are submitted to the president who shall cause these To be placed before the parliament.

2. CAG is appointed by The President of India and can be removed only on grounds and procedure Similar to those of a Supreme court Judge .

3.The form  in which accounts of the Centre and states are to be kept in Prescribed by CAG. Which of these statements are correct?

(a)1,2 and 3    (b)1and 2 only   (c)2and 3 only     (d)1and 3 only


Q.11 Which of the following is NOT one of the features of the Special Economic Zones (SEZ) being Setup for promoting exports ?

(a)    Foreign workers will be allowed free entry without Visa restrictions

(b)   The SEZ area will be treated as foreign territory for trade operations, duties and tariff

(c)    There will be no Routine examination by customs authorities of import/export cargo

(d)   No License is required for import into the Zone


Q.12 Match List-1 (Chairperson) with list-11(Issue)and select the correct Answer using the code Given below the lists:

List-1                                                                               List-11

A.   D.M. Dharmadhikari                                         1. National Corporate Governance Policy

B.   Anil Kakodhar                                                      2. Air India- Indian Airlines merger

Rural   C. B.N. Srikrishna                                                        3. Indian Railways High Level Safety

D. Adi Godrej                                                               4. Financial sector Legislative Reforms Commision


A             B             C             D

(a)      1            3              4             2

(b)      2            3              4             1

(c)      1             4              3             2

(d)      2            4              3              1


Q.13 How does National Rural Livelihood Mission (NRLM) Seek to Livelihood options of rural poor ?

1. By setting up a large number of new manufacturing industries and agribuisiness centers in rural

Areas .

2. By strengthening self help groups (SGH) an providing skill Development.

3. By supplying seeds , fertilizers, diesel pump-sets and micro irrigation equipment free of cost to

Farmers .

(a)1,2 and 3      (b)2 only      (c) 3  only         (d)1  only



Q.14 If 20% of p=30% of Q=1/6 of R, then P:Q:R is

(a)2:3:16         (b)3:2:16            (c)10:15:18    (d) 15:10:18


Q.15 A tree increases annually by 1/8th of the height. What will be its height after 2 years         If it stands today 64 cm high ?

(a)72 cm        (b) 74 cm       (c) 81 cm         (d)85 cm


Q.16 The sides of a triangle GHL are GH=65 m, HL=75 m and LG=80 m. what is the area of triangle?

(a) 2100 m2                (b) 2160 m2        (c) 2200 m2              (d) 2280 m2


Q.17 Three set of data on comparable situations are available as under:

Set  No.               No. of data           Mean value                standard deviation

1                              9                           8                                           1.6

2                              12                         7                                            1.2

3                              15                          9                                            1.4

Considering all the data sets together, the overall mean value would be :

(a)    7.24           (b) 7.66          (c)8.08          (d) 8.50


Q.18 A train travels at a certain average speed for a distance of 63 km . There after it travels.  A distance of 72 km with an average speed of 6 km/hour more than the original speed. Total time taken to complete the journey in 3 hours . What is the original average speed Of the train ?

(a)36 km/hr         (b)42 km/hr          (c)48 km/hr             (d)54 km/hr


Q.19 An iron rod of 1 cm diameter and 8 cm length is drawn into a wire of 18 m length with uniform Thickness of the wire would be:

(a)1/21 cm              (b)1/18 cm         (c)1/15 cm                (d)1/12 cm


Q.20 A 60 m long train travels at a uniform speed of 72 km/hr. It passes non-stop along the 600 m Platform of wayside station . What is the elapsed time for the train to entirely clear the Platform?

(a)    30 seconds (b) 31 seconds (c)32 seconds (d) 33 seconds


Q.21 Train A is 75 m long and travels at a uniform speed of 54 km/hr. Train B is 125 m long and travels At a uniform speed of 36 km/hr in the direction opposite to that of train A . If these trains are Crossing at a Double- track stretch, what is the time taken for the two trains to fully clear each Others?

(a)10 seconds (b) 8 seconds (c)7.2 seconds  (d) 6.6 seconds


Q.22 Biome , Largest recognizable assemblage of animals and plants on the Earth, is controlled mainly By:

(a)Biological activity (b) Landforms (c) Climate (d) soil


Q.23 Despite having huge coal reserve in our country, why we do import millions of tons of coal?

1. It is policy of Govt. of India to save its own coal reserve for future use and import now from Other countries for present use.
2. Most of the thermal plants in our country are coal based and they are unable to get sufficient Coal supply from our coal mines.
3.Steel plants require large quantities of coking coal which we do not have, coking coal is to Be imported from other countries .

(a)1,2 and 3    (b)2 and 3 only     (c) 1 and 2 only  (d)1 and 3 only


Q.24 For calculating Body mass Index(BMI), weight of the person (in kg) is divided by the:

(a)Square of weight in (kg)

(b)Square of the height (in meter)

(c)Square root of the height (in meter)

(d)Vitamins intake



Directions –

Each of the next four (04) items consists of two statements, one labeled as the ‘statement-1’ and the

Other as ‘statement-2’ you are to examine these two statements carefully and select the answers to

These items using the codes given below:


(a)    Both statement-1 and statement-2 are individually and the statement 2  is the correct Explanation of statement-1.

(b)   Both statement-1 and  statement-2 are individually true but statement-2 is not the correct explanation of statement-1

(c)    Statement-1 is true but statement-2 is false.

(d)   Statement-1 is false but statement-2  is true.

Q.25 Statement-1: Industrial relation is currently more influenced by the external market forces than The power play between employers and employees.

 Statement-2: The forces of globalization have made competition so imperative that unions  And their tactics like stopping productivity no more hold good.


Q.26 Statement-1: Every state in India has high court in its (state’s) territory

          Statement-2: As per constitution of India , each state is provided to have a high court.s which


Q.27 Statement-1: The directive principles of state policy enshrined in the constitution, aim at  Providing the social and economic base of genuine democracy .

          Statement-2: The Directive principle are merely directives which the government has to keep in  Mind while framing policy and is not enforceable through courts.


Q.28 Statement-1: In order to produce electric power from a geothermal reservoir ,temperature  above 1800 is required.

Statement-2: To Drive steam turbines , High temperature steam is used.


Next Four (4) items are based on the passage given below:

          It has been rightly said that we spend the first half of our lives trying to understand the order Generation , and the second half trying to understand the younger generation , youth has always Felt somewhat exasperated with age, and the age has always been suspicious of youth. With Their natural ebullience and impatience, a majority of young people are keen to act and learn on Their own rather than be guided by the experience of their elders. The older people being more  At home with words rather than with action, often make noise about the problems of youth, in Every generation, old man are found shaking their hoary heads and waxing nostalgic about the Good old days when young people knew better and showed due reverence to age and tradition. In all ages, whenever they have pondered over the ways of youth, they have foreseen nothing But ruination starting the world in its face . And  at the world goes on . Every generation passes From the spontaneity and exuberance of youth to the caution and prudence of old age, and Than yields place to the next .

Q.29 What according to you, is the theme and the idea of the passage?

(a) Generation gap

(b) Problems of the youth

(c) Optimism of older generation

(d) None of the above


Q.30 The older generation is suspicious about the younger generation as the youngsters lack.

(a)Knowledge             (b)Experience                    (c)Patience                      (d) time


Q.31 The author seems to be supportive of the idea that :

(a) the people of the older generation are mean of worlds rather than action

(b) the younger  generation today is much misunderstood and more maligned than it deserves

(c) the younger generation is impatient

(d) None of the above


Q.32 “And the world goes on “- what is the tone of the author in this statement?

(a)Optimistic                (b)Pessimistic                            (c) Cynical                      (d)Critical


Next four (04) items are based on the passage given below:

Who deserve more severe punishment? One who gives bribes or one who takes them ? The corrupt practice of bribery is possible because there is someone who is ready to pay money For illegal action or decision in his favour , Otherwise how can one demand a bribe? The bribe Giver tempts others to be corrupt and thus demoralizes our national character. Even Jesus chirst, Fearing the power of temptation, has said, “lead me not into temptation” A bribe giver is Generally moneyed and influential, while on the other hand, one who demands bribe does So because of his poor circumstances and compulsions, hence one who give bribe should be Awarded more severe punishment because the exploits the weakness of the poor. Giving and   Taking bribe happens in a more vicious circle which can continue only because of money. Naturally therefore it is the affluent that grease this wheel of corruption and should accordingly Be dealt with firmly and suitably punished to put a stop to this nefarious practice.

Q.33 The author feels that practice of bribery is there because there are willing bribe givers

(a)True                   (b)false                 (c)partially true                      (d)none of the above


Q.34 Who, according to author,  is more responsible among the following:

(a)The bribe-taker  (b)The bribe-giver (c)The witness (d)The general public


Q.35 Who according to  the author, should be punished more severely?

(a)The police who allow this practice

(b)The bribe giver

(c)The person who demands bribe

(d)none of the above


Q.36 Who according to author, should be punished more severly?

(a)Our system

(b)The person who demands bribe

(c)The affluent who exploits the weakness of the poor

(d)The supporter of bribe who is left with little choice


Q.37 A Judgment   made before all the facts are known must be called:

(a) Deliberate    (b) Sensible     (c) premature            (d) harsh



  Q.38 How many meaningful English words can be formed with the letters NCEO using each letter. Only once in each word ?

(1)None             (2)One                 (3)Two                          (4)Three


Q.39 The position of the first and fourth letters of the word LIQUID are interchanged , similarly. The position of the second and fifth letters and third and sixth letters are interchanged. In the  new arrangement thus formed, how many letters are there in the English alphabetical. Series between the alphabets which are  at the  extreme ends?

(1)None                 (2)Two                 (3)Three        (4)Four


Direction (40-41):  Study the following information to answer the given questions : Point P is 5 m towards the south of point M. Point Q is 3m  towards the  East of point  M. Point N is 2 m towards the south of point Q .     

Q.40 A person facing north, takes a left turn from point M, walks 4m and stops. He then takes Another left turn, walks 5m and stops at point R.  which of the following points, including  R Fall in a straight line ?

(1)    M,Q,,R               (2)N,R,P         (3)R,O,Q          (4)R,Q,N          (5)Q,P,R


Q.41 How far and towards which direction is point O from point N?

(1) 5m towards south

(2)  7m towards north

(3)   8m towards west

(4) 7m towards west


Directions (42-43): The following questions are based upon the alphabetical series given below                                                 T J E N U Q A K I O G R M S P B H F D LVC            

Q.42 If ‘OD’ is related to ‘GF’ and ‘EB’ is related to ‘NP’ in a certain way, related to, following The same pattern ?

(1)KD        (2)QV                 (3)KL                     (4)KV                    (5)DQ


Q.43 What will come in place of questions  mark (?) in the following  series based on the

             Alphabetical series?

             TE     JU    NK    ?   GH

(1)IS          (2) IR               (3)AG                 (4)AR                 (5)AM


Q.44 If in a certain code ‘GRIM’ is coded as ‘RMOS’ and ‘DUSK’ is coded as ‘LQPT’ how will ‘STOP’ be coded in the same code language ?

(1)    MJIS       (2) PJGB    (3) PJIS  (4) MJGB    (5) PGJB

Ans –(2)

Q. 45   Among five friends, P,Q,R,S and T, each scored different marks in the examination . P scored  more than Q but less than R. S scored more than only T . Who amongst the following scored the second highest marks?

(1)  P          (2) Q         (3)R          (4)  S             (5)T

Ans –  (1)

Computer knowledge/marketing aptitude

Q. 46   Bank marketing means

(1)    selling of banks   (2) buying of banks  (3)  merger of banks (4) selling bank`s products and services (5) selling various items in banks


Q.47 Proper pricing is needed for

(1) extra charges for extra services  (2) levy of vat (3) good customer service(4) putting burden on the customer    (5)   service with extra facilities

Ans- (3)

Q. 48  A Lead means

(1) A bank`s marketing staff (2) Areligious leader (3) Bank`s chairman   (4) Target customer (5) Leash tied to a dog


Q.49 A  good salesman should be

(1)  Aggressive (2) Pushy  (3)  fierce (4)  Polite, but firm  (5)Talkative

Ans- (4)

Q.50 Relationship selling means

(1) preparing a list of relatives  (2) cross-selling   (3) selling to relatives (4) selling to strangers               (5) telemarketing



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