Scholarship for Indian students at University of Waterloo

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At the University of Waterloo, everybody believes that the excellence in the graduate studies can be reinforced by making available the facility of funding to the graduate students so that they can devote their full time and their energy for the successful completion of their studies.

The Graduate Studies Office (GSO) works closely with the Office of the Development to establish the new donor – funded awards, and also with the external agencies to promote the competitive – based scholarships. The efforts are being coordinated between the Graduate Studies Office (GSO), the Faculties and the departments to advertise, adjudicate and distribute a variety of awards to the graduate students. In addition to the financial support available through the government sources and the research grant support, the Waterloo promotes and manages a variety of the external and the internal or the Waterloo awards.

Scholarship for Indian Students at University of WaterlooThe Internal awards or the Waterloo awards consist of the bursaries, the emergency loans, and the graduate scholarships, many of which have been made possible through the contributions that are made by the Faculty, staff, retirees, students, alumni, corporations, foundations and the general public. Many of the internal awards do not require an application but rather the students are nominated by their departments.

The External awards programs are offered by the federal and the provincial scholarship agencies as well as by the private companies who rely on Waterloo to adjudicate the competitions and manage the payments of the awards.

There are many scholarship awards for different degrees available at University of Waterloo which is shortlisted under the above mentioned two categories. But we have mentioned some of them as we have mainly concentrated here on the scholarship awards for admission in Master’s Degree at the University of Waterloo in which the Indian students are also eligible.

The scholarships available especially for the Indian students are:-

1.     President’s Graduate Scholarship

Category: The Internal or the Waterloo Awards
Eligibility: Any international student, even those who are receiving the tri – council (National Science and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) / Social Science and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) / Canadian Institute of Health Research (CIHR)) and the provincial Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) competition – based scholarship are also eligible
Scholarship Amount: Up to $ 10,000 per year
Application Procedure: Must submit a completed application to their department

2.     University of Waterloo Graduate Scholarship

Category: The Internal or the Waterloo Awards
Eligibility: Any international student with 80% standing
Scholarship Amount: May vary but minimum would be $ 1,000 per term for the three terms
Application Procedure: No need to submit any application. According to the availability of the awards, the department will automatically nominate

3.     Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS)

Category: The External Awards
Eligibility: Any international student
Scholarship Amount: Either $ 10,000 split over 2 terms or $ 15,000 split over 3 terms. Students who are successful in Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) competition will also receive the President’s Graduate Scholarship of $ 10,000 per year
Application Procedure: Student must apply for Ontario Graduate Scholarship (OGS) at the institute
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    Is it possible to get any scholorships for indian students to pursue masters program in pharmacy at waterloo university.

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