Shout Loud, Step Up to Light_Up (Producing Green Energy)

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World, as it seems beautiful is continuously depleting itself by the inappreciable efforts of the HOMO SAPIENS (i.e, human beings). The never ending needs of our Community leads to the endless consumption of non-renewable resources of energy which results in ruining the nature as we know existing around us. We, the human beings just focus on fulfilling our needs, overlooking its consequences. The rapid consumption of the non-renewable resources of energy leads to global warming which is one of the biggest threat to human existence. Likewise, there are many other dangerous consequences of the same. For e.g as in case of economical consequence, the depletion of oil resources is leading to the steep rise of its price. Because of this, a constant threat of invasion of Gulf countries like Saudi Arabia etc by the superpowers is emerging. Iraq, for example has already faced the ruthlessness of United States of America in 2003. So to save the World from extinction, the brilliant minds are constantly focusing on methods harnessing clean energy or we can say Green energy.

Now the question arises- What is GREEN ENERGY?

The form of energy whose production as well as whose usage does not bring any kind of harm to the nature is a type of green energy. Green energy is alternative energy which must be a renewable source of energy.Many methods has been discovered so far for producing Green energy. Some examples are Solar, Geothermal, Wind, Hydroelectric, Biomass etc.

Why Shout_Loud and Step_Up?

The title here signifies the type of procedure for producing Green energy which we will be discussing here and which involves shouting and walking or running.

There is a law in the world of science which is known as the Conservation of Energy law. This law states that energy can neither be created nor be destroyed, but it can be converted from one form to another form of energy. This law just paved the path for finding the way of harnessing green energy.

Shout_Loud :

We know that the electrical requirement of the stadiums which holds sports matches is very high. Stadiums have audiences/crowd. Crowd make sounds (a lot of it). Sound is a form of energy. Then according to the law of conservation of energy, the sound energy can be converted into electrical energy. With the help of proper research, it is possible to make such an instrument which can give the functionality of converting sound energy to electrical energy. Thus basic requirement of such stadiums can be fulfilled. Thus we can see that the huge crowd coming to watch a cricket, football or any other game can invariably contribute to the production of green energy.

Another source of Green energy can be the traffic on the streets. Now the question is how?

Traffic_ image

Traffic Creating noise

The adverse condition of the traffic in the populated cities is known to everyone. And known is the fact that the noise produced by the traffic is an intolerable one. But this problem can be transform into a solution to a different problem. Like the sound produced by the crowd of a stadium, the noise(of horns and others) can act as a source of energy. It is possible to  install a proper device  at every busy traffic signal. This device will have the same functionality as the device mentioned in case of the stadium. The noises which on the other hand is intolerable will be store and converted into electrical energy.I assume that this production will be huge as the noises are immense.

Step_Up :

Do you know that the famous Howrah Station serves more than 1 million passengers each day? And the electrical requirement for such a station is also huge.

Now the question arises is how can we utilize the crowd to produce electricity?

The answer to this question is with our Footsteps. It is possible to make a circuit which uses the dynamo technology to collect the kinetic energy produced by walking over the tile.The circuit will be beneath the tiles. Thus kinetic energy can be converted to electrical energy  (law  of Conservation of energy). The Pavegan tiles invented by the director of the UK company, Pavegan Systems uses this kind of technology.

Pavegen tiles implementation

Series of Pavegen tiles in train stations

-pavegen-kinetic-energy- image

Pavegen Tiles

The Pavegan tiles made by them uses materials that can be recycled. They have been able to install these tiles in some European stations . Every time a passer steps over these tiles, 5% of energy is contributed to light up the tiles to make him realize his share. The rest is used to light   the street lamps and digital displays.

This system can be introduced to Disco pubs also, where the clubbers would not only enjoy but also dedicate some of their enjoyment in producing Green energy by dancing over the floor tiles which would convert their kinetic energy to electrical energy.

Impelmentation of Pavegen tiles

Pavegen tiles in Pubs

Same goes with the side-walks. If the side-walks are installed with these tiles, then the street lamps over the side-walks can be light up by implementing the above mentioned phenomena.

The above mentioned methods of producing energy are definitely eco-friendly as implementing these methods does not involve producing any harmful gases or any other events that is harmful to the environment .Thus, it seems that these concepts, if introduced all around the world can lead to the production of huge amount of energy which doesn’t involve polluting the environment. No smoke, no pollution. Just pure Green energy.

It is well understood that implementing these methods initially requires huge financial involvement all around. But once installed, it could unimaginably lead to success. We already know that the UK based company, Pavegan Systems has managed to pull it out by installing their device in some of the areas of European countries. Thus it is proven that it is possible to implement such ideas  under proper jurisdiction. These steps can only be made possible if the big democracies and the republics of the world like India, China,USA, Russia and others instigate this realization among them that Preserving environment can only lead to survival”.

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21 Responses to Shout Loud, Step Up to Light_Up (Producing Green Energy)

  1. Rachita Mishra says:

    Article is about production of Green energy.Green Energy , based in Ware, Hertfordshire, is an independent green electricity company which sells 100% Ofgem-certified green and renewable electricity to homes, businesses and organisations in England, Wales and Scotland.

  2. Rachita Mishra says:

    This is about the production of green energy.Green Energy based in Ware, Hertfordshire, is an independent green electricity company which sells 100% Ofgem-certified green and renewable electricity to homes, businesses and organisations in England, Wales and Scotland.

  3. Rishu Goel says:

    From this article a common man will to know to how to safe non-renewable sources of energy,implement in their day to day lives and add some credit from there part.

  4. Tapash Mazumder says:

    Thank you everybody for encouraging my thoughts. Your views are appreciable

  5. debrup says:

    green energy is the roadway to sustainable small the scale of production may be it is necessary to steps would eventually lead to giant ones

  6. Saikat Chakraborty says:

    Seems completely legit. Just for a little enlightenment the word is “TRANSDUCERS”. A transducer is a device that converts a signal in one form of energy to another form of energy. Nice and informative blog though. It is basically the need of the hour to throw a little light on the thought of developing unconventional and reliable sources of energy rather than feeding on the natural reserves. As Gandhiji said, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world”.

    • Tapash Mazumder says:

      Thank you Saikat for assisting me with some technicality. “Transducers”, seems perfect

  7. Moumita Paul says:

    oh, I reached my office just now in my car after burning 2 ltrs of refined petrol, whats new, I do it everyday.. anybody else does.., but we unfortunately ignoring, rather trying to avoid the immediate consequences of not having the support of non-renewable energy in near future, to be very precise, for another 75-100 years the stocks will facilitate us. I may be wrong. But after that? the question mark is growing bigger day by day. We certainly do have the duty (yes, read primary task) to cultivate new, newer ways of creating green energy everyday every tiny part of time. So we are doing. Standing in this scenario this blog seems to be very very optimistic and encouraging. A big leap always comes from a fresh and unique idea, that is getting reflected from your blog. the sound, the wind, the flow of water, the weight of a man, the speed, all are the unsolved riddles from where we can find the answers to reduce the size of that question mark. Go for it. break the riddle, get your answer and at the end of the day come back with a large smile simply because you have done your part for the future gen. Do it for God’s sake, oops! sorry ! for your grand-daughter’s sake, as they won’t miss reading this blog for lack of electricity….

  8. Sayan Chowdhury says:

    Kudos to your thought but I want to ask a question, it states that crowd in the cricket stadium make sound and this sound can be converted to electrical energy. But, there is a lot of inconsistency in the sound as there will be a lot of noise during T20 or ODI matches and just the vice-versa during the Test matches as there is not much sound IMO during the cricket matches.
    So, do you have any thoughts on overcoming this problem?

    • Tapash Mazumder says:

      Nice query to discuss on Sayan. Yes there is a problem with the inconsistency in the sound of the crowd. But u also knw that producing energy through the solar energy generation phenomena is also inconsistent . I mean you can never have consistent supply of sunlight.but then also we use this kind of phenomena. The solution lies in how your storing of energy works. Sometimes you will have less and sometimes more sound but you can accumulate all of it and can use it at later times. But yes , the sound captured by the catching device should always be above a threshold level because sound of lower frequency or amplitude or some other characteristics may not be it should always be above the threshold level.

  9. Sumit Mukherjee says:

    Human begins have a very common nature that the never ending needs and that off course leads us somewhere in the back seat. Standing on the year of 2013, we can clearly see that the price of most natural products increases day after day which directly indicates that our resources is going to end up. The most important problem is coming towards the power sector. To overcome from that problem we establish the concept of green energy. Solar, sound energy, wind power are some of the examples of that green energy. To know more about this I suggest that please go through that article….

    • Shovini De says:

      A very inspirational article i must say…. ticks all d boxes… Green energy is a really noble idea and the way things are going now a days it is infact the only option left for us to save mother Earth… All the new techniques mentioned above are really intriguing and i really hope i get to see their implimentation in our country soon…

  10. Sneha Sinha says:

    Wonderful article nicely put up…There were many new things that I came to know about after reading this article..It lays emphasis upon green energy that is the need of the hour..I hope everybody gets a chance to read this article..

  11. shreya sarkar says:

    This is by far the best article I’ve come across in this blog. We all know what the alternative forms of energy are but I personally did not know that even our footsteps, shouts and the noise produced in the traffic can be used as a source of producing GREEN ENERGY. A must read article!

  12. SHRUTI PRIYA says:

    “GREEN ENERGY”- Producing energy using RENEWABLE SOURCES OF ENERGY…… A perfect concept in order to save our earth and at the same time producing energy….. If human weight, their shout…. can be converted into electrical energy that would be the best way to take out BEST FROM THE WASTE because they are the only reason behind destruction…. SYNCRONISATION OF SOLAR PANEL, GENERATING ENERGY USING FOOTSTEPS etc use these concepts and STEP UP…..

  13. diya mukherjee says:

    this article suggests you the best way of utilising different forms of enery by converting them in the appropriate energy form so as to save resources for the future form we all know that most of our resources are on the verge on extinction. the process of generation of energy without effecting our nature is called GREEN energy, geothermal energy are some the forms of green energy. energies like noise, kinetic energy produced while walking and dancing go waste everyday,every minute, every second. utilisation of these energy by converting them in the proper can save some of our resources from getting extinct.

  14. preeti nisha says:

    This is one one of the most pertaining article that i have come across . No one could have ever imagined that
    our claps,cheers, vehicle horns and even footsteps can be used to produce energy.. It is the most intellect form of making best out of waste. As it been known to all of us that we are running short of resources thus this idea would be best substitute Though initially the cost of setting up this substitute would be high and not so scaleable but the catch is that it would be a lifetime resource and as a matter of note energy shares are a big source of income in the market. The government must think about this. We have places like “Cochin” in india where all the electricity is being produced from hydro power. This green energy will surely bring us a green, clean and environment friendly india.

  15. sibanjan says:

    this article gives us a knowledge about substitute energy sources …. energy can be converted into one form to another… presently we are getting electricity with the help of fossil fuels….but the stock of suck materials are limited… so we are focusing on substitute energy sources….
    shout loud is very much applicable in urban areas…. where as step up can be used in footpaths, schools ,,offices etc. places

  16. Saheli Dasgupta says:

    Go through this article. this is the need of the hour. conserving our natural resources. many innovative methods are suggested in this article which is very helpful in sustaining our environment and making this world a better place to live in for our next generation. and for that its correctly mentioned here we need to shout out loud to spread this awareness for the sake of our endangered mother nature.

  17. Kriti Das says:

    Most encouraging and optimistic read of recent times.Such innovative and user friendly means of conserving energy is the need of the hour.With the fossils fuels and other natural resources depleting so fast,we don’t have an option but to think of alternative natural resources .But these ideas need to be implemented on large case for us to feel the difference.The initial cost of implementation of the above mentioned path breaking ideas is obviously going to be very high.But then we should keep the long term goal in mind and then go for it.The idea of converting the sound created by the crowd in the stadium to electrical energy and others is really mind blowing,and we must think on such ideas seriously with the intention of implementing them.

  18. Tuhin Banerjee says:

    A seen what goes unseen , and to capture it was a yo man task . Awesome blog post. Green Energy or a substitute of energy source findings is always appreciated . The sound energy can be modified and used as an electrical energy with just a simple concept of reverse engineering . With stadiums , traffics , and whole lot of clamorous mono place present the tasks has its own diverse vistas .
    A work on Piezoelectric substrate is a point worth of millions . If properly implemented the kinetic energy notion can reduce the energy demand to a extent the world energy savoir have never seen of .

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