Sixth Sense Technology (future of computing)

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Sixth Sense Technology – (by Pranav Mistry)

It is the starting of an innovative age of technology where computer engineering is achieving new landmarks. Same as the science fiction dramas & movies where presentation of computer screen comes out on the walls where commands are easily provided through gestures, the elegant digital environment which converses to us to perform our routine task, all these things will be achieved very shortly which merges the gap between the physical world of ours & digital world. 1.jpg
Sixth Technology is the new era for the physical & digital world..It is all about getting information and datas more than our existing senses.In the present scenario real world does not exist stand-alone,it is the virtual digital world which runs parallel to it….Viewing through the technical term it can be said that,” Sixth Sense Technology is a wearable mobile interface that merges the physical and digital world in a drastic way…”. The thing which makes it magnificent is the marvelous integration of all those technologies and presents it into a single portable and economical product.The Sixth Sense Technology contain a pocket projector, a mirror and a camera contained in a pendant –like, wearable device. Both the projector the camera and sensors are connected to a mobile computing device in the user’s pocket. The projector projects visual information enabling surfaces, walls and physical objects around us to be used as interfaces, while the camera recognizes and tracks users’ hand gestures and physical objects using computer – vision based techniques. The software program processes the video stream data captured by the camera and tracks the locations of the colored markers at the tips of the user’s fingers. Sixth Sense supports multi-touch and multi-user interaction. Sixth Sense Technology has yet not been accepted in the existing world but soon it will be come and revolutionize the entire market. It is applicable in various field . It can be proved benificial for the society as it can simplify everyday tasks. As an example “Shopping” has become time consuming task in today’s world. There are dozens of different brands for the same product, and individuals must thoroughly sort through the prices, customer reviews, technology specifications, nutrition facts, and expiration date of each one. Sixth Sense Technology can make this process much faster. Simply by a consumer picking up the products, the camera around their neck will send the image of the roducts to be processed by the mobile device and the projector will display all relevant facts customer reviews, etc. on any surface of their choice, thus greatly reducing the time and effort put into shopping. If someone is curious about the status of a flight they are about to board, all they have to do is hold up their boarding pass, and the flight status will be projected onto their ticket Sixth Sense Technology may spawn many legal issues in the forthcoming years. The largest issues it create is that of privacy. It can provide peoples’ personal details simply by facial recognition. This creates both social & ethical issues. The social issue arises due to the fact that members of society may be able to easily glean information about one another without any physical interaction. Hurtful or private things about people can be projected anywhere just by looking at them. The invention of the Sixth Sense Technology does not bring many security threats, but one that arise is somewhat alarming. Users thus have the ability to use the technology as an extremely advanced spying tool of sorts. By taking pictures with just their fingers, and being able to record video and audio through simple voice commands, users of this device can essentially record information about anyone without being detected.5.jpg A possibly scenario in which this device could present a security threat would be in the case of a witness protection program. The device can serve as a form of a facial recognition software. If a person in a witness protection program has any pictures or information at all online regarding their past lives, they can be discovered in an instant. This device can, however, be used in the opposite manner to identify potentially dangerous people, such as convicted felons. Sixth Sense Technology is remarkable in its intended purpose for daily task efficiency and interactive computing, but it may not be practical due to the number of issues it may stir up.3.jpg
Pranav Mistry has invented an outstanding piece of technology, The Sixth Sense. This Combination of devices and software together create a reality in which the digital world is merged with the physical world . This technology can be used in a number of positive ways, especially by enhancing daily tasks. Being able to easily learn information about products while shopping, find instructions while building or constructing, and being able to easily identify areas while travelling are all extremely positive results of Sixth Sense technology. It is essentially a wearable computer that can surf the web, make phone calls, and even connect to other computing devices. Last but not least “ Sixth Sense Technology”, a computer can sense any sorts of feelings it gets in its surroundings..

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