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SO Specialist officer

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SO Specialist officer Officer

What is SO Specialist officer ?

Specialist officer are pre designated officers in Banking industry. With changing demand , change in recruitment system has been made. Now banking sector , even government banks through IBPS recruit officials in following segment.

With old recruitment policy where Maths , reasoning and English is only major part of syllabus , non serious employees have started using Banking Industry as halt in career. This has increased Non productivity of staffs and Attrition ratio for banks have increased. These days people with command on English , Reasoning and Maths as per Bank exam syllabus  generally Engineers clear exams and again after 2 to 4 years they leave industry. these trend have forced banking industry to shift its module to specialist officers. Test yourself with online test for Bank exam

  1. IT
  2. CA
  3. HR
  4. Law
  5. Marketing
  6. Agriculture
  7. MBA-Finance
  8. RajBhasha Adhikari

SO IT officer: Specialist officer IT

Specialist officer IT or SO IT officer Specialist IT officer all are same name for Information technology section of candidates. Candidates are expected to have engineering degree in IT on CS . Although stream differs according to bank and some of banks allow Electronics as well. IBPS and SBI are two major Banking recruitment system who recruit Specialist officers.

SO CA, Specialist officer CA :

Few banks recruit CA in their financial segment and for that Banks have criteria of experienced CA

SO HR, Specialist officer HR :

Specialist officer HR is post  of Human resource sector in Banking industry. Maintenance of Human resource is key to any industry and thus government banks have started hiring specialized people of industry and people with management degree in HR or Human resource are hired.

SO Law, Specialist officer Law

Specialist officer Law or Law specialist officer or SO law are team of lawyers recruited by banking industry with time. Bank needs lawyers to fight bad debts and loan cases on regular basis. Moreover every deals being done in banks are getting customized and thus Terms and condition sections are defined . This has increased need of Lawyers for banks and thus Banks are trying to recruit lawyers through BPS exams and SBI also recruits specialist officers.

SO Marketing , Specialist officer Marketing


Changing working culture is changing structure of banking industry. Slowly banks do not want to invest time and resource in training people thus banks are recruiting pre trained people. Marketing is key wing of Banking industry and thus Banks are trying to recruit MBA specialized post graduates.

SO Agriculture , Specialist officer Agriculture

Rural India is key market area of banks. Bank finances to small farmers who are dependent on agriculture during their needs and then take their loan with interest.  For this Banking industry seek for people who have knowledge of Agriculture industry and have pre planned to be part of this industry. If banks will be equipped with team having knowledge of agriculture then team will come closer to their customers..

SO Finance: Specialist officer Finance

Changing pattern of banking industry needs more customized work and banking environments have to take care of earning of people and thus its no more a clerical job. thus banks are looking for people who can take care of banking needs of customers and help them in taking their financial investment decisions. Banks are recruiting MBA in finance post graduates with little experience or some times no experience.

SO Rajbhasha Adhikari : Specialist officer Rajbhasha Adhikari

Rajbhasha Adhikari is to act like a communication channel between bank and its customers. Changing working structure of bank brought staffs who had good knowledge of English and previous recruitment process have always increased importance of English during recruitment and thus Gap went on increasing between Bank and its customers. To bridge those gaps banks need to be ready.

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