Software Engineering sample paper for IES Examination

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Software Engineering sample paper for IES examination.

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1. What do you mean by a software process ?
2. Define prototyping model with examples.
3. Justify the terms “Software is Engineered”.
4. Distinguish between process,methods and tools.
5. Define software scope.
6. Give an example of inconsistent functional requirement.
7. Write four characteristics of a good SRS document.
8. Define software re-engineering.
9. Distinguish between a data flow diagram and a flow chart.
10. Mention four desirable characteristics that a good user interface should have.
11. What is meant by software change?
12. What are prototyping techniques?
13. What are the characteristics of good design?
14. Distinguish between an error and a failure in the context of program testing.
15. What is white box testing?
16. What are the main advantages of using CASE tools ?
17. Explain about boundary value testing technique.
18. What is meant by software change?
19. Define CASE tool.

20. How many types of system testing present in SE?
21. Explain top down approach used in system testing.
22. What are the main disadvantages of DFD model.
23. What is the role of data dictionary?
24. What do you mean by vertical & horizontal partitioning?
25. What is Delphi cost estimation technique?
26. How do you evaluate user interface?
27. Distinguish between validation & verification.
28. What is black box testing?
29. Explain the need of software measures and describe various metrics.
30. Discuss the impact of cohesion.

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