Off-Grid solars ystem working principle

Solar Off Grid System & its Working Principle

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About Solar Off Grid System:

The solar off- grid system converts sunlight into electricity without connecting to the local utility grids. These are ideal for the areas without public grid access. Off-grid solar energy system includes storage solution for batteries or fly wheel energy storage which allows excess electricity from wasting and can be conserved for future uses.

Components of Solar Off Grid System:

Solar off grid system

Off-Grid Solar System

The main components of solar off – grid are:

1) Solar Panel

2) Con inverter

3) Battery

Uses of Solar off Grid System:

Off-Grid solar system can be used in various fields. OFF-GRID solar system can be used in following areas:

1) Mobiles

2) Back up power supply for homes

3) Medical Clinics

4) Telecommunication Stations

5) Meteorological Stations

6) Forest Fire Stations

7) Defence Work purpose

Working Principles:

Off grid solar system- working principle


The principle of operation is based on DSP technology. Latest DSP technology is used in this to control and monitor the type of connection i.e the battery or battery loading/ A/C power conversion. The advantage of low current harmonics and high PF is it reduces the A/C power bill or reduce diesel consumption.


1) These devices can be used where sunshine is very high

2) It helps in less use of non-renewable energy resource

3) It saves huge amount of electricity bills


1) These devices cannot be used in places where there is less sunshine or cloudy weather.

2) It is very difficult to install.

3) It requires high installation charge

4) It requires high maintenance cost.

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