Solved Chemistry Sample Paper for NIMS Exam

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NIMS university All India Combined Pre-Medical/Dental test is conducted for the students in the field of medicine and dental colleges.The entrance exam is conducted by National Institute Of Medical Science (NIMS) University.The entrance examination question paper consists of MCQ 100 from Biology,50 MCQ from Chemistry,50 MCQ from Physics..This is a solved Question paper for NIMS -National Institute Of Medical Science Entrance examination.

Solved Chemistry Sample Paper for NIMS Exam

1.An open system

(A) Can neither gain nor loose energy
(B) Can loose or Gain Energy
(C)Can gain or loose Matter
(D)Can Loose or gain both matter and energy

2.The entropy of a spontaneous reaction is always

(D)either positive or negative

3.Inversion temperature is


4.For a reversible reaction,if the concentration of the reactants are doubled,the equilibrium constant will be

(B) doubled
(C)the same

5.In a given system,water and ice are in equilibrium.If pressure is applied to the above system,then

(A)more of ice is formed
(B)amount of ice and water will remain same
(C)more of ice is melted
(D)either (A) or (C)

6.The velocity of reaction is doubled for every 10 degree rise in temperature.If the temperature is raised by 50 degree the reaction velocity increases by about

(A)12 times
(B)16 times
(C)32 times
(D)50 times

7.A colloidal system in which gas bubbles are dispersed in a liquid is known as


8.Fog is an example of colloidal system of

(A)liquid dispersed in gas
(B)gas dispersed in gas
(C)solid dispersed in gas
(D)solid dispersed in liquid

9. Which of the following forms cationic micelles above certain concentration?

(A)sodium dodecyl sulphate
(B)sodium acetate
(D)cetyl trimethyl ammonium bromide

10 Purest form of carbon is

(c)wood charcoal

11.The element which occurs in very hard and very soft forms

(A) Si

12.The different layers in graphite are held together by

(A)ionic bonding
(B)metallic bonding
(C)covalent bonding
(D)Van der wall’s forces

13.Dry ice is

(A)solid NH3
(B)solid SO2
(C)solid CO2
(D)dry CO2 gas

14.The pH of blood does not appreciably change by addition of acid or base because blood

(A)Serum protein in blood acts as buffer
(B)contains iron as part of the molecule
(C)can be easily coagulated
(D)has a very pH

15.The most abundant metal on the surface of the earth is


16.Mond’s process is used for


17:Auto reduction process is used in the attraction of

(A)Cu and Hg
(B)Zn and Hg
(C)Cu and Al
(D)Fe and Pb

18.The highest temperature is achieved in which type of furnace


19:Pyrolusite is a/an

(A)oxide ore
(B)sulphide ore
(C)carbide ore
(D)not an ore

20.Polymer obtained by condensation polymerization is

(D)Nitrile rubber.

21.The formation of cyanohydrin from ketone is an example of

(A)electrophilic addition
(B)nucleophilic addition
(C)nucleophilic substitution
(D)electrophilic substitution

22.Acrolein is prepared from

(B)1,2 ethanediol
(C)ethyl alcohol

23.Occasional large scale deaths due to liquor consumption among poor people are due to

(A)presence of methyl alcohol
(B)old stocks of ethyl alcohol
(C)prescence of ethyl alcohol
(D)presence of carbonic acid

24.When sodium ethoxide and ethyl bromide are heated the product formed is

(A) diethyl ether
(B)ethyl alcohol
(D)acetic acid

25.Rectified spirit is denatured by by adding

(A)methyl alcohol and formic acid
(B)methyl alcohol and benzene
(C)methyl alcohol and pyridine
(D)methyl alcohol and acetic acid

26.Williamson’s synthesis is an example of

(A)nucleophilic addition
(B)electrophilic addition
(C)electrophilic substitution
(D)nucleophilic substitution reaction

27.Absolute alcohol is prepared from rectified spirit by simple distillation because

(A)the boiling point of water and alcohol are very close
(B)water and alcohol form a constant boiling  azeotrope mixture
(C)it forms hydrogen bond with water
(D)alcohol molecules are hydrated

28.Malachite is an ore of


29.Acetone is mixed f with bleaching powder to give


30.Which reaction is suitable for the preparation of alpha chloroacetic acid

(A)Hell-Volhard Zelinsky reaction
(B)Nef reaction
(C)Stephen’s reaction
(D)Perkin condensation

31.Friedel-Crafts reaction of benzene with isobutyl chloride produces (A)isobutylbenzene
(C)n-butyl benzene
(D)sec-butyl benzene

32.Benzene can be converted into toluene by

(A)Kolbe’s reaction
(B)Sabbateir and Sendrens reaction
(C)Reimer-Tiemann reaction
(D)Friedel’s craft reaction

33.Which of the following is most acidic

(C)Picric acid
(D)Para nitrophenol

34.The comparatively high bp pf HF is due to

(A)high reactivity of  fluorine
(B)small size of hydrogen atom
(C)formation of hydrogen bond and consequent association
(D)small size of fluorine atom

35.Which of the following is used as a n antiseptic

(A) Iodine

36.White P when boiled with strong solution of Caustic soda produces

(B)posh acid
(C) phophorous acid

37.Water is said to be permanently hard when it contains

(A)Chlorides and sulphates of Mg and Ca
(B)bicarbonates of Na and k
(C)Carbonates of Na and k
(D)phosphates of Na and K

38.Sodium metal is prepared commercially by electrolysis of fused NaCl by

(A) Down’s process
(B)Nelson cell
(C)Solvay process
(D)Castner and keller cell

39.In interhalogen compounds the maximum number of halogen atoms present are


40.Which one of the following elements shows different oxidation states

(D) potassium

41.Which of the following is a polymer

(A)Carnuaba Wax
(D)Paraffin Wax

42.The process involving heating of rubber with sulphur is called


43:White lung cancer is caused by


44.Depletion of ozone layer causes

(A)blood cancer
(B)lung cancer
(C)skin cancer
(D)breast cancer

45.Population increases

(D)none of these

46.PVC is

(A)thermoplastic polymer
(B)compound polymer
(C)thermosetting polymer
(D)simple polymer


1)      D11) C21) B31) B41)B
2)      D12) D22)A32)D42)C
3)      B13) C23)A33)C43)C
4)      C14)A24)A34)C44)A
5)      C15) B25)C35)A45)A
6)      C16) A26)D36)A46)A
7)      A17)127)B37)A
8)      A18)C28)C38)A
9)      D19)A29)A39)D
10)   A20)C30)A40)B

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