How and when to start preparation for IIT JEE and Engineering Exams

How and when to start preparation for IIT JEE and Engineering Exams

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How and when to start preparation for IIT JEE  and Engineering Exams

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India is a country with students population of about 400 million and Engineering has been out of which about 8 million studies engineering

during any period including all 8 semesters and total estimated figure of students passing out of engineering colleges is about 2 million every year mean India produces 2 million engineers every year and about 1.2 million every year try to get a seat in most prestigious engineering institute of India that is IIT JEE. It has always been matter of confusion among students and parents ” From when to start preparing for IIT JEE” Many parents put their kids under head less run of IIT JEE preparation since class 6th which in my science is too early but many coaching centers across different cities of India like IIt JEE coaching centers in Patna , IIt JEE coaching centers in Noida , IIT JEE coaching centers in Allahabad , IIt JEE coaching centers in Lucknow , IIT JEE coaching centers in KOTA and at many more places offer courses for students from class 6th , 7th , 8th , 9th , 10th , 11th and 12th and after 12th.

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Prepration for IIT JEE had never been easy not even in the days when only 6 IIT’s existed with only 3000 seats nor today with9885 seats across all 17 IIT’s . Thanks to previous government policies that change in examination structure has removed burden on students and now many such idiotic run for IIT JEE coaching since class 6th has stopped. Now as passing with good percentile in 12th board exam has become compulsory thus parents have changed focus and shifted towards board exams as well which was not being taken care of properly during previous exams. Preparation for IIT JEE should not be thrust on a student before class 9th or 10 . Although I should say that never a preparation should be thrust on a student but I mean to say thta coaching classes shgould not come into picture before class 9th  at all and after 10th its best time becasue all subjects are focused from class 11th thus its waste to put pressure on a student from as early as class 6 when he is to small as a kid to understand all about IIT JEE apart from 4 letters of English alphabet jumbled in a fashion which makes his or her parents to keep on reciting.

IIT JEE exams are conducted in two phases one is preliminary in which basics or objective type questions are asked and students selected on basis of preliminary exam and percentile in 12th board combined together declares result for next level of Exam where Physics , chemistry and Mathematics are tested from tooth to nail and a student becomes capable to understand the features of exam only when he gets to know about engineering or IIT JEE which gets only possible when child passes class 10th and in some cases a pre mature child starts understanding about engineering exams since class 9th before that even if you here a student talking about engineering exams or IIT JEE then please understand that he or she is good in narration and is only reciting what he has heard from his elders or parents about engineering exams or IIT JEE exams.

I do not think that a kid should start his engineering college preparation too early in career , he or she also needs mental and physical growth thus most coaching should focus on teaching students only from 9th or 10th and parents should also understand that coaching centers do not teach any thing extra to your kid even if you enroll them in programs which says IIT JEE exam preparation from class 6th.

A serious teacher or a serious coaching will never enroll any student below standard 9th in programs or classes for IIT JEE preparation or engineering exams preparation , so do not fall in trap of coaching which boast these type of programs. Coaching centers have made it a new system to charge more fee for teaching syllabus of class 7th to a student of class 6th and show parents that they have to finish school syllabus early to start with engineering exam syllabus.

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