Study Medicine in the Heart of Europe

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Study Medicine in the heart of Europe

EUROPE is now a days emerging as a place where there is most technically advanced medical institutions. The most important feature is that the institutions here has Standard European Medical Program Registered by WHO,MCI,SLMC,UNESCO,A.I.U. The best medical institutions in Europe are located in cities like Belarus, Romania, Russia, Poland and Ukraine. We know that entry criteria, structure, teaching methodology, and nature of medical programs offered at medical schools vary from place to place but in Europe,The European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS), the diploma of Medical Universities in Europe are equal and recognised in all European Countries.

The competition is increasing day by day,the universities are helding entrance examination to select the creamy students, high fees of the universities and the cost of living are making impossible for many prospective medical students to become doctors. But in Europe there is affordable and accredited international medical universities where you can fulfil your dream of becoming doctor.

Medical university admission criteria-

1.High School Diploma- Certificates

Applicants needs to present secondary school/Advanced Level of the General Certificate of Education  or university/college undergraduate credentials will be required for entry into the medical program. The high school leaving diploma is a mandatory to apply to medical university.

2.Language requirement-The student should know English,French or Romanian or Bulgarian.

3.Entry Regulation

(a) Valid Passport- Some universities can accept ID but as recommend all candidate students to have a valid  passport (travelling document) before you apply.

(b)Age Limit- The student must be atleast 17 years of age before applying in any university.

(c) Biology and Chemistry- For admission to medical school, the average mark in Biology and Chemistry must be at least 62% or more.

4.Medical requirement, Self finance.

5.Additional Requirement– University course (if applicable),Letters of Recommendation, Letter of motivation ,Academic achievements, hobbies and personal interests, Computer literacy, Communication skills,Teamwork skills.

Fee Structure of European University-


 Program (course)Tuition fee per year Euro/Rs
Medicine in English language (6 years)8000 euro/ Rs 625360
Medicine in English/Bulgarian language (6 years)7000 euro /Rs 547190
Dental Medicine in English (6 years)8000 euro/ Rs 625360
Dental Medicine in English/Bulgarian language (6 years)7000 euro/ Rs 547190
Pharmacy  in Bulgarian language (5 years)7000 euro/Rs 547190
Healthcare Management in English language (4 years)4000 euro/Rs 312680
Preparatory course in Bulgarian (1 years)2500 euro/ Rs 195425
Public Health Inspector  in  English/Bulgarian  (4 years)4000 euro/Rs 312680
Assistant Pharmacist  in English/Bulgarian     (4 years)4000 euro/ Rs 312680
Medical Laboratory Technician in English/Bulgarian (4 years)4000 euro/ Rs 312680
Physiotherapist   in English/Bulgarian   (4 years)4000 euro/ Rs 312680
X-Ray Laboratory Technician in English/Bulgarian  (4 years)4000 euro/Rs 312680
Dental Technician  in English/Bulgarian (4 years)4000 euro/Rs 312680
Postgraduate Specialization courses in English/ Bulgarian (3 to 5 years)4800 euro/Rs 375216
Postgraduate Studies for Ph.D.Degree in English/Bulgarian4800 euro/Rs 375216


Living Condition in Europe-

ExpensesExpenses/month (Euro)/ INR

200/ Rs 15634

Student hostel

70/ Rs 5471

Private rental apartment

150 / Rs 11727

Room in a private apartment

100/ Rs 7817

Student’s travel card

6 / Rs 469

List of Top 25 Medical Colleges in Europe-

(1)University of Cambridge-UK


Cambridge University is the second oldest public research university located in Cambridge, England, United Kingdom.It is considered to be one of the most prestigious institutions of higher learning in the world.This institution also laid stress on women education.

Address– The Old Schools, Trinity Lane, Cambridge CB2 1TN, UK.

Contact No-  +44 1223 337733


(2)University College London-UK  

med2This university is the oldest and largest public research university.This institution was established entirely on secular basis, to admit students regardless of their religion and to admit women on equal terms with men

Address– Gower Street, London WC1E 6BT, United Kingdom.

Contact N0.- +44 20 7679 2000

(3) University of Southampton-UK 


This University is a leading British research university. It’s main aim is to take the university to the highest levels of academic excellence in both teaching and research.

Address– University Road, Southampton SO17 1BJ, United Kingdom.

Contact no-  +44 23 8059 5000


(4) University of Oxford-UK


This university was established in 1209.It offers many different courses.Its strength is its globally talented lecturers and talented students. This institute provides scholarship for brighter students.

Address – University Offices, Wellington Square, Oxford OX1 2JD, United Kingdom.

Contact no– +44 1865 270000


(5) Swiss Federal Institute of Technology -Switzerland


The school was founded in 1854.Its mission was to educate engineers and scientist.It serves as a national center of excellence in science and technology and provide a hub for interaction between the scientific community and industry.

Address- Raamistrasse 101- 8092 Zurich, Switzerland.

Contact No.- +41 44 632 11 11


6) University of Oslo -Norway


This is the big university with approximately 27,700 students and employs around 6,000 people. Its faculties includes Theology, Law, Medicine, Humanities, Mathematics, Natural Sciences, Social Sciences, Dentistry, and Education.

Address-  Problemveien 7, 0313 Oslo, Norway.

Contact no.- +47 22 85 50 50


7) University of Helsinki -Finland


The university is bilingual with teaching provided both in Finnish and Swedish. Teaching in English is extensive throughout the university at Masters and  Doctoral levels.

Address-  Yliopistonkatua 4, 00100 Helsinki, Finland.

Contact no- +358 9 1911


8) University of Edinburgh-UK


The university is situated in the fabric of the city with many of the buildings in the historic old town. It receives approximately 47,000 applications every year, making it the third most popular university in the UK.

 Address-  Old College Lane, South Bridge, Newington, Edinburgh EH8 9YL, United Kingdom.

 Contact no.- +44 131 650 1000

9) University of Glasgow-UK

med9Initially this institution educated students primarily from wealthy backgrounds. But now Glasgow served all of the students by preparing them for professions: the law, medicine, civil service, teaching, and the church. It also trained smaller but growing numbers for careers in science and engineering.

Address- University Avenue, Glasgow, Lanarkshire G12 8QQ, United Kingdom.

Contact No.- +44 141 330 2000


10) Wein University-Austria

med10This University of Vienna is featured by a system of democratic representation. Power in the university was divided equally among three groups: students, junior faculty and full professors.

Address– University Road 1, 1010 Vienna, Austria.

Contact no.-  +43 1 42770


11) Utrecht University-Netherlands


Utrecht University is one of the oldest universities in the Netherlands and one of the largest in Europe. It was established on March 26, 1636.  Its motto is”Sun of Justice, shine upon us.”

Address-  Ville R. Elena, 324, 00185 Rome, Italy.

Contact no.- +39 06 49911


12) University of Bologna-Italy


The University of Bologna is founded in the year 2000.Its main motto is “nourishing mother of studies”). The University has about 100,000 students in its 23 schools.

 Address-  Zamboni Road, 33, 40126 Bologna, Italy.

Contact no.- +39 051 209 9111


13) Durham University-UK


It is a public research university in Durham and was founded in 1832. Durham is a collegiate university with its main functions divided between the academic departments of the university and 16 colleges.

Address– The Palentine Centre, Stockton Rd, Durham DH1 3LE, United Kingdom.

Contact no- +44 191 334 2000

14) Freie University-Germany


Freie combines business administration, economics, and information technology. It offers students a wide range of subjects with different combinations and its technical research meets top international standards.

Address-  Koserstrabe 20, 14195 Berlin, Germany.

 Contact No- +49 30 8380


15) Uppsala University-Sweden


Uppsala University is a research university founded in 1477.Apart from educational centres

It has an important historical place in Swedish national culture,in its historiography, literature, politics, and music.

Address– St Olofsgatan 10B, 753 12 Uppsala, Sweden.

Contact No-  +46 18 471 00 00


16) University of Warwick-UK

med16This technical University was founded in 1965. It is divided into 4 parts—Arts, Medicine, Science and Social Sciences within which there are 32 departments.

Address– Gibbet Hill Road, Coventry CV4 7AL, United Kingdom.

Contact No- +44 24 7652 3523


17) University of Leeds- UK


This University was established in 1904. The university’s roots can be traced back to the formation of schools of medicine in English cities to serve the general public.

Address-  Woodhouse Lane, Leeds LS1 3HE, United Kingdom.

Contact No– +44 113 812 0000


18) Ludwig Maximilians University-Germany


This university was established in 1472.The LMU has recently been conferred the title of “elite university” under the German Universities Excellence Initiative.

Address– Geschwister-Scholl-Platz 1, 80539 Munich, Germany.

Contact No– +49 89 21800


19) Humboldt University-Germany


The Humboldt University of Berlin was founded in 1810 by the liberal Prussian educational reformer and linguist Wilhelm von Humboldt.Its main aim was to meet the nation’s competition with excellence.

Address- Under den Linden 6, 10099 Berlin, Germany.

 Contact No- +49 30 20930


20) University of Pisa-Italy


This university was founded in 1343.It has no of courses offered for medical aspirants.

Address-Lungarno Antonio Pacinotti, 43, 56126 Pisa Province of Pisa, Italy.

 Contact No- +39 050 221 2312


21) Universidad Complutense de Madrid-Spain


It was established in the year 1857.It  offers courses like Philosophy, Spanish Literature, History, Pharmacy, Optometry, Journalism, Psychology, and Sociology.

Address– Avenue Seneca, 2, 28040 Madrid, Spain

Contact No- +34 914 52 04 00


22) University of Munster-Germany


This university offers a wide range of subjects like sciences, social sciences and the humanities. The courses are taught in English including PhD programmes as well as postgraduate courses in geoinformatics, geospational technologies.

Address– Corrensstrabe Road 25, 48149 Munster, Germany

Contact no.- +49 251 8365153


23) University of Copenhagen -Denmark


It was founded in 1479. it is the second oldest institution for higher education. The university has more than 37,000 students and more than 7,000 employees.

Address-Studiestrade 6, 1455 Kobenhavn K, Denmark

Contact No- +45 35 32 26 26


24) Norwegian University of Science & Technology-Norway


This university was founded in 1910.It has contributed a good growth in academic achievements and discoveries that have shaped Norwegian society.

Address– Hogskoleringen 1, 7491 Trondheim, Norway

Contact No– +47 73 59 50 00


25) University of Amsterdam –Netherlands


It was founded in the year 1632. There are seven departments- Humanities, Social and Behavioral Sciences, Economics and Business, Science, Law, Medicine, and Dentistry.

 Address-Street 21, 1012 WX Amsterdam, Netherlands

 Contact No.- +31 20 525 9111

So here is all the information regarding a medical college in Europe. Know more on the eligibility criteria, Fees structure and the living condition in Europe.

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