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  • Common Mistakes in IAS Preparation

    May 3, 18 • 589 Views • IAS, UPSC syllabusNo Comments

    What’s the Common Mistake which Every UPSC Aspirant Commit. Be smart, so that at least you don’t Commit If you have ever prepared for IAS, you are sure shot to make at least more than one of these mistakes. Some may be very general while others

  • Rau IAS study circle students result for UPSC 2017

    Rau IAS Study circle result 2017

    May 1, 18 • 1230 Views • Books for UPSC, CSAT, General, IASNo Comments

    Rau IAS study circle is a well advertised name for UPSC civil services coaching. We will analyse Result declared by Rau IAS study circle in April 2018 release of UPSc 2017 result. 1. Rau’s IAS Study Circle – Doubtful IAS Results Declaration  oh

  • IAS 2nd topper 2017

    Anu Kumari 2nd Topper of UPSC 2017

    Apr 27, 18 • 1810 Views • GeneralNo Comments

    Anu Kumari 2nd Topper of UPSC 2017 Anu Kumari 2nd Topper of UPSC 2017 from Delhi university Hindu colleges is 31 year old and is mother of a 4 year boy. Anu comes from Haryana and wants to work for for development of women . After reading this I really donot