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  • GSM Services and Features

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    GSM Mobile Services and Features: GSM Services follows ISDN guidelines and are classified as either Teleservices or Date Services. Teleservices includes standards mobile telephony and mobile originated or base originated traffic. Data Services includes

  • Explain Air Interface in GSM Network

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    This article lets you know about the short description in Master Switching Center and also about the description of Air Interface in GSM network. Explain Air Interface in GSM Network: GSM stands for global service for messaging. this is the mostly used

  • Digital Cellular System and Multiple Access Scheme

    Jun 16, 13 • 4447 Views • Notes1 Comment

    Digital Cellular System and Multiple Access Scheme : Cellular Fundamentals: The area served by mobile phone systems is divided into small areas known as the cell . Each cell contains the base station that communicates with mobiles in the cell by transmitting

  • Important questions on GSM

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    Important questions on GSM Ques1. What is t maximum data rate support by a GSM? Ans. The maximum data rate supported by a GSM system is 9.6 kbps. However there are extensions to GSM standard to improve throughput. GPRS is one of the extended GSM