The Chopras Gmat Coaching In Jaipur Reviews

The Chopras Gmat Coaching In Jaipur Reviews

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The Chopras Gmat Coaching In Jaipur Reviews


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  • Past Year Result
  • Infrastructure Good
  • Batch Size Good
  • Fee Structure Good


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According to student reviews”Everyone was very helpful throughout the whole journey. Got my visa in like 5 minutes!! So psyched and very grateful.xx Namita Ma’am has helped me throughout the whole application process and every formality, it’s been a very smooth ride and it’s all because of them. and Poornima ma’am made visa process seem very easy and made all the formalities very feasible. Got into Macquarie University to pursue my future studies with huge help from the Chopras! Very much recommended!!”The Chopras Gmat Coaching In Jaipur Reviews,

The Chopras Gmat Coaching In Jaipur Reviews

The Chopras Gmat Coaching In Jaipur is one institute which offers the best courses to learn for GMAT exams. With the incredible features, you will be able to learn exceptionally well. The Chopras GMAT Coaching In Jaipur is one institute that you have to check before joining. Here are some significant components that are in the rundown as referenced in the institute’s website.


  • The Chopras GMAT Coaching In Jaipur offers special lectures, rousing inspiration, and vocation direction from Jr.Scientists, IITians, specialists, engineers, top notch officers whose words will surely assist the learners with clearing the tests.
  • The coaching from renowned faculty members is one more significant factor for planning at the best.
  • Moreover, there are many perks of joining the students for the learners which will give an agreeable learning platform to the study peacefully
  • Air-conditioned study halls will positively be where learners can totally focus on the subjects as opposed to confronting a ton of interruptions.
  • When students can’t go to the class, The Chopras GMAT Coaching In Jaipur generally guarantees to follow the students by advising their parents.
  • If candidates need study materials, The Chopras GMAT Coaching In Jaipur is constantly equipped to give the aspirants they require whenever.
  • regular assignments offered for the students to assist them with keeping in contact with all the parts.
  • There are various kinds of the test that The Chopras GMAT Coaching In Jaipur provides for the prosperity of students.

Course Offered By The Chopras  –  Gmat Coaching

Address -6, Park Street, 2nd Floor, Usha Plaza, Near Jaipur Tower, MI Road, Sindhi Camp, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302001

Local Map- 

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 Fee– gre 20200 , 8 weeks ,, gmat 22200 k

Contact No – 088008 87852

Batch Size – 7

Notes – study materials , test series  ,

Frequently Asked Questions on the The Chopras Gmat Coaching In Jaipur  Reviews

Q.Is it better to join The Chopras Gmat Coaching In Jaipur? Should I join The Chopras Gmat Coaching In Jaipur?

Ans. The choice is absolutely yours and we can just assistance you to think about the institutes in detail. Examine, comprehend, and finish one institute which has mollified all the necessities of yours for GMAT exams.

Q.How Good is The Chopras Gmat Coaching In Jaipur?

Ans. The Chopras Gmat Coaching In Jaipur is the right place to start learning without any doubts. The features are brilliant and no doubts for the students to acquire a great coaching.

Q.Which is the Best GMAT Coaching in Jaipur?


  • Rank 1. Jamboree
  • Rank 2. Manya The Princeton Review
  • Rank 3. Endeavor Careers Pvt. Ltd
  • Rank 4. T.I.M.E Coaching Institute
  • Rank 5. Transit Abroad
  • Rank 6. Insight Education & Consultancy
  • Rank 7. IMS JAIPUR


Q.What is the Fees Structure of The Chopras Gmat Coaching In Jaipur?

Ans. The fee structure of the Chopras GMAT institute in Jaipur will definitely be affordable without any doubts. all you have to do is, analyze the courses available in the Chopras GMAT training in Jaipur and take up a course right away.

Q.What is the Complete Review and Ratings of The Chopras Gmat Coaching In Jaipur?

Ans. The complete review and rating of The Chopras Gmat Coaching In Jaipur are given below which will help you to do better in the exams. The reviews and ratings are precisely mentioned on our website. Take a look at the below ratings before joining an institute to learn for the exams.

Google Reviews – 3.0 out of 3 stars ( 2  reviews )

Book recommendation BY The Chopras   – Best Pdf  Notes For CAT Course 

Book recommendation BY The Chopras   –  Best Hard Copy For  CAT Course

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Best GMAT Books

Top books  for preparation for Gmat

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The Chopras GMAT Coaching Review – Top GMAT Coaching in Jaipur

Yash Khandelwal says, “The Chopras coaching is paramount in its field and this institute provides a first-hand experience of the international education system. I first contacted The Chopras group for my master’s degree. They are expert in the knowledge about the possible growth in every sector of every country, and courses provided by universities to fill in the void and bring the best of the students. Especially Namita ma’am and Sumita ma’am guided me expertly through every step right from deciding about the course and country best suited for me, till every minute details of my SOP. Many life lessons and abroad classroom environment was also provided by Samarth sir during my IELTS training, it is because of his guidance I could get eligible for my further education.
The best thing about this institution is that they act as a mirror, the more involved a student is in its personal growth, they also respond with the same enthusiasm. They surely present the best possible option for a student, but they will never spoon-feed a student and let the capability of each individual decide the future education plan.
Additionally, with years of experience, this group has a firm command on all visa steps and requirements. Sonia ma’am made sure that no possible loophole is left in my application and was very prompt in following up with me.
Finally, I got my visa accepted for Australia, Melbourne at Swinburne University, and will be pursuing my master’s degree in Construction and Infrastructure management.
I thank the whole family of Chopras group for such generous help and wish all the luck to them in the next step as The Chopras coaching.”

ABS says, “If you are planning for abroad studies then Chopra’s is the best place. i was planning for UK and they suggests me and helped me with all my needs and as far as their valuable concern about my course, university, visa process etc. was really awesome. Best services.”

Parag says, “It was an amazing experience in TC Global (The Chopras) as all the teachers are highly professional and qualified. My experience was phenomenal as they suggested me for the Mba International Business program of 24 months which also includes the internship from University of Greenwich. They helped me at every point, whether it was to provide coaching or to file a visa or to prepare for the interview, they helped me a lot. Finally, i got my visa because of them and i wholeheartedly thank TC Global (The Chopras) for the wonderful consultation.”


Sumit Chaudhary says, “I was a student here at the SAT classes and I’m really grateful that I chose Chopras for the same as they have helped me out all along the path. The personal attention that I got here from Sanjeev sir (maths teacher) made it possible for me to score a perfect 800 in not only the SAT maths section but also in the SAT subject test. The result of the support and guidance that I got here was that I was able to convert my 1300 (diagnostic test score) to 1540 (actual SAT score)!!”


About The Chopras GMAT Coaching – Best GMAT Coaching Institute in Jaipur

“The Chopras Group, now called ‘TC Global’. it is a leading institution for training and coaching students and helping them gain admission into their dream college.They are set for create a worldwide versatility and show network of undergraduates, individuals, industry and associations, to help shape the worldwide residents of tomorrow, today.”

Details of TC GLOBAL GMAT Coaching – Best GMAT Coaching Center in Jaipur

Exclusive Classroom Training for GMAT Examination Preparation: this classroom training focuses on in depth training in the entire syllabus of the GMAT syllabus. After this course, the students will be able to crack the competitive exams easily.
• The Chopras also offer a unique service. It is of Personal tutoring. This course is extremely helpful for all the students that enroll. This is because unlike any other academy, this course gives a one-on-one student to faculty experience.


Check – Top GMAT Coaching in Jaipur

1. IMS Jaipur
2. Jamboree Education
3. Endeavor Careers
4. Bulls Eye Jaipur
5. Manya Academy


Benefits of The Chopras GMAT Coaching – GMAT Coaching Institute, Jaipur

• The GMAT instructors address the problem areas for each student using the strategies that suit each student best.
• The Chopras ensure that their student gets selected in the college of his/her choice
• The faculty has been handpicked and individually trained
• The faculty keeps up with the latest and changing patterns of the GMAT exam.
• The course structure is customized according to the needs of the Indian students.
• The faculty target the student’s weakness and help them enhance it so as to avoid any mistakes in the final exam.
• The faculty prepares a study plan that suits the needs of the individual student and ensures that the student is comfortable with the plan.

Fees of GMAT Coaching in Jaipur

The average fees for GMAT Coaching in Jaipur can range from INR 10,000 to INR 50,000

Best GMAT Preparation in Jaipur

The best GMAT preparation in Jaipur is Jamboree Education.

What is the review and ratings of Best GMAT Coaching Institutes in Jaipur?

Google Rating: 4.8 stars out of 5 stars (618 Reviews)
Oureducation Rating: 5 out of 10 stars (25 Votes) Rating – 4.1 stars out of 5 stars (42 Votes) Rating – 4.5 stars out of 5 stars (32 votes)

Frequently Asked Questions on the TC GLOBAL GMAT Coaching Jaipur Reviews

How Good is The Chopras GMAT Coaching Jaipur for the GMAT Coaching in Jaipur?

It is an excellent institution. It has a great reputation and has received great feedback from all students. It has a Google rating of 4.8 which is very good and very high. It is highly motivated towards the students.

Which is the Best GMAT Coaching in Jaipur?

The best GMAT Coaching institute in Jaipur is Jamboree Education. Some other good GMAT Coaching institutes are IMS GMAT COACHING, MANYA PRINCETON and Endeavor Careers

What is the Complete Review and Ratings of the TC Global GMAT Coaching Jaipur, Rajasthan?

The Chopras GMAT coaching centre in Jaipur is one of the famous GMAT coaching for management exams. You need to check our article on top GMAT coaching in Jaipur to know what are the best GMAT coaching in Jaipur. The overall review of The Chopras GMAT coaching centre in Jaipur is 4.8 out of 5.

What is the Fees Structure of the The Chopras GMAT Coaching Jaipur?

The fees for GMAT coaching from TC Global is INR 25,000 to INR 30,000.

Is TC Global GMAT Jaipur the Best coaching for (GMAT) in Jaipur?

– It is not the best GMAT Coaching in Jaipur. Please refer to the list of the best GMAT Coaching centres in Jaipur for the full list. We have rated it 5 out of 10 stars.


How Far is the The Chopras GMAT Coaching in Jaipur from My Location?

– ADDRESS: 6, Park Street, 2nd Floor, Usha Plaza, MI Road, near Jaipur Tower, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302001
– Contact Info: 08800887852
– Website:

List of Top GMAT Coaching in Jaipur

  • Jamboree Education
  • Manya- The Princeton Review
  • Endeavor Careers Pvt. Ltd
  • T.I.M.E Coaching Institute
  • Transit Abroad
  • Insight Education & Consultancy


IAS Notes UPSC Toppers group
Gmat Coaching
Service Type
Gmat Coaching
Provider Name
Ankit Katiyar,
Rajasthan,MI Road, Sindhi Camp, Jaipur, Rajasthan,India-302001,
Telephone No.Contact No - 088008 87852
Address -6, Park Street, 2nd Floor, Usha Plaza, Near Jaipur Tower, MI Road, Sindhi Camp, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302001
Fee- gre 20200 , 8 weeks ,, gmat 22200 kContact No - 088008 87852Batch Size - 7

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