Top Coaching Institutes for Engineering in Kota

Top Coaching Centres for JEE (Advance & Main) in Kota Rajasthan

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Aiming to be an engineer? Want to get into an IIT?

Top IIT JEE coaching institutes in Kota

Kota is the 1st place that will come to your mind. It is known for producing the best of results at different competitve exams. The entire city is flooded by the best of institutes from around the country providing the best of knowledge under guidance of highly qualified and experienced faculties . Students from all around India come to Kota for taking coaching classes for both medical and engineering exams.  

There are so many institute in Kota, that one would scratch its hair in deciding which one to opt for.

Following are the parameters to be considered before selecting an institute.

  • Experience of faculty
  • Teaching Methodologies
  • Faculty Team
  • Courses Offered
  • Past Performance
  • Infrastructure

images (1)This article consists the names along with their  details of all the leading coaching institutes for the preparation of different engineering entrance examinations  in Kota. To make your work easier we have even ranked the TOP 10 institute from Kota based on the above parameters. And still if any improvement is required, please do let us know by your valuable comments. We will surely implement that to make it more better.

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List of all Top Coaching Institutes for Engineering in Kota are

SL No.

Name Of The Coaching Institutes

1Bansal Classes
2ALLEN Career Institute
3Career Point
4Vibrant Academy


Motion IIT-JEE
7RAO IIT Academy
10Brilliant Tutorials

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#Rank1 Bansal Classes: Bansal Classes is the first institute to give JEE Main and Advanced training, its present shape and form since 1983 . It is the most successful JEE Main and Advanced examination of the many reasons that makes Bansal an advantage unparalled and that is why it is ranked one. The objective is to enhance quality teaching by adding incredible value to JEE Main. Bansal Classes has been providing quality education from years.It provides coaching for AIEEE, IITJEE, GATE exams.The faculty members work  towards the overall growth of the students. The success Ratio of Bansal Classes was having a continuous upward trend.

Result:Majority of students secured their ranks in Top 100. More than 16000 or more IITians has been produced from its classroom contact program.There are a number of courses that are offered for every level of student and the Fee structure are accordingly given.

Courses Offered:

  • For JEE Main Classroom Program: This course is for XII pass students with the duration of one academic session with FEE Structure of Rs.45,944 (including all taxes).
  • For JEE Advanced:
    Class Room Course: This Course is divided into 7 sub courses :
    i)Bull’s Eye:
    This is for Class X to XI moving students with Two years duration with FEE for 1 year of Rs.74,500 (excluding tax).
    ii)Nucleus: This is for class XI to XII moving students with 1 year duration with FEE of Rs.77000 (excluding Tax).
    iii)Sterling Phase I : This course is for XII pass students with 1 year duration. The class for this starts from 29/04/2013 with 60% minimum marks in class 12.The FEE for this course is Rs.80000 (excluding tax).
    iv) Sterling Phase II : This course is also same as Phase I but the classes starts from 20/05/2013.
    v) Sterling Phase III : Same as above.Classes starts from 17/06/2013.
    vi) Sterling Phase IV : Same as above. Classes starts from 08/07/2013.
    vii) Azusa: This course is also for XII pass students but with duration of only 3 months. The eligibility for this is XII pass having minimum percentage of marks/ grades as per the guidelines of IIT. the admission for this is direct, depending upon the past academic records.

Address: Gaurav Tower, Road No.1, A-10,IPIA, Kota,
Contact Details:

#Rank2   ALLEN Career Institute started at 1988 is the only institute of its time which provided coaching for all the subjects ,that is, physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics for different competitive exams like IITJEE, AIEEE.  The Faculties at ALLEN stay continuously updated with the changing patterns of the competitive environment and provide the best teaching accordingly  The doubt clearing classes, Study material, Test series help them to clear their concept and practice more.

Result: In 2012 the result of AIEEE was 7506 selection of students., where 7501 were from classroom contact program.

ALLEN conducts different types of courses for different level of students for JEE (Main +Advanced):

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Courses Offered:

  1. Nurture Course: This course is for class X to XI moving students with duration of 2 years. The FEE for this course is Rs.1,74,158 (including tax).
  2. Enthusiastic Course: This course is for class XI to XII moving students with duration of 1 year. The FEE for this course is Rs.87,641 (including Tax).
  3. Leader Course: This course is specially designed for the students who have passed/ appeared in class XII. This is a one year course with FEE of Rs. 91,012 ( including tax).

   Address: CP-6, Indra Vihar, Kota, Rajasthan.

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#Rank3  Career Point(CP):Career Point was incorporated to impart quality education to students since 1993. With the high ideals and commitment to excellence,  Career point has been dynamic and responsible institute of the country. Career Point has  excellent teaching methodology that it has evolved, developed and implemented over the years.Periodic Test Series, Doubt Removal Classes, Study Material helps the students to become conceptually sound.

Result: Arpit Agarwal, AIR-1  in  IITJEE 2012 was the remarkable result. the total selection for the year 2012 was 632 and has a remarkable growth in selection.

Courses Offered:

  1. Foundation Course: This course is for class XI students with the duration of two years.
    Fees : Rs.83708 (including tax).
  2. Fresher Course: This course is for class XII students and its duration is of one year.
    Fees : Rs..87641 (including tax).
  3. Target Course: This course is for XII pass students, duration 1 year.
    Fees : Rs. 87641 (including tax).The success rate of Career Point is really high. It has shown a remarkable performance in both JEE Main and Advanced. Career Point has produced 2441 IITians with top ranks.

Address:112, Shakti Nagar, Kota, Rajasthan
Contact :

#Rank4  Vibrant Academy as its logo says “Believe in Excellence” where one can acheive their goals and stand on their own feet in this world with your identity. The ultimate strength and the biggest plus point for Vibrant academy is its superb faculty team for all the subjects. Experienced faculty team of Vibrant help students to develop good concepts and provides solid foundation. Vibrant Academy was founded to facilitate IIT-JEE aspirants with the highest level of expertise to achieve success in IIT-JEE – one of the most toughest competition in the country.For this it provides numerous courses.

Results : This academy has been providing a remarkable results recently. Adit Kabra, ranking AIR-23 in IITJEE in 2012 as the highest score for the academy,shows the results of all the hardwork of the coaching and the student.

Courses Offered:

1. Edge IX Course: This course is for the class VIII to IX moving students.
Eligibility criteria: Minimum 70% Marks / Equivalent Grade in Science and Mathematics in Class VIII.
Fees : Rs.14500(including tax) for 1 year.
2. Edge X Course: This course is for class IX to X moving students.
Eligibility Criteria: Minimum 70% Marks / Equivalent Grade in Science and Mathematics in Class IX.
Fees:Rs.16,500 for 1 year.
3.Micro Course: This course is for the class X to XI moving students.
Eligibility Criteria: 70% minimum marks/Equivalent grade of Science and maths in Class X.
Fees : Rs. 87,000(including tax) for 1 year.
4.Nano Course:
This course is for the class X to XI moving students
Eligibility criteria: as above.
Fees : Rs.87,000 (including tax) for 1 year.
5. Mega Course: This course is for the class XI to XII moving students.
Eligibility criteria:Minimum 70% marks/ Equivalent Grade in Science and mathematics in class XI
Fees: 90,500(including tax) for 1 year.
6. Googol Course: This course is for Class XII passed students.
Eligibility Criteria:Minimum 70% marks/Equivalent grades in Science and mathematics in class X.
Fees: 92,000(including tax) for 1 year.
Address: Vibrant Tower, A-14 (A),Road No. 1, Indraprasth Industrial Area,Kota,
Email     :

#Rank5 MOTION IIT-JEE: The foundations for MOTION were laid with the establishment of MOTION IIT-JEE in December, 2007. With the vigorous motivation, determination and desire to pursue excellence.  The persistent hard work and innovative ideas make them one of the most consistently growing team of the country. The MOTION IIT-JEE provides the best faculty and conducts numerous courses like Acceleration, velocity,Speed.
Motion IIT JEE has a stupendous success growth rate ever since 2007.

Result:Here is a graph for the students who got selected in IITJEE.
sel in IITIn 2011-2012 : 493 got selected
In 2010-2011 : 227 got selected
In 2009-2010 : 147 got selected
In 2008-2009 : 097  got selected
In 2007-2008 : 055 got selected
Address : 394, Rajeev Gandhi Nagar, Kota, Rajasthan-324005
Contact  :
Email :

#Rank6 Resonance: Resonance is a very well known Coaching institute in Kota, was founded in 2001 by Mr. R.K. Verma, B.Tech in Electrical and Electronics from IIT Madras.  Rather than coaching for Competitive examination, this Institute is also offering programes for the students of class VIII to X who wants to appear in Talent Search Exams like National Talent Search Examination (NTSE), International Olympaids conducted by various Government and Private Organizations.The teaching methodologies that is followed are Tried, Tested and Trusted .Resonance has one of the best Faculty team across the Country in terms of strength, coaching experience,qualification, competence and most importantly care for the students.

Result: Total 3206 students of resonance were selected for IITJEE in 2011-12.11 All India Ranks from Top 100 were from Distance Learning Program.12078 selections from AIEEE 2012.

Adrress J-2, Jawahar Nagar Main Road, Kota , Rajasthan-324005
Contact :

#Rank7 RAO IIT Academy was established by a Research Scientist, a Technocrat turned an outstanding professor of Chemistry, Dr. B.V.RAO, M.Sc., M.S. IIT Madras, Ph.D IIT-Delhi.The institute was named under his name. The vision is not only to further display the best of his teaching ability and rich experience but to enhance substantially the success of his students in JEE. The Institute is accomplished by a team of highly experienced and fully dedicated faculty with great academic knowledge to teach. This institute has been giving a very high percentage of selection in IIT JEE and AIEEE for the last 4 consecutive years. RAO IIT conducts many courses for the students to come up with a high success rate.
Result 14 ranks in Top 100 in IITJEE 2012.Total 103 selections from IITJEE and 225 selections from AIEEE from mumbai alone.

Courses Offered:
1.Foundation Course: This is a two year course during class XI and XII.
FEE: Rs 2,25,000(excluding tax) for two years.
2.Integrated Course: This is also a two year course during XI and XII.
FEE: Rs. 3,00,000 (excluding tax) for two years.
3.Target Course: This is a one year course during class XII.
FEE: Rs.1,25,000 for 1 year.
4.Target Course Appeared/Passed students: This is a 12 month course for class XII appeared or passed students.
FEE:Rs.1,25,000 for one year.

Address: Indra Vihar, Talwandi, Kota, Rajasthan-324005

#Rank8 NARAYANA IIT ACADEMY was founded in the year of 1979 by Dr. P. Narayana (Founder and Chairman), with a commitment to provide success oriented quality education to the aspiring students. The best faculties support are engaged in a constant guidance and mentoring, for the all over development of the students. Every year the academy produces more than 80,000 engineers and doctors. The teaching methodology in Narayana is based on providing the clarity of concepts from basic level to the highest level of competition.


Narayana provides numerous courses for every level of student:

1. Foundation IIT JEE Course(Apex): It is a 1 year course for class X to XI moving students.
FEE:Rs.60,000 (excluding tax)
2. Foundation IIT JEE Course (Reg): This course is also for class X to XI moving students with course duration of 2 years.
FEE: Rs 1,56,697 (excluding tax)
3. Fresher IIT JEE Course: This course is for Class XI to XII moving students with course duration of 1 year.
FEE: Rs.76,000 (excluding tax)
4. Target IIT JEE Course: This course is for class XII appearing/passed students with course duration 11 months.
FEE: Rs. 76,000 (excluding tax)

Address:H-3(C), Electronic Complex, IPIA, Road No.1, Kota, Rajasthan-324005
Contact :
Email :

#Rank9  FIITJEE was founded in the year 1992 by Mr.D.K.Goel, a Mechanical Engineering Graduate from IIT Delhi. FIITJEE have always been preparing students in a fundamental as well as comprehensive way so that students do well in IIT exams irrespective of any pattern. FIITJEE have been producing a number of toppers since 1992. It provides an experienced faculty team which supports the students in every way.

Result The students dominate the IITJEE 2012 results by capturing All India Ranks 1, 2 and 3 from the long term program.4 in Top 10, 10 in Top 20, 43 in Top 100.
Courses Offered
1. Three Year Classroom Program: This program is designed for the students from class X to XII. It is divided into 9 phases.4 phases in class X, 3 phases in class XI and 2 phases in class XII.
2. Two Year Classroom Program: This program is designed for class XI – XII students. It is divided into 5 phases and assures to do well in both XI and XII as well as in IITJEE exams.
3.One year Classroom Program: This program is only for class XII appearing students. Its duration is 12 months.
4.One Year Extended Program: This program is designed for class XII appeared/passed students. The entire course is divided into 4 phases.

Address:1-C, Talwandi, near Sheela Chawdhury hospital, Kota,
Contact :

#Rank10  Brilliant Tutorials  formula for success is based on the belief that there is a winner in every student waiting to be discovered. Brilliant brings together the most knowledgeable trainers, the most comprehensive study material and a highly focussed and intensive training methodology.Brilliant’s students have secured the All India No.1 Rank 21 times in the last 29 years.

Result The students of brilliant tutorials have been performing remarkably good over the years. The number of selections have been increasing day by day with a very good ranking.

Courses Offered:
1. One year Course with Y.G (Young Genius) and B.MAT (Brilliant’s Mock All- India Tests):
There will be three B.MAT Part Tests conducted Online Across the country. Each of these six Tests will cover selected topics in Physics, Maths and Chemistry to enable the student to thoroughly assess his/her level of preparation, topic-wise.
Fee : RS.18069 (including tax) for 1 year.

2. Y.G. File Course with B.MAT One Year Test Series and AIEEE: The Y.G. file does not contain any theory, but it has hundreds of brain teasing problems which will help students to have a glimpse of the IIT and AIEEE level.
Fee : Rs.11191 (including tax) for 1 year

Address: 1-KA-41, Vigyan Nagar, Kota, Rajasthan
Contact Details: 

We have tried our Best to provide you with the best information. Any kind of views or feedback will be highly appreciated.

IIT JEE 2015 results will bring changes to ranking of top IIT JEE coachings at Kota but we will wait for JEE advance result for change in ranking

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Please note that this research was on top IIT JEE coaching of Kota conducted  in FEBJune 2017 but we would suggest students and parents to contact us once before taking admission because many of times teachers change coaching and status of list changes and if during that time we would not have updated then you would end up taking admission in wrong coaching , so we would recommend you to whats app at +919958444212  or for best IIT JEE coaching in KOta

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