Top Colleges of Commerce in Kerala

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Commerce is the whole system of an economy that constitutes an environment for business.Commerce is a system or an environment that affects the business prospects of an economy of the nation or a state.It is a good field to get known about economy and other terms like this.

top 10 commerce colleges in Kerala

Top Colleges Of Commerce In Kerala

Why Commerce
Commerce is a good field to choose as a career.Many students who are interested in making career  in commerce field as in business, finance, or economics also take introductory  courses  in  fields  such  as   microeconomics   ,    macroeconomics, and
international trade they all lead to a good career.

Kerala is a state which is located in the South-West region of India. In 1991, Kerala became the first state of the country to be recognized as a completely literate state, though the effective literacy rate at that time was only 90%. Universities of commerce in Kerala are Kannur University, Mahatma Gandhi University etc are famous nationwide for the quality of education provided by them.

Courses for graduation-

  • B.B.M– Bachelors of Business Management
  • B.B.A– Bachelor of Business Administration
  • B.C.A–  Bachelors in Computer Applications
  •– Bachelor of Commerce

Courses for post graduation-

  • M.B.A – Masters of Business Administration
  • M.Com – Masters of Commerce
  • M.C.A –  Masters in Computer Applications

List of top colleges in Kerala-

This list is been generated after various survey performed through different sites(like- on the basis of teaching methods, exposure, placement…etc



1. Kalaivani College Of Tech.Ernakulam
2. A.V Abdurahiman Haji Arts & Science CollegeKozhikode
3. Aquinas CollegeCochinContact- 0484-2327748
4. All Saints CollegeThiruvananthapuram Contact- 0471-2501153
5. Archbishop Powathil Assumption Community College (APACC)Kottayam
6. Aryabhatta College of Advanced StudiesThrissur
7. B.C.M College For WomenKottayam
8. R Sankar Memorial Sndp Yogam Arts & Science CollegeKozhikode
9. Mahatma Gandhi Arts and Science CollegeKannur
10. De Paul Institute Of Science And Technology (DIST)Kochi


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14 Responses to Top Colleges of Commerce in Kerala

  1. Yamini says:

    I want top College for Aicc (CA)

  2. Gourav Jain says:

    Kerala!! What a beautiful state..
    So. why not enjoy the beautiful scenes of Kerala while studying there..
    Here is a list of the top colleges of commerce in Kerala.

  3. Sneha Sinha says:

    Kerala is one of the most educated state having the highest literacy rate .Top colleges of commerce in kerala has been given with their contact information and their address..A must read for student wishing to opt for commerce education in kerala

  4. Neha S says:

    Always wanted to study there?
    Don’t worry we have come up with this list of top colleges of commerce in Kerala..
    Hope that it is helpful..

  5. shreya sarkar says:

    Many students are interested in making career in commerce field nowadays. This page gives a list of the top colleges of commerce in Kerela. Browse through this to know all your options of commerce colleges.

  6. Gourav Kumar says:

    Kerala offers a good atmosphere and job opportunities for the students. Commerce is a very good department and there are lots of jobs in this field. The article provides a complete list of top colleges of Commerce in Kerala.

  7. Seema Mishra says:

    Commerce is one of the fundamental academic streams.Commerce means the entire system of an economy where business is conducted. Career opportunities in Commerce are immense in terms of becoming a CA, CS, Cost and Works Accountant, Management, Insurance, Marketing, Banking or Financial Management professional, Economist, etc.There are many good Commerce college in Kerala.Several commerce colleges and institutes in Kerala are imparting courses in the field of commerce at the undergraduate (B.Com) and postgraduate (M.Com) levels. Here is list of top most commerce colleges of Kerala. Please read this article.

  8. Er Ketan Joshi says:

    Commerce is the field which deliver the atmosphere of business. In commerce we can study the strategy,concepts,design and plotting of business which will really help in corporate world. In commerce their are several field of specalization that is economics, basic commerce, computer with commerce etc.
    Commerce is the initial base of business administration. Now kerala is the most beautiful and remarkable place for study the atmosphere and the views in kerala was really help out the student.
    This article will show top colleges of commerce in kerala.

  9. singh prashant says:

    First of all i would like to answer the question “why commerce ?”
    Well its a well known fact that India has a growing market for the growth of of this market both technical and commercial skills are required how ever the scope of commerce dose’t ends over here but their are so many other fields such as charted accountant ,company secretary ,bank po .
    The other most important and practical reason for why opting commerce is that, currently the Indian market is flooded with engineers so according to me opting for commerce will be like taking the safe side.:-)
    How ever list of best colleges according to my analysis is a bit different from what is mentioned above but it dose’t mean the these colleges should not be concidered . My list is
    1:- R. Sankar memorial
    2 :-Baithul Izza Arts and science college.
    3:- Government Victoria college.
    4:- M.E.S college
    5:- Sree Narayana College

  10. Oishi chatterjee says:

    Kerela is state with most literacy rate in India. Here The business and education is carried in next level. These colleges stand in all India ranking when education and alumni are concerned. It the best state for such a college in India. These colleges offers not only under graduation but also post graduation courses well in commercial fields. They provide students with all required facilities and environment in India.

  11. Gourav Kumar says:

    Kerala is a very good state for studies and students who want to pursue their higher studies in commerce, Kerala is the obvious choice for them. The article gives the complete list of best colleges for commerce in Kerala. Students seeking these information will be very pleased to see these detailed information.

  12. sibanjan says:

    when it is a matter of commerce ,,then the economical issues are ready to come…. and if you ask about kerala,,it is probably one of the most economically stable state in india… kerala s a state where buisness is open to all… so guys if you eager to do commerce …check the list and go for it…

  13. Sumit Mukherjee says:

    Commerce is directly related to business. It is concerned with the exchange of goods and services. So it is always a perfect choice for career. There are four graduation and three post graduation courses offered by some best colleges in Kerala. All their names and addresses are attached with this article. So, before choosing a college in Kerala for commerce, please read this at once…

  14. Pallavi sinha says:

    Commerce is one of most preferred stream by the students after science as it provides best carrier opportunity like banking, C.A. etc. Here is list of top most commerce colleges of Kerala.If you are confused while choosing best for you chk this list for reference.

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