Top Colleges of Medical in Punjab

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About medical science

Medical science is art of maintaining health. In India for this stream the king college are “All India Institute of Medical Sciences”. There are a number of other colleges which are not the kings but also not less than it. Medical science is the study of medicine to prevent ailments.

Medical science offers a number of courses. Physiology, toxicology, pharmacology, anatomy are the various fields of it at where you can make your carrier.

Punjab –

Punjab is the home to some world class medical colleges. It is a state in northwest in India.     Punjab is delta of five covering rivers. Its capital is located in Chandigarh. Chandigarh is a well known industrial area.  At world level it is known for “Golden temple” .Agriculture is the largest industry in Punjab. People of here are very hard working and land lover. Here is a list of top   medical colleges in Punjab.

This list shows the top colleges of medical in Punjab. You may also like to see Top Engineering Colleges in Punjab 

College nameCity, state
Government medical college & hospitalChandigarh, Punjab
Christian medical collegeLudhiana, Punjab
Postgraduate institute of medical education & researchChandigarh, Punjab
Gian sagar Medical College & hospitalPatiala, Punjab
Adesh Institute of medical sciences &                             ResearchBhatinda, Punjab
Dayanand Medical College & HospitalLudhiana, Punjab
Govt. medical collegeAmritsar, Punjab
Guru Goving singh Medical CollegeFaridkot, Punjab
Govt. Medical CollegePatiala, Punjab
Shree Guru Ram das Institute of MedicalEducation & Research.Amritsar, Punjab
Punjab Institute of medical science Jalandhar,Punjab





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7 Responses to Top Colleges of Medical in Punjab

  1. Kriti Das says:

    Medical has always been considered as one of most safe and rewarding career and truly so.Top medical colleges in Punjab has always been the most sought after medical colleges in India.This article has a real good list of top medical colleges in Punjab and all medical aspirants need to check it out.

  2. Rohit Kumar says:

    Medical science is art of maintaining health.Punjab is the home to some world class medical colleges.
    This state is producing a bunch of talents for this divine and altruist profession.
    Few of them are Government medical college & hospital Chandigarh.Christian medical college,Postgraduate institute of medical education & research,Gian sagar Medical College & hospital.

  3. Barun kumar singh says:

    Punjab is a place which is famous for its hospitality .People of every state is found here because Punjab is a place where each and every source of development of an individual is present in the filed of medical science.Students going for medical science always prefer to go to such places where they find good people as this enhances their medical practice.This content contains the essential information about the medical college in Punjab for the students who want to go for medical science in Punjab.

  4. Atif Pall says:

    Punjab welcomes you with some of its finest and organised medical colleges . A lot of change in the ranking of colleges have been made and are accordingly available as per your convenience and requirements.
    These colleges have been established to offer an assortment of degrees all encompassing the reputation that has been instilled in it by years of rich education to give Punjab, a national stand among all other colleges in India. A detailed information carrying name and location of all good colleges in Punjab is mentioned above . Explore and see the best you can have .

  5. preeti nisha says:

    Punjab has numerous top medical colleges of india. All the top medical colleges in Punjab provide a good career im medical and research and they are some of the best colleges among the medical colleges in india.This article provides the list of top and best medical colleges in Punjab with their location. One can open the link these top colleges of Punjab and can individually see these medical colleges that are located in the beautiful cities of Punjab.

  6. Piyali Chattaraj says:

    In medical practice doctors diagnose the patients to cure them or prevent the treats after clinical judgement.medical science combines of physiology,anatomy,radio biology and so on.Doctors are making us surprised with their unbelievable miracles.And some medical colleges are giving us these shining stars .In that list some top medical colleges of Punjab are there.They are well equipped,they have good faculty members and good infrastructure.

  7. Priyanka Sarkar says:

    Medical Science helps us to cure our many diseases.Medical science creates many miracle in our present time.With the help of the medical science we are now able to overcome many hard diseases.Medical science offers many courses like M.B.B.S,anatomy,psycology,taxonomy etc.Punjab is a good state in India.There offers many colleges where medical science college is also present.

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