Top MBA Colleges in Russia

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MBA provides the notch skill of management which helps the candidates to stand tall even in the tuff market scenario. After the globalization, the American and European investmenters spread their businesses all over the world. They all recruit such candidates for their business those who have the good managerial skills. In such circumstances, Russia realizes that if they do not come down in that market race then they will suffer for a long finance problem. For such reasons they reform their Universities and made them into world class level. These colleges and universities open their door for outer students also.

Find out some best among them in that article.

Admission Criteria:

  • Students must have the graduation degree along with 45-50% of marks. For some specific Universities or colleges they need to appear in a qualifying exam.
  •  For foreign students: 1) Need a clearance from the embassy (Russian Federation)

2) If they crack any competitive examination (like TOEFL, GMAT etc.) , they will get scholarships from the university or college.

  • In many cases, Medical test requires for both the foreign and local candidates.

Course Fees:

The course duration for any MBA degree is 2 years. Almost Rs. 900000-1000000/- in Indian currency (494207-549119/- Russian Ruble) required for each year excluding the hostel charges. Now the course fees are almost same for every university or colleges. But the hostel charge and some additional charges varies according to the Institution. 

List of top MBA colleges in Russia:

  • St. Petersburg State University:  


It is a 285 years old University. There are more than 5000 teaching staffs working here. Almost 32000 students are pursuing their degree from here.

Courses offered by the college:

1)       The college is famous for its Master in International Business Program (MIB).

2)       Master in Journalism

3)       Master in Medicine Business market

4)       Master in Economic policy

Facility: 1) Library

               2) Hostel

               3) Social & Cultural programs

               4) Internship

               5) Campusing: Some leading recruiters are KPMG International, Baking House “St.-Petersburg”, L’Oreal Group, Chupa Chups Group, Mars Inc., Citibank etc..


1) Address: Saint Petersburg, Russia- 199034

2) Website:

3) E-mail:

  • Tomsk Polytechnic University:


It is one of most prestigious University in Russia. The college offers its management courses to the students for few decades. It was established in the year of 1896.

Courses offered by the college:

1)       Master Degree in International Business program.

2)       Master in Management Accounts


1)       Top Faculty

2)       Hostel

3)       Consultant Firms

4)       Share Market Course


1)       Address: Lenin Avenue,, Tomsk, Russia- 634050

2)       Website:

3)       E-mail:

  • Moscow State University:


It is one of the finest university in Russia. According to the Times Higher Education, it gets the 155th ranking among all universities in the world.

Courses offered by the college:

1)       Master in International Business

2)       Master in Accountancy

3)       Master in Economy


1)       Top faculty

2)       Hostel

3)       Sporting clubs: MSU Diving club, MSU Baseball club etc..

4)       Campusing: Google, IBM, City bank, Red bull etc..


1)       Address: Moscow, Russia- 119992

2)       Website:

3)       E-mail:

  • The Stockholm School of Economics:


It is an outstanding college among the management colleges. The college is not so old with respect to others. But placement success of the college changes the entire scenario.

Courses offered by the college:

1)       Master in International Business: Full time, Distance

2)       Executive MBA


1)       The college selects the students through GMAT. So, it’s obvious that the college makes his own ground by itself.

2)       International Business Seminars


1)       Address: Bolshoy Palashevsky, Moscow-123104, Russia

2)       Website:

3)       E-mail:

  • Moscow International Higher Business School- MIRBIS:


A college that brings a new area in the section of management in Russia. Among 10 best colleges of management, it is one of those. TOEFL or GMAT is the only medium for the Indian students to get the admission there.

Courses offered by college:

1)       Master in Finance

2)       Master in Economics

3)       Master in Accountancy

4)       Master in International Business


1)       Top teaching facility

2)       Hostel

3)       Library

4)       Sports, Social & Cultural Programs


1)       Address: Moscow- 115054, Russia

2)       Website:

3)       E-mail:

4)       Phone Number: +7(095)101 41 80

  • Moscow School of Management, SKOLKOVO:


It is an innovative world-class business school with an established international faculty and a clear focus on the developing markets in the world. It was founded by 18 Russian and top class international companies.

Courses offered by the college:

1)       MBA on Social Media

2)       MBA in International Business

3)       Executive MBA


1)       Hostel

2)       Business Conferences

3)       Seminars

4)       Share Market review


1)       Address: Odintsovsky District, Moscow Region, Russia

2)       Website:

3)       E-mail:

4)       Phone Number: +7 919 777 42 98

  • Vlerick Business School:


It is an Institution which provides the Online and Distance MBA programs. The institution is so famous in Russia into its category.

Courses Offered by the Institution:

1)       Business marketing

2)       Accountancy

3)       Economy

4)       Finance


1)       Online teaching support

2)       Special business seminars

3)       Placement support


1)       Address: St. Petersburg, Russia

2)       Website:

3)       E-mail:

Some other best colleges:

  • Moscow University, Touro:
  • Russian State University for the Humanities:

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6 Responses to Top MBA Colleges in Russia

  1. md asif says:

    mba from civil engineering

  2. kalpataru sahoo says:

    I would like to read mba in hr in russia below 20,00000

  3. kalpataru sahoo says:

    I would like to read mba in hr in russia below 20,00000

  4. kalpataru sahoo says:

    I would like to read mba in hr in russia below 20,00000

  5. kalpataru sahoo says:

    I would like to read mba in hr in russia below 20,00000

  6. Nishant Singh says:

    i want to know is english is an officail or speaking language in russian universities or not?

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