Top Medical Universities in China

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Top Medical Universities in China

China’s universities are under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Education and also over the ministries of the Central government, provinces, autonomous regions or certain major cities.China follows a strict entrance examination system  with a strong view to ensure the quality of  education. The academic year of full time universities here is separated into two semesters as in India, few even have three. The first semesters begins in September and the second in February. Each semester has full 20 weeks and each week has six school days. In addition to  winter and summer holidays, every 1 January is (National Day) for which students have a week of  holidays. Universities also gives leave normally on other anniversaries and traditional fetes. Friendly exchanges exists between the Chinese and foreign students  and they are encouraged for contacts between Chinese and foreign youth. Universities often conducts seminars and parties for Chinese and foreign students and other social activities for enhancing the interaction between them.

Why MBBS in China?      china

A large number of students from different parts of world are also choosing China for medical education. Previous year, more than 10,000 students came to China to study medical, most of them selecting an English-medium as MBBS. But why is it so?And the answer to this is that the medical degree offered by China’s medical schools is valid throughout the world. Moreover the countries booming economy, and ever increasing opened society, massive potential medical market provide foreign students with an international outlook and great career prospects for their future. And most importantly studying MBBS in China is given best value in time and in cost compared with studying in other different countries .The course duration for MBBS in English medium for foreign students is 6 years.  The 6th year of the internship year which must be completed either in the hospitals of the university in China or in a hospital in the home country recognized by the Ministry of Health of the concerned country. This internship is the best offered experience for the students which creates and boosts the confidence in them.

Chinese language is compulsory  as during the whole course of study along with the MBBS course in English medium in as to ensure the good communication skills with  Chinese patients in the hospitals. For the purpose of internship in the hospitals of the university in China, it is required to   pass Chinese language proficiency exam known as HSK before entering internship in the 6th year.

Admissions in China:-

1.  Admission Notice

Universities sends the Admission Notice to IGWY consultant after enrolling the candidates. The
IGWY consultant will send the Admission Notice and Visa Application for Foreigners who wishes to study in China (JW202) to the embassy in China,other relevant dispatching organization or the applicants. It is compulsory that authority concerned send these two documents to the candidates in  a given time period.

2.  Application for Visa

Foreign students with Admission Notice and  the Visa Application Form for Studying in China (JW202 form) both should be delivered by the Chinese universities and Physical Examination Record for Foreigner,and then can submit applications to Chinese  embassies and consulates for visa within due terms.


1. The student can apply by any means among these:-

Option 1 :  Fill In the application form that is available online

Option 2 : Download the Application form  and print it, Fill it and send  a scanned copy by email to

2.  Application is submitted to the admission committee for international students of university.

3. The University will give us the instruction as to accept the application or reject it.

4. If the University instructs to proceed with the admission of student they will contact student accordingly.

5. Students can either pay the processing fee to China or to Malaysia which ever will be earlier.

7.  All the formalities are done  and sends  the acceptance letter from the University.

8. Once the acceptance letter is given to the student the student has to submit his passport copy.

9. Once the passport copy is obtained they would process it with the ministry of education 1000711_564096303632276_2034197764_nin China for issuance for JW202 form that is required by the Chinese embassy in ones country for them to issue study visa for the student.

10. Once the JW202 form is obtained from the ministry it would be forwarded  and pass it on to the student.


Fee structure:-


   RMB / Per Annum     USD / Per Annum

Application fee
(First year only)

400  – 800

62 -124


8,000 – 20,000

1,240 – 3,100

(First year only)



Resident permit

400 – 1,000

62 – 155

premium fee




800 – 2,000

124 – 310

Use currency converter

Chinese Yuan Renminbi                        US Dollar                             Indian currency
1 CNY = 0.155193 USD                   1 USD = 6.45 CNY                           1RMB= 9.67 (Indian Rupee)

Top  universities of China that offers Medical Education(english medium):-

  1. Zhejiang Medical University: – It is one of the top ranking Universities in
    China located in Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang province. Zhejiang University provides students with scholarships to lessen their financial pressure off university education.

   Duration of the courses offered here:-                                             images

      Educational system duration:- Bachelor’s Degree: Five years.

Its a 7 years program of clinical medicine for Master’s Degree.

Master’s Degree: Three years.

Doctor’s Degree: Three years.

Scholar: One year or two years

For more details log in with:-

           Contact @t: – E-mail:
Address: Zhejiang University,
866 Yuhangtang Road,
Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, 310058,
P. R. China.     

  2 .Fudan University :- It is one of the leading and prestigious universities in China located                                          in shanghai. Fudan University is under the direct jurisdiction of the State Ministry of Education, enjoys national construction priority. Presently Fudan University is nearly having  44,300 students, including full-time students.                   images

Duration of the courses offered here:-

 Bachelor’s Degree is of :-  5 years.

Master’s Degree is of :- Three years.

Doctor’s Degree is of: Three years.

Fudan offers the international students into its Bachelor’s, Masters,Doctoral
programs as well as advanced programs in subjects like sciences, and
medicines and on liberal arts also.

For more details log in with: –

 Contact @t:– 138,Yixueyuan Rd, Xuhui, Shanghai, China,

Phone no:-+86 21 5423 7499

    3.  Xi’an Jiaotong University:- It is the hub for the training advanced medical professionals in the North West of China. It is located in the south part which is surrounded by universities and is in a neighborhood of famous scenic spots including the Shaanxi History Museum. At present there are  students on campus are over more than 4500, which includes 400 doctoral students and 900 post graduates with increasing number of undergraduates. The school has a galaxy of experienced faculty as well as  hard working staff ranging upto 4000 in number.

Duration of the course:-

The duration of course is divided into two parts:-

1. The first part is composed of per-clinical courses, including Chinese Language, Computer, Anatomy, Histology & Embryology, Pathology, Physiology, Immunology, Microbiology, Biochemistry, Pharmacology, etc.

2. The second part is composed of clinical studies which includes Diagnosis,
Radiology, Internal Medicine, Surgery, Gynecology & Obstetrics, Pediatrics and a
one year internship in different departments of a hospital. And every semester’s the
curriculum is  adjusted accordingly with the university arrangement at that time.

For more details login with:-

Contact @t:-
No.28, Xianning West Road, Shaanxi, 710049, P.R. China

4. Capital Medical University (CMU):- It  was established in 1960. This ranks among the top academic medical institutions in China, and is considered as one of the leading universities in  Beijing. CMU includes 10 Schools, 14 affiliated hospitals and 1 teaching institution. The university as well as the affiliated hospitals has a staff of nearly about 20,000. Among the staff, there is 6 members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.                images

Duration of course:

Programs in International School
i.e. English Medium Undergraduate Program
Duration: 6 years (Including one year Internship)
Degree holds: Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine

Course Arrangement
6 years’ Program include:
1 year foundation course (on campus courses),
2 year basic medicine (on campus courses),
2 year clinical medicine (on campus and hospital courses),
1 year hospital work (in hospital)

 For more details log in with  :

Contact @t: Yulin West Rd, Fengtai, Beijing, China

Phone no:– +86 10 8391 1000

5. Sichuan University: – It was established in the year 1896 is one of the national key universities directly under the Ministry of Education (MOE) in China. This University has established friendly cooperative tie-ups with over 100 universities and research institutes from over 30 countries and regions. This includes the, Princeton University, Yale University, Washington University, Chandler Medical Center, Kentucky University in America, London University and American Harvard University and many more. images

Duration of Course:-

Course duration is of  5 years + 1 year internship. The internship can either be done
at university or in the ones own country in hospital recognized by the Ministry of Health of the concerned country.

Programs:  MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery)

For more details log in with: –

Contact @t: -Wangjiang campus; Sichuan University, No.24 South Section 1,                                             Chengdu, China, 610065


6. Luzhou Medical College:- This being  one of the schools of higher learning in Sichuan , it is located in the city of Luzhou .This Medical College in past few years has been developed into a society service center of teaching, medical care and scientific research. It is a cradle for those students who are interested in joining the medical service of China. It has various admission levels from international students, postgraduate students, and undergraduate students.

Contact at:-

Rd. Zhongshan, Luzhou City. Sichuan Province,
PR China 646000

Course: – M.B.B.S
Luzhou Medical College is authorized to admit long-term international students). Presently, there are 291 International students from five countries (India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Burundi) studying.

7.Dali University Medical College: – It is having 3 campuses one as South Renmin Road Campus, Hehua campus and the Ancient Town Campus, which are all located within the city of Dali. In 2005 a special International MBBS Program has been launched .More than 165 students of Dali from India have passed the MCI Screening test (FMG examinations conducted by the National Board of Examinations) and are now fully fledged medical practitioners.gallery_0873

Contact at:-

9 Western Sections,

Lushun South Street,

Lvshunkou District, Dalian,

Liaoning Province, P.R.China

Courses:– Bachelor in medicine and surgery(5+1)yrs

8. Jilin University (JLU):- This is known as one of the largest-scale university in the China. It has list of high-quality courses which includes medical programs. Former Norman Bethune Medical University merged into Jilin University as Norman Bethune College of Medicine. It is an important base with considerable scale and academic ability of medical education and research.                   images

Courses: – MBBS in (English medium)

Contact at:-  Qianjin Street, Changchun, China

9. Guangzhou Medical University: – This was founded in 1958, near the Liuhua Lake Park in the center of Guangzhou, the most leading medical University. GMU is administered by Ministry of Education, China to recruit international medical students in English. There are 15 full time undergraduate medical programs, including Clinical, Medicine, and Medical Laboratory.

Courses: – MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery), MBBS is the primary medical  qualification to practice medicine in any country.

Contact at:-

195, Dongfeng Xi Road, Guangzhou

Zip Code:510182
Tel: (86)020-81340481

10. Wuhan University: – It is a university which is directly under the administration of the
Ministry of the People’s Republic of China. It is situated in Wuhan. And this university for its wide area campus known as one of the most beautiful universities in the world.

Courses:-  MBBS program:

5+1 year (Including one year internship)

Contact at:- Wuchang, Wuhan, Hubei, China


11.Wenzhou Medical College (WMC):- It’s a public institution founded in 1912 and focuses on higher learning and is directly under Zhejiang Education Sector. It is in Wenzhou, a southeast coastal city with 40-minutes flight from metropolitan Shanghai. Wenzhou Medical College is authorized to confer doctorate degrees in Ophthalmology, Surgery and Gynecology. Wenzhou Medical College is one of the first institutions authorized by the State Council to confer Master’s degree.                                 images

Courses: – Bachelor of Dentistry Surgery: – 2.5 years

Bachelor of  medicine and surgery(5+1years)

Contact at:- Xueyuan West Rd, Lucheng,

Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China, 325027

Phone no:- +86 577 8668 9885

12. Nanchang University (NCU):- This is the one among national universities. It is a comprehensive university which is known for its Medicine subjects, Combination of studying, research and production.

Courses:- MBBS program( 6yrs)                              images

BDS program(2.5 yrs)

Contact at:-

No. 999, Xuefu Road, Honggutan New District,

Nanchang, Jiangxi Province,

P.R. China

13. Jiamusi University:- It  is a multi-disciplinary university  which was founded in the year 1947 and is situated in the city of Jiamusi, Heilongjiang. The college has been retained for its rigorous scholarship research, having lots of excellent faculty with high level specialized knowledge and professional skills.

Courses:- MBBS(5+1)yrs

Contact at:-

No. 148, Xuefu Rd., Jiamusi, Heilongjiang Province, China

14. Beihua University: This University is one of the leading and best known in Fengman region. It was established by the combination of the original Jilin Teacher’s college, Jilin Medical College. Beihua university strengths the training of competent personnel and scientific research  level to be reached.

Courses:- MBBS  (5+1) year                             images

Contact at:-

No.3999, Binjiang East Road, Fengman District,

Jilin City, Jilin Province

Postal code:- 132013

15. Weifang Medical University (WMU):- This is  a government medical college which was founded in 1951, is a state-owned medical university.  Clinical Medicine is being taught in English and Chinese. WMU is authorized to grant bachelor and masters degree and recruit overseas students.

Courses: – Bachelor in Clinical Medicine

Contact at:-

No.7166,Baotongxi Street, Weifang, Shandong              images

16.Shihezi University :- This is known for its  cheap and economical tuition fees of gives an extra advantage to  all the students from other countries to experience the MBBS study abroad at a considerable low cost. Shihezi University is a university which was founded in April 1996 under the integration of some former institutional colleges by the Ministry of Education.

Courses:-  Bachelor of Dentistry Surgery: – 2.5 years

Bachelor of  medicine and surgery(5+1years)

Contact at:- Shihezi, Xinjiang, China

Tel: +86 993 205 8030

17. Chongqing Medical University (CQMU):- Being established in  the year 1956, it has crossed more than  fifty years’ development, CQMU  works under the administration of Chongqing Municipal Government with an integrated educational system of Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctor’s and Postdoctoral programs in medicine as well as other related fields. Chongqing-Medical-University

Contact at:- . No.1 Yixueyuan Road,

Yuzhong District, Chongqing,


Courses:- MBBS, BDS, Clinical medicine.

18. Fujian Medical University:- This was being established in 1937  which was later merged with Fujian Chinese Traditional Medical College and medical department of Overseas Chinese University, Fujian Medical University.

Contact at:-

No. 1 Xueyuan Rd., University Town,

Fuzhou, Fujian, P.R.China.

Courses:- MBBS -6yrs(duration)

Clinical medicine:- 5yrs(duration)

19.Shantou University (STU) :- It is an  authorized university which is under the State Council and Guangdong Government. Shantou University Medical College (SUMC) is a leading medical college and health research center in southern China.

Contact at:-  243 Daxue Road, Shantou,


Courses:- Bachelor in medicine and surgery

Clinical medicine

20. Hebei Medical University (HEBMEU) :- This University in China is one of the oldest modern universities established since 1894. It is also one of China’s best medical universities, wherein the international education for students is also very successful.                       images

Contact at:- No. 326 Xinshi South Road,

Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province,


Departments :- 1.Clinic Medicine, Nerve Hygiene Research Institute

2.Nerve Hygiene Research Institute


4.Orthopedics Research Institute

5.Digestive System Research Institute.

21.Ningbo University School of Medicine (NUSM) :This institute trains physicians, surgeons, dentists and even the biomedical researchers, physical therapists, illustrators and many other health care professionals. It almost has  7 affiliated and 8 teaching hospitals. MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery), BDS (Bachelor of Dental Surgery) and various other undergraduate and graduate programs are taught in English.      ningbo_university_9

Courses:- MBBS, BDS
Degree Awarded: Bachelor’s Degree

And many more professional courses.
Contact for more:-
China MBBS Abroad
India Contact No. : 0091-9892535618
China Direct Contact No. : 0086-18253283680

22. Peking Union Medical College: This college is among the most selective medical colleges in the People’s Republic of China. In 2006, the medical school affiliated with Tsinghua University.The university has  now been effectively combined research on important scientific subjects with the training of personnel with a high level of specialized knowledge and professional skills.

courses offered:- Clinical Medicine and Pharmacy (MED)

Dongdan 3rd Alley, Dongcheng, Beijing, China
Phone: +86 10 6513 5844.

23.Anhui Medical University (AMU):- This was previously known as Shanghai Southeast Medical College, was founded in Shanghai and ranks 23rd among all top medical universities in China. AMU has over 30 hospitals for students practising across the country, among those 4 are immediately affiliated to the university, which are high reputation in the east of the central country and other three newly set up hospitals.

Courses:- MBBS and BDS program(english medium)


Meishan Road 81 Hefei China

24.Kunming Medical University :- This was established in the year 1933 and since developed itself into  largest specialized medical university of higher medical education, scientific research and medical services .Kunming Medical University provides MBBS program in English for international students.
1.Clinical Medicine- Bachelors Degree
2.Neurobiology- Masters Degreeimages

Yunnan, P. R. China

25. China Three Gorges University CTGU):- This was founded in 1923 and even been approved by the Ministry of Education.This is the one of the best Universities. There are  all total 48 specialties for undergraduate students in various fields of medicine.

Courses:- Bachelor in Medicine and surgery.

Contact at:-

8 University Avenue,

Yichang, Hubei, China

official website:-





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