Underestimating INDIA is a bad Idea

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Hi All,

 INDIA is a developing nation.Yes,we all know that.So what?India is not capable of quality?
If Quality is a Myth in India. Why are MultiNational Companies coming to India to start their industries with our work force. The outsourcing of software products and services itself is accounting for a major chunk in Indian GDP. We do have quality products all over and many organizations that take care of this. CMMi, SIX Sigma, ISO, AG MARK to name a few. Each industry has its own standards apart from this to be within acceptable errors. We can¶t take few incidents of farmers and conclude that we don¶t have quality like other developed or developing nations all over the world. In spite of huge pollution that we create in water, soil, air, and the government is striving hard to give us clean water to the mounting population, which is increasing day by day by leaps and bounds.
 World looks at India for quality people. It is here that n no. of foreigners visit yearly and do stay in world-class hotels. Considering the population we have, the public services provided to us do match world standards. The rail/road/air network picking up accurate timings would stun even developed countries that could manage things with lesser population. It is upon us to invest little more and buy quality products and discourage low-quality products. It lies in our hands to weed out this problem. In developed countries the taxpayers pay nearly 30% of their taxes, whereas in India only 3% of them pay their taxes. This is a point to be noted, to demand quality we need to    perform our duties first. A small example to close my talk. Consider the number of cinema theaters we have and the punctuality they maintain. I  highly doubt any country in the world would be able to produce the same result.

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8 Responses to Underestimating INDIA is a bad Idea

  1. Rachita Mishra says:

    This article gives the discussion of “Underestimating INDIA is a bad Idea”.India is a country in South Asia. It is the seventh-largest country by area, the second-most populous country with over 1.2 billion people, and the most populous democracy in the world.

  2. Neha S says:

    Even the Britishers underestimated India, so if you are underestimating this country then please be careful and think what happened then will not take time to happen again as you have heard the saying “HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF”

  3. sakshi chaudhary says:

    India has become one of the most powerful developing country and its efforts are very appreciable which can be seen in the various fields….So their is no reason for estimating India..

  4. Saurabh Singh says:

    It is totally wrong because we always does work according to our capability and this thing should be understand by those who underestimate India..we are on the path of develop and we reach to destination very quickly..but we all should also try for this

  5. Ankita Prajapati says:

    We cant underestimate the India..because India is developing in all fields..

  6. Siddhant Tripathi says:

    Of course it’s a misconception that India is a recessive trait following country.
    We have gained many laurels in many fields of science, technology, economy, national income, GDP, etc.

  7. Chitranshi Dhaneshwar says:

    Absolutely,the way india is developing is really appreciable.

  8. poorva gupta says:

    India is getting developed everyday…and is doing good…soo their is no reason of under estimating it 🙂

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