Understanding process of Recruitment

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The main role of Human resource planning is to identify the number and the type of candidates that are required to work in a firm. For planning the process of recruitment the main thing that needs to be described is job analysis and design which specifies the duties and responsibilities that need to be performed in a job and also the qualification of the candidate which makes him eligible to apply for the post.    Understanding process of Recruitment

Recruitment is the process of searching the eligible applicants that need to come for the selection process to obtain the employment. There are many benefits that the firm gains as a result of initiating the recruitment process, these benefits include :

  • It helps in understanding the current and the future requirements of the firm with respect to the activities associated with the job analysis and personal planning of the organization.
  • Inviting a large number of job applicants for a post in minimum cost to the organization.
  • It is a initial stage in the selection process which helps in increasing the chances of getting success in selecting the right candidates by providing the firm with large number of options.
  • It decreases the probability that the applicant who has been recruited and then selected would leave the job in a shorter duration of time.
  • It would help in meeting the organizations obligations in deciding on the right composition of the workforce.
  • Increase the efficiency of the organization for the long and short term growth.
  • Evaluation of all the possible techniques of recruiting and sources of all type of applicants.

There are many factors that affect the process of Recruitment which are :

External Factors

  • Supply and demand meeting expectation from the company
  • The rate of unemployment of the country
  • The number of labour available in the market
  • Political and social environment
  • Son of soil
  • Image of the organization

Internal Factors

  • Company’s recruitment policies
  • Planning for human resource
  • Organization’s size
  • Cost incurred by the firm
  • Expansion or growth of the firm

Sources of Recruitment

  • Employees presently working in the organization
  • Referrals of the employees
  • Employees who are not currently working for the organization but have worked earlier
  • The previously called applicants

Process of Recruitment

The recruitment process has different steps :

  1. Personal planning
  2. Job vacancies
  3. Recruitment planning
  4. Strategy development
  5. Applicant population
  6. Applicant pool
  7. Screening
  8. Potential hire

The above plan is followed by the organization opting for the process of recruitment.


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