UPSC Civil Service Aptitude Test

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UPSC Civil Service Aptitude Test

Q1.A military code writes BRIDGE as IRBEGD. Using the same code.How would TARGET be written as??

Q2.In a certain code DELHI is written as CDKGH and MADRAS as IZCQZR. Then how would PATNA be written as?

Q3.If QUESTION is coded as NXBVQLLQ , how would REPLY be coded as?   UPSC

Q4.If in a certain language KNOWLEDGE  is coded as 256535475.Then how would GENERAL be coded in that language?

Q5.If INDUS is coded as 03865 and TENNIS is coded as 243305, then how will you code STUDENT??

Q6.If SUN is coded as 9,what will be the code of NUN?

Q7.If TOM=48 and DICK=27.Then what would be JERRY?

In each of the following questions there are four terms marked A-D.While three of them are similar and form a separate class and one is not a part of that class.Select a term that does not belong to that class.


Q1.(a) 5 Rupee (b) 10 Rupee (c)100 Rupee (d)1 Rupee

Q2.(a)Pigeon (b)crow (c)bat (d)parrot





Q7.(a)bharat ratna(b)padma bhushan(c)padma shri(d)ashok chkra

Complete the Series


Q1.    1,8,27,…..

Q2.    5,9,16,29,54,103,…….

Q3.    0,7,26,63,…..

Q4.    17,27,37,56,….

Q5.   J,E,Z,U,P,….

Q6.   A,D,E,H,I,L,……

Q7.    A,G,L,P,S,……

Choose the correct answer


Q1.Q is shorter than P but taller than R, R is shorter than P but taller than A. If they stand in ascending order of their heights, the sequence will be


Q2.Shyam is taller than Pradeep and Pradeep is equal to Anurag.Anand is smaller than Suresh who is equal to Anurag. If Pradeep is taller than Praveen, Who is tallest of all


Q3.The cricket ball is lighter than the hockey ball and the volley ball is lighter than the football. Hockey ball is lighter than football but heavier than the tennis ball. Which of the following is heaviest?

(a)football(b)cricket ball(c)hockey ball(d)tennis ball

Q4.Hari is six months younger to Sita and one month older to Anita.Babu is three months younger to anita.When sheela was born, Babu was two months old. Who among the following is oldest?


Q5.If Rahim moves 20 meters in East direction and then turns his left and moves 15 meters. Then he turns to his right and moves 25 meters. After this he turns to his right and moves 15 meters. Now how far is he from the starting point?

(a)25 meters(b)40 meters(c)45 meters(d)50 meters

Q6. A and B started from a fixed place. A moves towards the north and after walking 3 kms, turns his right and covers 4 km. B moves towards west and walks 5 km and then turns to his right and walks 3 km. Now how far A and B are from each other?

(a)4 km(b)5 km(c)8 km(d)9 km

Q7.Anu walks 100 yards straight from her house, which is facing north and then she walks 200 yards in the reverse direction.Further she takes a left turn and walks 100 yards.In which direction is in Anu now from her original position?


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    Civil services is a dream of almost every individual who desires of serving their nation and UPSC is the stepping stone to that . Candidates prepare for years to get through this exam. This article also supports for that cause. It consists of some of the aptitude sample questions as asked in the UPSC entrance test. Prepare these also along with your individual preparation. it will be helpful.

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