UPSC Topper Preparation Tips for SOCIOLOGY Subject

UPSC Topper Preparation Tips for SOCIOLOGY Subject

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Respected IAS aspirants as you would be know very well , you have to choose an optional subject for the IAS mains exam which you can take if you clear the UPSC prelims and get the required cut off.

According to new guidelines of UPSC from 2011, you have to choose only one optional as opposed to the two optional subjects you had to previously. Choosing an optional subject is a uncertain affair with many  candidate pondering over days to pick one subject. when your uncertainty vaporise when you know very well about your interest in particular field.

                        UPSC Topper Preparation Tips for SOCIOLOGY Subject

In this article we discuss some best , topper strategy plan about optional subject Sociology  .

The Sociology subject is a dynamic as well as  thinkful  subject. the first and important tips for every UPSC aspirantes always aware , thinkful and contemporary  for our surrounding .It helps candidates in updating their knowledge of the current events and provides a fresh perspective on the burning domestic and foreign policy issues.

Sociology 1st paper is commonly known as Thinker’s paper. There are six thinkers namely Karl Marx, Max Weber, Emile Durkheim, Talcott Parsons, R.K. Related imageMerton and Mead mentioned herein. So, the candidates are required to focus heavily on thinkers and that almost completes the 1st paper.

The sociology syllabus is thinkers part  10 percent of the total syllabus of first paper but from the examination point of view, its corresponding weightage is almost 70 percent. In this way 90 percent of the syllabus covers only 30 percent of questions. Therefore, your focus on the syllabus should be in the same ratio ie, 70:30 and not 10:90.


Major highlights of the syllabus

  • Sociology – The Discipline
  • Scientific Study of Social Phenomena
  • Economic System
  • Political System
  • Educational System

Read in detail about Thinker and ideas .

  • Karl Marx: Historical materialism, mode of production, alienation and class struggle.
  • Talcott Parsons: Social system, pattern variables.

Newspapers are the best source For Current and Social  issue

  • Some mazor newspaper like The Hindu, Indian Express, Hans India and Livemint editorials frequently comment on administrative matters.
  • When you read newspaper also note down any new policies, plans, committees etc. Make issue-wise notes.
  • Current issues questions from a very high weightage. Do not ignore these at any cost.
  • You will also need to quote facts/examples/ideas from the editorials quite often in your answers.

Topper Strategy for Paper-1

  • Sociology – The Discipline
  • Scientific Study of Social Phenomena
  • Techniques of data collection and analysis
  •  Theory is very important, Understand in deep.
  • Give your answer in  contemporary way .
  • Always Standard books refer that deal with the subject in the simplest manner possible. Avoid poorly edited books or coaching material that may seem to cover the entire syllabus because they will not add much to your conceptual clarity.
  • And one more thing before choosing  any book, go through previous year papers of 20 years for that topic to become acquainted with the demand of the subject.

Topper Strategy for Paper-2

  • You must also write your own views on a topic.
  • Connect to your answers by connecting recent developments with theoretical frameworks.

Write short note in own language

  • Historical Moorings of the Indian Society
  • Class Structure
  • Marriage, Family and Kinship
  • Education
  • Political System
  • Population Dynamics
  • Social Movements
  • Social Problems

Some best Book for Sociology

SINDURI Mam Sociology Optional Handwritten Notes for IAS & PCS

Sociology Optional Mahaptra Sir Vajiram And Ravi

IGNOU-MA Sociology Printed Material

Sociology Optional Printed Notes- Praveen Kishore

Vajiram & Ravi Sociology Optional Printed Notes by Mahapatra Sir for IAS & PCS

SOCIOLOGY Optional Class Notes Guided by P.Upendra Sir for IAS Examination

Best website for Sociology Study

Best Pen drive courses for other competitive  examination 

Dear Aspirants Apart from above information IF you have any query related to UPSC please ask be frankly in comment box, we always respect your comment ,My Best wishes With YOU.

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