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UPSC Topper Preparation Tips for Public Administration Subject

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Respected IAS aspirants as you would be know very well , you have to choose an optional subject for the IAS mains exam which you can take if you clear the UPSC prelims and get the required cut off.

According to new guidelines of UPSC from 2011, you have to choose only one optional as opposed to the two optional subjects you had to previously. Choosing an optional subject is a uncertain affair with many  candidate pondering over days to pick one subject. when your uncertainty vaporise when you know very well about your interest in particular field.

UPSC Topper Preparation Tips for Public Administration Subject

Vajiram & Ravi Public Administration Printed notes for IAS and PCS

In this article we discuss some best , topper strategy plan about optional subject political science .

The Political science subject is a dynamic as well as  ever changing subject. the first and important tips for every UPSC aspirantes always aware , thinkful and contemporary  for our surrounding .It helps candidates in updating their knowledge of the current events and provides a fresh perspective on the burning domestic and foreign policy



About half of the general study paper is basically related to the two papers of political science for the main examination. Besides, that be the best subject to ensure a sound sleep during the interview days simply because you have readymade answer for almost all the question being asked by the board members.

Political science is a dynamic and ever changing subject. Candidates aspiring to opt for it should be more aware of the shift in focus than the skeletal changes in the revised syllabus

Major highlights of the syllabus

  • Personnel Administration
  • State and District Administration
  • Public Order
  • Disaster Management
  • Local Government
  • Ethics in Governance (Selectively)

Other topics are mostly dynamic.

  • Feminism
  • Globalization
  • Terrorism
  • Environment
  • Nuclear threat/nuclear proliferation
  • Recent developments in Indian Foreign Policy etc.

Public Administration Optional Test Series – IAS Mains 2017


Newspapers are the best source For Current and Administrative issue  

  • Some mazor newspaper like The Hindu, Indian Express, Hans India and Livemint editorials frequently comment on administrative matters.
  • When you read newspaper also note down any new policies, plans, committees etc. Make issue-wise notes.
  • Current issues questions from a very high weightage. Do not ignore these at any cost.
  • You will also need to quote facts/examples/ideas from the editorials quite often in your answers.

Can I refer IJPA (Indian Journal Of Public Administration)

  • You need not refer to IJPA journals.
  • Even if you refer them where will you use the content in your answers? IJPA journals are PhD plus stuff. You only need a graduate plus level of understanding here.

Public Administration – Handwritten Notes – Pavan Kumar

Topper Strategy for Paper-1

  • PS Paper I is predominantly static in nature. So learn and study all static portion in detail.
  •  Theory is very important, Understand in deep.
  • Give your answer in  contemporary way .
  • Always Standard books refer that deal with the subject in the simplest manner possible. Avoid poorly edited books or coaching material that may seem to cover the entire syllabus because they will not add much to your conceptual clarity.
  • And one more thing before choosing  any book, go through previous year papers of 20 years for that topic to become acquainted with the demand of the subject.

Topper Strategy for Paper-2

  • You must also write your own views on a topic.
  • Connect to your answers by connecting recent developments with theoretical frameworks.
  • You  need not individual books for individual topics The Indian Administration by Rajni Goyal and Ramesh Arora this  book covers almost all topics exhaustively
  • Notes Making is not very useful as a large part of the syllabus coincides with Indian Polity of GS-II.

ALS Political Science Mains Notes For UPSC Civil Services Examination

Some Best Book list for optional  Public Administration –

  • Public Administration – Laxmikanth
  • New Horizons Of Public Administration – Mohit Bhattacharya
  • Administrative Thinkers – D. Ravindra Prasad
  • Contemporary Debates in Public Administration – Dhameja Alka
  • Indian Administration – Maheswari
  • Introduction to the constitution of India – D.D.Basu
  • Public Administration: Concepts And Theories – Rumki Basu
  • A Dictionary of Public Administration – Maheswari
  • Indian Administration – Pankaj Singh
  • Public Administration : Theory And Practice
  • Governance in India for UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Examination – Laxmikanth
  • Administrative Theories And Management Thought – Sapru

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Dear Aspirants Apart from above information IF you have any query related to UPSC please ask be frankly in comment box, we always respect your comment ,My Best wishes With YOU.

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