Vintage Style And Fashion

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The Term ” VINTAGE” derives from Latin word Vetus,meaning old,aged or ancient. According to OXFORD ENGLISH DICTIONARY,the term vintage defines ” year or place in which wine, especially wine of high quality was produce.

But if we talk about “clothing,fashion and style “, fashion procured from an earlier era , or the clothing which was produced before the 1920s to 20 years before the present day is considered Vintage.

Vintage ClothingVintage clothing is inspired from previous era and still retains its charm ,style and elegance , that’s what Vintage dressing is all about.Vintage home,furniture,mirrors,fabric,dresses enunciate about the time it was produced in and its erudition, aesthetics and quality.

List of certain vintage item that will never be depleted and still possess charm,will help you perfect the art of vintage fashion.


Tail CoatThe classic tailcoat or a long coat gives you a classy vintage feel and can be worn to formal occasions.

It’s long, slim fit will add to your height, hence giving you a sophisticated taller appearance.



TWEED JACKETIt is a rough,unfinished woolen jacket.It is a great vintage piece to have in your wardrobe.

Worn by British royalty, it is now a versatile jacket that can create many colour combinations and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.



The saddle shoe, introduced early in the 20th century as an athletic shoe, has enjoyed nearly a century of popularity. Many people associate saddle shoes with the 1950’s while in fact the style has been used and reused by footwear designers since their introduction (1906) and have appeared in every shape and color combination imaginable.The classic two toned black and white saddle shoes  are a stylish option for footwear and have been made contemporary by different colour combinations they are available in. While the original black and white combination still remains a favorite  combinations of brown and orange, white and blue, black and grey etc. are great options. Saddles are stylish, classy and not too over the top or extreme.

Vintage clothing in recent years, has been recognized as tangible(hard) asset,which means it has value.Collectibles for e.g. fine antique furniture,vintage clothing, jewelry,impressionist painting are considered hard assets i.e assets that have value.

These days ,vintage is all the rage.There has been a market for vintage clothes for a long time,but now it has hit the main stream, and the fashion of yesteryear have been influencing modern designers,designers not only of clothes , but of home furnishing and other products too.

Vintage boutiques are springing up all over the country.Vintage fairs are also held,often combined or in association with craft fairs.

Some of the Vintage dresses and fabric you may wish to see :



This is all about Vintage STYLE & FASHION !!

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4 Responses to Vintage Style And Fashion

  1. Rishu Goel says:

    The line “old is gold” completely goes with this article as the sophistication in the old fashion as always be more and better than today’s fashion…

  2. Sumit Mukherjee says:

    The word ‘fashion’ always attracts the human beings for a long time. Simply we can say, the proper style can able to create a good personality. Now as days go on, the variety in style changes the definition of fashion. The above article provides a preview of the vintage style. The variety of clothes with their updated style all are mentioned here. So, those who have the craze on it, please take a look on it..

  3. Sneha Sinha says:

    Vintage style and fashion …a wonderful article that i came across in this blog..These clothes gives a feeling of sophistication for their stylish appeal and adds beauty to ones personality

  4. Gourav Kumar says:

    Vintage style and fashion are still as charming and stylish as they were in their time. They represent classy and sophisticated clothes and shoes.
    These type of wardrobe is like a dream for many people as it represent status and sophistication to them.
    Even collectors stock these valuable designs as antique and precious.

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