Wealth Creation Workshop

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Brochure – Wealth Creation

All of us have the ability to obtain enough wealth to live as we desire, enjoy life and fulfill our purpose in life.

Like mathematics and physics there exists a science of getting rich. Once the science is understood, the principles of nature are understood and applied in daily life, it will create wealth. The fundamental principle of this science is that nature is full of infinite abundance, it is ready to give to everybody and it does not give one individual at the cost of another. As individuals keep on desiring more and more, the infinite abundance keeps on expanding to provide to everybody.

It is in the use of material things that a man finds full life for his body, develops his mind, and unfolds his soul. It is supreme importance to him that he should be rich. Therefore, the basis of all advancement for man must be the science of getting rich.

The desire for riches is really the desire for a richer, fuller, and more abundant life; and this desire is praise worthy.

After years of study on the subject of materialization of wealth and prosperity, Indu Wadhwa has launched Wealth Creation workshops. For more details please download program brochure attached with this post.

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