What are the total Fees of Dhyeya IAS Coaching in Allahabad?

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When it comes to Civil Services Exam preparation fees structure matters a lot. It has been seen that many UPSC coaching institute with good facility have big fat fees. Not everyone can afford that much my face. As well as other information Dhyeya IAS Coaching is Allahabad is considered, it is having this fees structure.

Gs Prelims + CSAT = Rs 70000 + GST

Full IAS Coaching Fees = Rs 1, 34, 000 + GST.

However on time to time basis this coaching institute and educational services change their fee structure. I would say that you should take coaching classes with good facilities no matter even if the fees of the institute are on the higher end. It’s ok ultimately it is the question of your career.

There are variety of course offered by this Coaching Centre for UPSC exam preparation in Allahabad like prelim scores, mains course, prelims comes means course. If you are are wanting to prepare UPSC optional subject with this coaching institute it will cost you around rupees 120000 INR.

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People have given good recommendation for IAS coaching institute in Indore for civil services exam preparation. Amit Kumar sir of sociology optional in this coaching centre are recommended one.

Our education has a one and an improper survey before giving you the Proper review. So to check the review of Dhyeya IAS coaching institute in Allahabad.

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  1. sneha singh says:

    Dhyeya IAS Allahabad Fees

    Fees of Dhyeya IAS Institute is Nominal. The kind of teaching and training provided by the Dhyeya IAS Institute very good. The overall fee structure that I paid to the Dhyeya IAS in Allahabad is Rs 1,32,000. include complete course which is IAS prelims IAS mains and IAS Interview preparation. Overall the institute is having average fees structure for Civil Services Exam preparation. If you want to have optional classes for IAS then you need to pay rupees 40000 to 50000 extra.

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