Which city is the best for IAS Coaching.

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The Indian Administrative Service is an esteemed position for anyone to occupy. It is a position occupied on the basis of pure merit. No bias or prejudice can prevail in this selection. There is no alternative method. The pool of students appearing for these competitive exams are diligent and hardworking. Thus, the preparation is quite nerve wrecking.

Now, where to prepare which city is the best are all statements for heated arguments and debates. Some find comfort staying in their rooms and preparing while others find it better to be isolated to concentrate. It is pure dilemma to choose. An analysis of pros and come of the same will be provided.

Pros and Cons of being at home and alone

At home,

When one is in their comfort zone learning becomes easier. Family is  the most important pillar of support which will be constantly available. Mind is at ease and relaxed enabling you to absorb more information.

The cons are so that it is difficult to avoid family gatherings, guests and festivals. One of the characteristic features of the Indian society is its interconnections. It is beautifully intertwined. However, this can be a major source of distraction during a crucial period in your life.


The pros are that there is nobody to distract you. You can have a rigid time table guiding you to your goals. Surround yourself with friends with the same determination. This gives you access you to healthy competition and growth.

Cons, if you move to another city or even away from home you will have to adapt to the new surroundings. Juggle between maintaining studies and requirements for daily survival.

The key to remember in both these situations is that you have access to all updated study material and a group with whom you can discuss and stay on track.

Institute or Not?

Again depends on your preferences.

If you can find a mentor or a relative to guide you through this process then stick with that option. If you feel you need an experienced support choose an institute. If you are a student who needs personal support opt for institutions with smaller batch size and personalized support. If you think current affairs and systematizing the newspaper is where you require help choose an institute that gives more priority to that. When you choose any institute at all check whether it fulfills your requirements rather than thinking whether it is the first rank on the list or not. However, do not opt for any institute that claimed absolutely no result as well.

The city you reside does not decide your chances. Our world has already commercialized the education sector. Therefore, prominent academies will have their branches in multiple cities for example the Chanakya IAS Institute.

One of the most popular cities is definitely Delhi. One of the reasons is that you have immediate access to updated study material and can find clans of people preparing for the IAS exams. It will help you understand the competition involved in the process. Delhi is characterized as a city for power and politics. It is the heart for IAS Coaching institutes. The most thing to understand alongside this is that do not go overboard with any of your study materials. Make sure you have one subscription or at the most two to every information. You do not want to lose yourself either.

The best cities for IAS Coaching in India – Top IAS Coaching Center in India

The best twelve cities for IAS Coaching are:

  1. Delhi.
  2. Allahabad 
  3. Lucknow
  4. Patna
  5. Jaipur
  6. Indore
  7. Agra
  8. Hyderabad
  9. Bangalore
  10. Pune
  11. Kolkata
  12. Mumbai

Top institutes in the above named cities

Delhi – Top IAS Coaching Center in Delhi

Rau’s IAS
Vajiram and Ravi IAS Coaching Institute
ALS – Coaching Institute for IAS Preparation

Allahabad – Top IAS Coaching Center in Allahabad

Vajirao & Reddy Institute
Chanakya IAS Academy
Dhyeya IAS
Samarpan IAS
Nirman IAS

Lucknow – Top IAS Coaching Institutes in Lucknow

ALS IAS Coaching Lucknow
RACE IAS Classes

Patna – Top IAS Coaching Centers in Patna

KSG India Patna

Jaipur – Best UPSC Coaching in Jaipur

Rau’s IAS Study Circle Jaipur
Chanakya IAS Academy in Jaipur

Indore – Top IAS Coaching Centers in Indore

Sharma IAS Academy
Kautilya Academy IAS Coaching
Drishti IAS Coaching

Agra – Best UPSC Coaching Center in Agra

Vajirao And Reddy Institute
Academy For Competitive Examination
Eten IAS
Career Avenues
A.T.S. Academy

Hyderabad – Top IAS Coaching Center in Hyderabad

Brain Tree IAS Coaching institute

La Excellence IAS
RC Reddy IAS Study Circle
Pragnya IAS Academy
Narayana IAS Academy

These are some of the institutes in the cities named above.

It is not necessary to join any IAS Coaching institute if you can sit home and prepare. Internet is has taken over books and newspaper making everything available at the tip of your fingers. Online tests and courses are available these days which makes study at home with the best material possible. Do not choose the cheapest institute in the market or the most expensive one. It is not about quantity but always about quality. Choose your institutes wisely and according to your requirements and needs. Goodluck!


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