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which college at IIT JEE mains marks 50-80

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IIT JEE mains results are out and cut off marks for general category this time has been 105 where as last year it was 115. And about 1,50,000 students are being selected on basis of 12th marks and marks secured in their 12th board exam but their are on an average 1.2 million aspirants of engineering. Moreover from these selected 1500000 students who will be allowed for IIT JEE advance , only 1about 12000 students will get through IIT’s and another 30,000 students in other top engineering colleges of India. Although you will get different list of top engineering colleges of India because different researchers have different parameters but on an average it differs a little.

So scoring less is not end of the world and even many of IIT’s do not fall in top 20 engineering colleges of India. Thus students who missed scoring 105 marks should not feel depressed as life is not just about IIT’s or NIT’s. ¬†Students who secured less marks can also have acces of better education and can get in good engineering colleges as still their are many more engineering exams left. Moreover many opf the times engineering exams are not.

Time has passed by and many private engineering colleges come in top list of engineering colleges and fact lies that admission to private engineering colleges are more of money thing and less of marks , although top of chart will look for better marks in 12th exam but  less marks more money will be needed by private engineering colleges and they accommodate each and every student who is ready to pay.

All you need to understand that either you need good marks or good amount of money needs to be invested to get admitted to good engineering colleges. Please never ever dream that without any of these two you can get admission in a good college.

Their are many colleges who will even pay you to get admitted to their engineering colleges because government gives enough fund for poor students. All you have to do is to prove that you come from weaker section of society but , do not expect those colleges to invest much in you and they will not train you to the level what will be required by you after 4 years .

So my suggestion is that you can wait for 1 more year and prepare well , if you have neither money nor enough marks this time but please do not take admission in just any colleges. Poor students can not afford that money as money involved is well known as donation and can be as huge as Rs 1000000 for a good college.

if you are investing your time for engineering than it has to be good else do not dream of getting placement after 4 years and cursing your college after 4 years will be waste of time. Please do not get fooled by people who say you that you cxan focus on studies after taking admission and “its student who has to study ” etc.

How and in which engineering college one should take admission with less marks in IIT JEE mains or other exams , is what I have tried. Please do not get in hands of con man who calls themselves as educational consultants.

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