Which is the best coaching among Vajiram, Chanakya and Rau in Delhi for IAS?

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Delhi is the hub for IAS preparations. Many students from all over India come to Delhi to prepare for IAS. There are a lot of coaching centres in Delhi that claim to be the best. As a civil services aspirant, it is very hard to determine which one of these institutes is actually the best. If you look up top 10 IAS institutes in Delhi you will find a long list but among the topmost, today we will find out Which is the best coaching among Vajiram, Chanakya and Rau in Delhi for IAS?

As a student there are some things that you should keep in mind that can help you determine which is the best institute to prepare for civil services in:
Reviews of the Institute: You should always look up reviews of an institute by former students to find out if the institute is actually as good as they claim that they are.
Holistic approach: There are not of institutes that claim to help you prepare for IAS but only focus on prelims and that is not a good approach to crack the UPSC because you need to be prepared for all three stages i.e. prelims, mains and the personality test.
Results: You should always check the previous years’ UPSC results and see where the  top 50 students have studied. This can give you an idea about which Institute is doing better than the others.
Ask for a demo: Before enrolling yourself into any of these institutes you should take a demo class and also talk to the students studying there for a better insight.
Notes and books: Take a look at the notes and the books prescribed by a particular Institute and see if there are any good.

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These of some of the things you should keep in mind when making a decision as to which Institute you should study in. Fortunately, we have done the hard work for you and we will tell you which IAS institutes should you study in.
We will first look at pros and cons and then give a final verdict.

Which is the best coaching among Vajiram, Chanakya and Rau in Delhi for IAS?

 Vajiram and Ravi

About the Institute: Established in 1976, Vajiramand Ravi is a well-known IAS Institute all over the India.
It was established by Professor P. Velayutham.
  • Coaching is offered for three levels that Prelims mains and personality test.
  • The institute has good reputation countrywide.
  • There is a distance learning Centre.
  •  Produced the AIR rank 1, 10 years in a row from 2000 to 2009.
  •  Multiple students  that secure the top 10 ranks every year.
The only con with Vajiram and Ravi you might face is that they don’t entertain non-serious students so if you’re serious about studying here, contact them and tell them you found the information on our website.

Chanakya IAS Academy

About the Institute: Established in 1993 by Mr A.K. Mishra who is fondly known as success guru. It has centres all over the country.
  • They teach and train both in Hindi and English.
  • They have a lot of experience in helping students crack the exam.
  • The faculty is excellent and every student is given individual attention.
  • They also focus on leadership, ethics and social responsibility of a candidate.
  • Their approach is very comprehensive and holistic.
  • The study material is very good and they provide complete solution for all the three stages.
The only con with Chanakya IAS Academy is that since they have so many centres in India there results are not as impressive as Vajiram And Ravi or the other top institutes. This is because they have a great volume of students.

Rau’s IAS study circle

About the Institute: Established in 1953, by Dr S.Rau , the study Circle was created to prepare students to crack IAS.
  • It is one of the oldest coaching centres in Delhi.
  • They have a very good in-house magazine called ‘Focus’ which is good for current affairs.
  • The results are not very impressive as very few students from their Institute clear the exam every year.
  • The faculty is not very good in clearing concepts and you will need extra notes and books to supplement what you are what you are getting from the Institute.
  • Some subjects or not well taught or the notes are not sufficient enough.  Some subjects are not taught at all.
  • They don’t conduct many tests. They only have one single test after a subject is concluded in the schedule whether or not the syllabus has been covered. There are no writing test sessions once the classes are over.

Our verdict:

If you are a serious aspirant for UPSC and you want to clear it in one go, then the clear winner is Vajiram and Ravi. They have a first come first served basis so you have to apply online as soon as the classes are about to start. If you cannot get in go for Chanakya IAS Academy.
We hope this answered your question: Which is the best coaching among Vajiram, Chanakya and Rau in Delhi for IAS?
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