WLAN with its Advantages and Disadvantages

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WLAN stands for wireless local area network. Wireless made the communication more easy in today’s world. This wireless communication facility is confined to a area of few meters only. This facility is very useful for communication within a building or campus. We use radio frequency for communication in this network. It provides a very high data rate, coverage area is small so the traffic. As light of sight is not required for the propagation, it is a reliable form of communication. Any type of network uses some standard protocol for transmission of information. IEEE standard provides architecture and protocol for WLAN. IEEE stands for ” Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers”. IEEE standard provides facility of time bounded and asynchronous service. Asynchronous service means more band of frequency for service in one direction than the other. Synchronous service allows same band length in both the directions. WLAN uses two basic transmission technologies for its setup. They are infrared transmission technology and radio transmission technology. Now infrared technology is not used as it requires line of sight and is easily hindered by the obstacles in its way. so, infrared is not reliable. However wireless technologies are prone to interference and noise . The interference can be due to environmental problems like rain, thunder etc. But in spite of ¬†some disadvantages, wireless is more advantageous. Wireless communication provides great flexibility. The advantages and disadvantages of WLAN are:


  1. Light of sight is not required for propagation.
  2. The signal is not blocked by any objects like buildings, trees etc.
  3. High data rate, as coverage area is small.
  4. Reliable type of communication
  5. Economical for a small area access.
  6. Wireless transmission provides great flexibility.


  1. This communication is very prone to interference and noise.
  2. It has limited coverage area.
  3. Communication is not very secure and unauthorised access is common.
  4. Licence is required.

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