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India is a large country functioning on democracy. The population of India is massive and today, can be used as a window of opportunity. Literacy is one of the many biggest causes that India and many other countries have been working for. But many students in India who are able to afford education tend to migrate abroad and find education and employment opportunities there. This can be due to various reasons such as exposure, to attain perspective, better intellectual programs or better pay scales and so on. This is why many institutes have taken the initiative to make students aware of the job opportunities in India and especially in the government services.

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The government services of India has one of the best perks. But students are unaware of this. Government jobs entail good salaries, benefits such as housing and pension, education facilities and so on. This employment can be either in the Central Government or State government. Any form of such services is considered great. But all these positions are accorded only by attending the competitive exams conducted for the concerned. One of the most popular exams that is conducted is the UPSC. The UPSC exam recruits students to the various posts listed in the civil services. This includes the Indian Administrative Services, Indian Police Services, Indian Foreign Services and so on. Each of these entail rigorous preparations and strategies.

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This is why many students join UPSC coaching centers. There is no guarantee that students will succeed just by joining UPSC coaching center. The main key is self study. That paves the way to success. However UPSC coaching centers whether online or offline programs help students attain the guidance required. This is why this article will discuss one of the best IAS Coaching Academies

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Reviews of Yojna IAS Academy – Top IAS Coaching Academy

The reviews of UPSC coaching centers help us to know what exactly the UPSC center offers. Many online UPSC coaching centers provide good services. Informative classes are conducted, good test series and current affairs is also focused in many of these online sites and classroom programs. Yojna IAS Academy is also one of them. Here are the reviews of one of the best IAS Academy, Yojna IAS Academy.

According to student reviews, Yojna IAS Academy is one of the best IAS Coaching institutes. Students have stated that Yojna IAS Academy has helped them by providing good and comprehensive study materials and the test series are exceptionally good. Yojna IAS Academy has helped students develop a good bind with the faculty which has served in clearing doubts of other queries. All together Yojna IAS Academy maintains a comfortable atmosphere for learning!

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About Yojna IAS Academy – Best IAS Coaching Academy

Yojna IAS Academy is an institute that is not money minded but was established with an honest vision. The main aim of Yojna IAS Academy is to provide UPSC candidates with the best resources and best facilities so that students will have no difficulty. Since, it is no hidden fact that UPSC is difficult Yojna IAS Academy tries to reduce the burden of students by proper strategizing and covering the syllabus systematically and efficiently. This helps students to revise their portions and give them ample time to attend more mock tests.

There are many UPSC coaching centers all around India. But good ones are difficult to find. Yojna IAS Academy is actually a good institute with good reviews and good resources. It would be a great choice to study for UPSC from the best mentors hired at Yojna IAS Academy.

Details of Yojna IAS Academy – Top UPSC Coaching Academy 

Here are the details of one of the best UPSC coaching, Yojna IAS Academy.

Yojna IAS Academy

DetailRating out of 10
Student Reviews9
Batch Strength8
Past Year Results7
Fees of Coaching8.6
Mock Test Series9

Contact Details of Yojna IAS Academy

Yojna IAS Academy Contact and Admission Details

AddressOnline Live Lectures
Phone Number621-254-2147 – 564-852-3574
Rating –

Email address – contact@support.com – info@contact.com

Website http://yojnaias.com/

Address – Online Live Lectures

Contact Number – 621-254-2147 – 564-852-3574 is the contact number of Yojna IAS Academy

Fees structure – For complete UPSC coaching at Yojna IAS Academy is Rs. 1,40,000/-

Fees structure at Yojna IAS Academy – Best UPSC Coaching Academy 

The fees structure at Yojna IAS Academy depends of your preferred course. Yojna IAS Academy offers good online coaching classes. There are many different online UPSC coaching programs that are offered which differs on the focus and duration. Classes are available in both Hindi and English medium. The payment process is very simple and can be done online. Here is the fees structure of Yojna IAS Academy online IAS Coaching:

  • For the two year foundation course at Yojna IAS Academy is Rs. 2,35,000/-
  • For the three year foundation course at Yojna IAS Academy is Rs. 3,00,000/-
  • For the complete UPSC preparation with prime focus on General Studies Prelims cum Mains , CSAT and optional subject is Rs. 1,40,00/- (duration : 11 months)
  • For the ten month UPSC coaching focusing on General Studies Prelims cum Mains and CSAT is Rs. 1,40,000 at Yojna IAS Academy.
  • Yojna IAS Academy also offers coaching for optional subject for a duration of 4 and a half months for Rs. 40,000/-

For more details feel free to contact Yojna IAS Academy or visit the official website on the contact details provided above!

Benefits of joining Yojna IAS Academy – Top IAS Coaching Academy 

Just reading reviews and fees structure is not sufficient while selecting any coaching academy especially UPSC. The special emphasis is because your future and resources are at stake. The benefits of Yojna IAS Academy are many. Here are some of the notable features of joining one of the best IAS Coaching, Yojna IAS Academy.

  • The faculty appointed at Yojna IAS Academy is good and well experienced. Faculty has worked in some of the best educational institutes such as JNU, DU and so on.
  • The learning atmosphere at Yojna IAS Academy is very comfortable.
  • Students an teachers develop a friendly bond which enables students enrolled at Yojna IAS Academy ask their doubts freely.
  • Yojna IAS Academy offers very lively and interactive. It is not a one sided lecture thus helping students to pay more attention in class.
  • The study materials offered is comprehensive and helpful at Yojna IAS Academy.

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