AAI Interview questions questions with answers

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AAI Interview questions questions with answers

HR Interview questions: • Tell me something about yourself. • Are you an Introvert/Extrovert? • Do you believe in competition or team work? • Tell us some of your strengths and weaknesses. • Are you comfortable working in a team? • You do not have all the required experience. How would you compensate for it? • Where do you see yourself 2-3 years down the line? • Would you like to ask us any questions? technical interview questions with answers: [1]what is the difference between arch dam and gravity dam. Name a gravity dam in India Answer In acrh dam the load is distributed on both the side of dam as well as load is transfered in circular form on the ground. where as in gravity dam load is transfered strait to the ground. and kakrapar dam on river tapi is the exampal of the gravity dam. [2]what is the difference between weir and a barrage Answer Weir is a structure to store water .and water raises above Weir level it overflow due to gravty.no requlation of Water in this structure. In barrage water is stored and requlated for irrigation and Power generation throuch gates. [3]define the engineering property of a soil. make a list of list property(properties) Answer Engineering properties of a soil are those which are used while designing in or with the given soil. For clays, the engineering properties are Cohesion, internal friction, Young’s modulus, Poisson’s ratio, Shear modulus etc and for sands also they are the same except cohesion, of course. [4]The Tungabhadra Project is a joint venture of the governments of: (a) Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan (b) Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh (c) Karnataka and Tamil Nadu (d) Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh Answer ( d ) Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh [5]what is recruitment cycle? Answer Recuitment Cycle Detail Knowledge of the vanacy – Job Description & Specification Sources – internal – employee reference or advertsising,outside agency Screening of the candidates Interview Reference check Selection

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