Achievers Academy in Pune Reviews

Achievers Academy in Pune Reviews

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Achievers Academy in Pune

Fees for NEET courses not disclosed

Past Year Result




Batch Size







  • cooperative and helpful learning environment.
  • Great Infrastructure
  • faculty maintains a healthy relation with students.


  • Lack of teaching technique
  • No information regarding faculties shared.
  • No information regarding faculties given.

Achievers Academy NEET Coaching In Pune Reviews

Achievers Academy NEET Coaching In Pune Reviews

Achievers Academy is a coaching institute with hostel facility which prepares the students to face the competition in NEET entrance examination. The institute has full-time teachers and provides high standard course study materials, and the test materials to the students. To regularly update the subject knowledge of the students, the academy has a library with a wide range of study materials from various publishers. Daily tests are held to improve and check the progress of the students. A separate batch is conducted for the students, Re-repeaters and the CBSE students. It is regarded that the students of Achievers Academy have secured good marks in the previously conducted NEET examinations . Their Main effort is to show  the real meaning of quality education to the nation. They accept as true that for every student who is willing to learn (or not so), there is a teacher and that for every teacher who is willing to teach, there is a student. There are numerous competent teachers with vast knowledge and immense talent. They provide a platform for the teachers to establish link with the students.

Their coaching classes with great facilities and help and even support the children  to prepare them very well  for the competitive examination. In this coaching class, you all will have to face the daily Class Tests, Unit Tests, Mock Tests & many more for the exceptional preparation and getting on hand with the syllabus. Competitive Exams have become a mandatory Test to measure the appropriateness of a candidate for either Job or Professional Education. Their Main effort is to show  the real meaning of quality education to the nation.The coaching institute provides one of the study materials and also a library with reference materials.

The experienced teachers of the institute conduct high degree conceptual clarity during the lecture sessions and also have a special doubt clearing sessions to clarify the doubts of the students regarding all the subject-related topics. After every lecture, the teachers help the students to solve the MCQ worksheets prepared by the experts of the institute which has all the questions of all levels from easy to difficult.

Highly skilled coaching experts take the classes in an interactive manner and also clarify the subject doubts of the students. Regular assignments are given in order to strengthen the conceptual knowledge of each student in every subject. The institute prepares the students to face the final medical entrance examination by conducting exhaustive test series and a proper marking and also model NEET examinations.



Achievers Academy NEET Review – Top NEET Coaching in Pune

Achievers Academy guides the students and help them to clear the NEET entrance examination by offering an ideal course plan which includes the higher secondary syllabus along with the complete NEET syllabus. The institute strongly opines in the classroom teaching and hence it uses digital teaching aids like audio-video aids and graphic illustrations to teach the basic concepts to the students. Along with the core concept, the students are trained how to apply those concepts numerically. After the completion of each chapter, the students are given Chapter Practice Sheet (CPS). It contains problems from that chapter and the students solve and submit the solved sheets before starting the next chapter.

Their Error-free study materials helps in covering the entire syllabus. At the end of every batch, the academy has a doubt clearing sessions, small group discussion of the topic and also home assignments done by the students. This institute is amongst  one of the best institutes in Pune for Government coaching. The faculty members of this institute are filled with the right education in their subjects and have many years of experience in the Government field. The facilities are vast in number, the organization of this institute is very peaceful and study oriented. This institute has given as much as 64% results in the Government entrance. Their style of  teaching is different and the staff members here gives the right education. All kinds of tests are conducted  for the and negative marks are deducted for wrong answers, the physics teachings are mostly conducted with mathematics basics. They give the children a perfect atmosphere for studies and focus on practice sessions more than just teaching ie practice makes a man perfect. All tests give the children the real exam feel, the doubts sessions also take place and one more added advantage is all the questions are asked not from the given study materials ie they cover extra. Doubts are nicely and regulary been cleared for the students by the staff membersand they make sure that the doubts of each and every student are cleared. This Institute is among one of the Top Government Coaching Institutes In Pune.  They have a unique idea where in Daily practice tests are conducted for the examination syllabus. This ensures a complete coverage of transitional public, doubt clarification sessions are regularly held by the all staff members. Each class has a limited students in every batch so the student teacher ratio can me maintained. The staff members in this institution help the students to focus more on the subjects. The faculty members have the right degree and partake many years of experience and excellance in the NEET coaching. Staff members hold a doubt session to clear the doubts of each and every individual after the class hours.


Achievers Academy NEET Coaching In Pune Reviews-Details.

Achievers Academy in Pune Good Google Reviews

If you want good knowledge and thereby placements then this one is the best place. None of the lectures I would rate less than 10. It’s just 10/10. Amazing. I am thankful to sir and his superb training given to me.

Achievers Academy in Pune Bad Google Reviews

Tbh… The academy isn’t good enough compared to other institutes.. They lack.. Teaching technique.. & notes.. Better.. U don’t waste ur future.. Being here

Maha brkar h koi vi mat jana isme plxx isme kuch padhai ni hota hai khali baquass hota h waste of money nd time

Achievers Academy in Pune Reviews

NEET exams need more preparation, dedication combined with consistent hard work which will help the students to perform way too better than their contenders. When it comes to competitive exams, the number of students who compete makes it tough to clear the exams. If the competition is more, then it is probably the difficult exam to prepare. As far as the NEET exams are concerned, the students who compete for the less available seats are higher. A student should outperform the contenders by preparing consistently.

You never know who your competitors or their strategy. All you can do is, prepare like no one can beat you and you will certainly reach the top by continuous preparations. With enormous features, there are several courses that will help you to learn for the exams and it’s in your hand to take up a perfect course to commence your learning phase for the NEET exams.

Achievers Academy Established in 1989, Achievers Academy offers Academic Coaching NEET and JEE. Achievers Academy provides coaching to students using methods wherein every student gets attention, and every student is taught with personal guidance according to his/her grasping capacity so that students can build a better understanding of every topic and subject. Achievers Academy have now their presence in many locations in Pune.


Course  Offered By Achievers Academy in Pune –  NEET  Coaching

Address  – Off. No. 3, 1st Floor, Omkar Complex, Near DAV School, D. P. Road, Aundh, PUNE – 411027

Contact No – 9823535345

Fee – Fees structure not disclosed by the management

Batch Size –No information available on Batch Size.

Past Result – Past Results Information not shared by institute management.

Faculty Information- Faculty Information Not shared by Achievers Academy in Pune

Notes- study material, test series conducted regularly.


Best Pdf  Notes For NEET Course 

Best Hard Copy For  NEET Course

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Frequently Asked Questions Achievers Academy in Pune:-

Q- Which is the Best coaching in Pune for NEET preparation?
Ans- Here are the list of TOP NEET Coaching Institutes in Pune based on students reviews and ratings, check the list of Best NEET Coaching in Pune.

1 Rajat Academy NEET Coaching in Pune
2. Prime Academy NEET Coaching in Pune
3. STOS ACADEMY NEET Coaching in Pune
4. Kumar’s Science Academy NEET Coaching in Pune

Q. What is the Exam pattern and marking scheme for NEET EXAMINATION?
Ans- NEET UG test paper includes multiple-choice questions (MCQ) questions from Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.
45 Questions from Physics for 180 Marks
45 Questions from Biology for 180 Marks
45 Questions from Zoology for 180 Marks
45 Questions from Botany for 180 Marks
total marks = 720 Marks
And Time Duration allowed for NEET examination is – 3 Hours.

Q. How good is Achievers Academy in Pune?

Ans –     Yes it is definitely a good place to kickstart your NEET exam preparations and students will be finding it easier to learn with the help of top coaching faculty members. Using the right coaching materials, students would definitely learn without any distraction

How tough is the NEET?

Ans –   Yes NEET is quite tough for the students but continuous preparation will definitely defeat any obstacle in the way to reach success. All you need to do is, focus on your preparations instead of thinking about unnecessary issues.

Is coaching important to crack the NEET exam?

Ans:  Yes, coaching is essential for the students with which they can learn easily.

Q- What is the fee structure of the Achievers Academy in Pune?

Ans –   The fee structure of Achievers Academy in Pune is not provided as it will be helpful to choose a course from the institute easily.

  Q – What is the review and ratings of Achievers Academy in Pune?

Ans –  Take a look at the reviews and ratings of  Achievers Academy in Pune

Google Reviews – 4.5 out of 5 stars (64Reviews )


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Note- Although we have tried to bring Best Information on Achievers Academy Pune through research and this research was conducted on Jan-28-2020 but by the time you decide to take admission to the coaching center for NEET preparation in Pune Fee structures, teachers and management of coaching classes may change. so for updated information please get in touch with us. feel free to Contact US for updated information.

This research on Achievers Academy in Pune has been done to identify the Achievers Academy in Pune. Reviews on Achievers Academy in Pune Coaching Classes have been collected from different sources and pros and cons are taken from the student’s review.

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Do not worry about the preparations. At first, you have to take care of yourself and stay healthy. Stay home and prepare for the exams. Just follow the basic protective measures against the New coronavirus (COVID- 2019) as advised by the World Health Organization and stay safe.

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Provider Name
Achievers Academy in Pune,
Off. No. 3, 1st Floor, Omkar Complex, Near DAV School, D. P. Road, Aundh, PUNE - 411027,D. P. Road, Aundh, PUNE ,India-411027,
Telephone No.9823535345
Off. No. 3, 1st Floor, Omkar Complex, Near DAV School, D. P. Road, Aundh, PUNE - 411027
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