Get SAN Training and Master over the Storage Network as well as in Career

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First of let us know what is SAN?

What is SAN?

Well SAN stands for Storage Area Network. It is actually a dedicated network which provides access to block level data storage. These were primarily used to enhance the data storage devices.

Benefits of SAN

1.       Removes the distance – limits of SC and SI connected disks
2.       Increases the performances
3.       Increases the disk utilization
4.       Higher availability of storage by use of multiple access paths
5.       Deferred disk procurement
6.       Reduced data center rack / floor space
7.       New disaster recovery capabilities
8.       Online recovery
9.       Better staff utilization

What is Advanced SAN?Advanced SAN Training

Sometimes the SAN deployments can be complicated also. In order to overcome these complicacies the work that is needed to be done comes under the advanced part of the (SAN) the storage area network or the advanced SAN.

What a person in charge of the SAN needs to do?

In case of the complicated SAN deployments, the administrator may need to configure the hardware elements in order to achieve a mixture of high reliability as well as high performance along with organizing and allocating the storage resources to various users or applications across the respective organizations.

Career scope in SAN

People often pursue training on storage products but very few have the detailed knowledge of the storage technologies that made those products. Thus there is an acute shortage of people in this SAN storage market who have thorough understanding of the storage capabilities and how they relate to each other.

On the other hand top companies like Cisco, IBM, Hitachi, Brocade, and many other companies hire very well trained and skilled person of SAN. Also they are paid very high for this job as these are very high responsibility jobs and are full of challenges.

Need of this training

After this training a person will be able to understand how to troubleshoot a problem in the network. They will become completely familiar with the technologies surrounding the SAN and various issues that may peek out due to explosive growth of data. They will also be able to create a local or remote replication, take back – up of data and perform disaster recovery in case when needed, etc.

Skills gained after this training

1.       Advance fiber channel concepts and requirements for fabric configurations
2.       Start to end configurations of an advanced multiprotocol fabric
3.       Configure VSANs and Virtual Fabrics
4.       Steps to migrate from M – model to B – series and / or MDS series switch
5.       Fibre Channel and iSCSI Boot from SAN
6.       Routing in Fibre Channel Environment
7.       Configure B – Series and MDS Series Fibre Channel routing
8.       Configure virtualization feature on a Fibre Channel Switch
9.       Configure port analyzer hardware and software and analyze a trace
10.   iSCSI features, functions and software requirements
11.   Configure native and bridged iSCSI in B – series and MDS series environment
12.   Discovery methods for iSCSI
13.   Secure iSCSI with CHAP, IPSEC and IKE
14.   Functionality benefits and hardware requirements of FCoE
15.   Configure host CAN FCoE switch
16.   Functionality, benefits, and hardware requirements of Connectrix Encryption
17.   Configure Connectrix Encryption
18.   FCIP functions, features, benefits and hardware requirements
19.   Configure FCIP in B – series and MDS series environment
20.   Optimize and secure FCIP links

City – wise top 5 institutes providing this training


1.     DUCAT
Training 24 x 7
F – Tech Computer Education
Sunshine Computer Institute
G – Tech Computer Institute


1.     Teranet Networkz Pvt. Ltd.
Vepsun Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Pragathi Technologies
Rrootshell Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Skycirrus Technologies


1.     Unimatics Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
Complete Open Source Solutions
Kernel Sphere Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Dollar Prompt Technologies
Rrootshell Technologiiss Pvt. Ltd.

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