Ethical Hacking Training

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Ethical Hacking is the process of performing a penetration test or white-hat hacking which is similar to simple hacking. But there is a major advantage of Ethical Hacking over the Normal Hacking which is Ethical Hacking is a completely Legal Hacking which is done to test the security promises and to find out the lacks in any security system. Ethical Hacking involves the same tricks and tools as used in the Normal Hacking. But it is done with the target’s permission. People belonging to different organisations like Private Organisations, Armed Forces, and Government Body etc. hire Professional Ethical Hackers to hack their systems and to find out the vulnerability of the system and where it is lacking. Since there is very good scope in the Ethical Hacking, several people go for the Certified Ethical Hacking Training to be a certified professional Hacker.

Ethical Hacking Programs

There are many Institutes spread all around the country which provide certified trainings on Ethical Hacking. A variety of training on several topics which are related to the different fields of Ethical Hacking is provided by the several training institutes.

Skills Required by an Ethical Hacker-
If you want to do Ethical Hacking Training, then there are some of the skills that should be present in you before you enter the training program. These basic skills will help you in understanding the various tricks and tools of the ethical hacking more easily and you will have fun learning the Hacking. Some of the major skills include-

  • Operation, Configuration and Management of the Microsoft
  • Knowledge of Linux/Unix including security settings, configurations and services.
  • Firewall Configuration and Operation.
  • Knowledge of Routers, Routing Protocols and the access controls.
  • Knowledge of Mainframes.
  • Network Protocols including TCP/IP and their functions.
  • Knowledge of Project Management.

If you have the idea of these skills, then you can go for the different fields of the Ethical Hacking which are as follows-

CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker) Training-
      The Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Training is a professional certification which is provided by the International Council of E-Commerce Consultants (EC-Council). In this training program, the Certified Ethical Hacker obtains a certification to how to investigate the weaknesses and the vulnerable areas of a security system with the target permission. The code for the CEH Exam is 312-50.

 CHFI (Computer Hacking Forensic Investigation) Training-
      Computer Hacking Forensic Investigation is a process of finding the threats of the Hacking attacks and properly extracts the hidden evidences of a crime committed and to conduct the audits to avoid similar future attacks as well. The CHFI certifies an individual in the specific security discipline of the Computer Forensics on different perspectives.

So this is all about the different types of training which is provided in the Ethical Hacking Training, Hope the information here will help you.

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